5 Best Cheap Crutches

Do you have an injury, disability, or a chronic condition that affects your mobility? If so, you likely need to use crutches. Yet, not everyone can afford expensive high-end crutches.

We want to tell you about five cheap crutches in our review. Each crutch set has been selected for its affordability, durability, and usability.

I found the Carax folding underarm crutches to be my favorite. This is because of how easy they were to use and how helpful they were. Just because this set is my favorite doesn’t mean you won’t find one of the others that are more to your like.

Each of the crutch sets we speak about below is unique for its own reason. So continue reading to learn exactly why these five crutch sets made our list.

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    Carex Underarm Crutches

    Best for Multiple Holders

    Medline Forearm Crutches

    ORTONYX Forearm Crutches

    KMINA Forearm Crutches

    Top 5 Cheap Crutches

    Best Overall – Carex Underarm Crutches


    We tested many crutches and were not very satisfied until we came across the Carex underarm crutches. This crutch set is not only affordable but also perfect for all occasions. That’s why I consider them to be the “best overall.”

    The Carex underarm crutches are perfect for short and tall people. These crutches adjust from 4 feet and 11 inches to six feet and 4 inches. This means that they are perfect for children and adults who need to get around easily. Additionally, the Carex underarm crutches are made of sturdy premium quality aluminum. That’s why they can support up to 250 pounds.

    Yet, what I like best is that they’re lightweight and transportable. They can fold and be packed away. These crutches can tag along if you have an upcoming flight or an exciting road trip.

    However, some people say that the handlebars are too high. A few users say it is not suitable for tall people. They may be used improperly, you can see how to use the crutches.

    Moreover, I also loved that the Carex underarm crutches are uber comfortable. Their underarm pads make using them for hours at a time far more convenient.

    Best For Heavier Users – Crutcheze Cane Holder


    These crutches have been created for heavier users. They can support up to 300 pounds. Yet, even though they have been made to be durable, they are lightweight. This is thanks to their anodized aluminum material.

    If you choose these crutches, you can look forward to quality construction. The Hugo Mobility underarm crutches have a unique built-in metal ring. This protects them against premature wear so that you’ll be able to use them for longer.

    Additionally, these crutches feature a contoured crutch tip with a curved stair deflector. This ensures you have the traction you need no matter the terrain you encounter. Yet, some have complained that the crutches are too tall, even on a lower setting. 

    Besides this, I loved that the Hugo Mobility crutches have natural sponge cushioning. It’s also nice that they have adjustable height settings of between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches. Their shock-absorbing perspiration-free hand grips are also convenient.

    Best For Disabilities – Medline Forearm Crutches


    Although I don’t have a disability, I have friends who have disabilities and need walking aids.

    I found the Medline forearm crutches to be the best option for those with disabilities because these crutches have been designed for those with long-term disabilities.

    The Medline forearm crutches are not only stylish but also reliable. For example, they have a support weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. They have been manufactured with telescoping parts. They feature internal bushings and external lock nuts to ensure they are uber silent. This is handy if you’re shy and don’t want everyone to focus their attention on you when you’re out and about.

    In addition, other features make these crutches stand out. They include tapered, vinyl-coated, and contoured arm cuffs that ensure comfort. I also found that the Medline forearm crutches are perfect for all ages. This is because of their varying height options.

    Unfortunately, some users have complained that the cuffs stretch drastically. In addition, others found bolts need to often be replaced.

    Lastly, these crutches have impressive high-strength aluminum tubing. This means they don’t easily show signs of wear which is brilliant considering their low price point.

    Best Ergonomic DesignORTONYX Forearm Crutches


    Bodyhealt Adjustable holder offers a crutch holder with outstanding ergonomic value. The good part is that it works perfectly with not only crutches but other mobility aids. I like the Bodyhealt holder because it sits firmly once attached to the crutch and other objects. That makes it sturdy.

    However, it requires some time to disassemble the parts and to screw on. You can also use the Allen wrench to tighten the holder to the crutches so that you can loosen or fasten the crutches at any time.

    Black is a conventional color. So, the color should blend perfectly for crutches, wheelchairs, or walkers. Moreover, the black plastic comprises durable material to ensure it lasts for a long time coming. And it should also help keep the holder firmly in place.

    Best For Injuries- KMINA Forearm Crutches


    Having an injury and being stuck in bed for hours every day because you don’t trust your crutches is terrible. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the safe to use KMINA forearm crutch set.

    Those suffering ankle injuries use this set because of its wide flexible tip. They also use them because of their comfortable grips. With 11 height options, these crutches can adapt to users’ size. They also are more reliable than other cheap crutches, because they’re made from aluminum. It’s also because they improve stability and balance when walking.

    You should note that some have complained that the crutches they received were used.

    Yet, I liked the KMINA forearm crutches best for their reflective grips and open cuff design. I could use them without injuring myself. That’s why I am sure they will help others who need to be mobile while recovering from an injury.

    Recommended Carex Underarm Crutches | Final Words

    It’s plain to see why these five cheap crutch sets are the best. The Carex underarm crutches are my favorite. It’s evident that the other cheap crutch sets are excellent options. Regardless of which crutch set you to choose, you’re unlikely to regret your decision. 

    Each of these cheap crutch sets is worth considering if you want a pair that will last. We encourage you to look at our crutch articles on how best to use crutches after choosing a set for yourself.