Using crutches for pregnant women

Pregnant women have to deal with many changes that happen to their body during pregnancy. You may choose to use crutches to help support your pelvic, or due to an unfortunate leg injury.

In both cases, crutches can offer a great deal of support, and you may find them very beneficial.

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    Benefits of walking during pregnancy


    Being pregnant consumes a major share of your energy, and it is a very demanding process. During this period, you may find yourself getting tired more often and lose breath fast. Yet, walking is by all means a very good exercise for your body while pregnant.

    A lot of pregnant women find walking very amusing and refreshing. It is a low-impact activity that doesn’t need much energy and has many benefits. Here is why you should walk while being pregnant:

    How to Relieve Pelvic girdle Pain?

    Pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy is not a new thing. Nowadays, there are several options for you to take to help ease up your experience.

    • See a Physiotherapist: the first thing you may want to try when pregnant and should! is to see a Physiotherapist. It will help you keep up with your body’s changes and recommend the best options in case of pain.


    • Alternative Medicine: many people prefer alternative medicinal ways. Chiropractic and Acupuncture proved efficiency in treating different conditions.


    • Exercise: Certain exercises will help activate your muscles and release joint tension. Exercising strengthens your pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles for more support.


    • Pelvic support belt: they are a great helping hand for your pelvic and lower back. By supporting your belly and keeping the extra weight off your lower back, they offer a great pain relief.

    Can a pregnant woman use crutches?


    Using crutches is mandatory for a leg injury. Yet, it falls into your own personal choice when pregnant. Doctors often recommend crutches for pregnant women to help support the baby weight.

    Due to the increasing tension on your pelvis and lower back area, a mild discomfort may occur. As explained, walking and daily activities may get more difficult. Using crutches during pregnancy offers a great deal of support and may ease up some pain. By releasing tension off your pelvis, crutches help keep your posture healthy.

    You may also choose to use a different type of mobility aid device. You can use a cane or even a wheelchair if you feel like it’s more suitable and more comfortable. How to use crutches: Despite what it may seem like, using crutches is not that hard when you get the right guidance. The first thing you need to do is to choose the best crutches for your height.

    Choose a suitable pair of crutches and adjust them according to your height. Make sure they are solid and of good quality, which also feature comfortable pads. When adjusting your crutches, always leave about 2 inches below your armpit for best use.

    When walking with crutches, swing them forward, lay your weight on them and follow with your legs.If you are suffering from an injury on one leg, swing the injured leg first, then follow and step with your strong leg.

    Refer to this article on my website for the best of tips on how to use crutches.

    Walking tips while you pregnant

    Developing a walking routine is very beneficial for pregnancy. But, it needs proper guidance and caution. Keep in mind that it might get more difficult as your pregnancy progresses.

    You can divide the whole pregnancy period into 3 trimesters, with a walking goal for each. Start by walking for 10-15 minutes a day and build up to 20-30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

    Pay attention to anything unusual. Stop if you experience dizziness, abnormal pain or bleeding. Here are some great tips to help you start walking like a pro:

    • Choose suitable shoes that are extra comfortable.

    • Pick an even and level ground.

    • Don’t rush yourself! Start slow and build momentum.

    • Carry a bottle of water and stay hydrated.

    • Do not walk when it is too hot outside.

    Final Words

    Although it might not feel as much, to a pregnant woman, walking can work wonders. Should you use crutches or not falls into several factors. A leg injury may force you into using crutches. But even without a leg injury, crutches are a helping hand for pregnancy.

    Here, we offer a full guide about all what you need to know on crutches and pregnancy. Also, make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations for a smooth experience.