5 Best Platform Crutches

What Are the Best Platform Crutches

It’s bad enough that one has to use crutches. How to find a sturdy, durable, ergonomic, and budget-friendly crutch could increase the challenge. But how about the best platform crutches that guarantee more comfort? 

This review has taken a closer look at the best platform crutches and what makes them great. Let’s ride on together! 

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    Smartcrutch  Crutches

    Drive Medical Platform Crutch

    Ergonomic Crutches

    Mobility Crutches

    Mobility Crutches

    Top 5 Best Platform Crutches for Body Support

    Best Grip-free Walker Platform Crutches – Drive Medical Platform Crutch


    Drive Medical 10105 walker serves as an excellent solution if you need support standing straight. The added cradle’s forearm platform helps up to 5 footers stand and walk without slouching. So, for those who find it challenging to grip the walker handle, the platform aids mobility.

    Besides, the soft vinyl padding takes away the strain from resting on the platform. The attachment also comes with a large top bracket. And that helps guarantee a perfect forearm fit into the walker’s handgrip. With the adjustable strap, you have no worries as it holds your arms firm.

    An additional value of having the forearm platform is that it works with different walkers. When it comes to installation, you need to know how to fix eight screws to fit. But you might want to inspect those screws every few weeks, so it doesn’t come off.

    The only drawback, though is, you need to purchase an adapter or bracket to secure the crutches.

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    Best Innovative Platform Crutches –  Ergobaum Prime 7TH Generation


    Ergobaum Prime 7th Generation foreman crutche is one of the most innovative I have seen. Ergobaum is a reputable company. And the crutches provide breathtaking features to keep you comfortable. 

    It comes with a pair of two units of crutches. So, if you are 5 to 6.6 feet tall, you got the perfect crutches for your height. Yes, with the height adjustment pin, you can either increase or reduce the size.

    Everything about the Ergobaum is to provide comfort, safety, and final aesthetic value to you. The padded cuff comes with an adjustable forearm strap pad to fit your arm without pressure. It also has an adjustable height cuff. Those with longer arms can extend the cuff’s height to suit their needs.

    When you move around, no worries about slipping on surfaces. Why? With an impressive ergo cap crutch tip, you get a sturdy base. How about sudden impact? The shock absorber system fixed to the base reduces the effect. For advanced security, the anti-noise lock ring helps reduce interference during a walk.

    In case you need to relax a bit while standing, the knee rest device becomes handy. Ergobaum LED flashlight helps you navigate in the dark to illuminate your environment.

    Ergobaum crutches utilize a soft rubber hand grip to soothe your palms. For added security, you have the reflective cat eyes on the handgrip. Also, the reflective band on the cuffs warns the approaching party. You can use the alert button or horn by the handgrip for warning. 

    The significant drawback of the Ergobaum is that it is not suitable for weighty individuals. If you have to put much of your weight on the crutches, it is likely to buckle. 

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    Best Versatile Platform Crutches SmartCRUTCH Racer eries Forearm Crutch


    Smartcrunch comes from a company with a clear understanding of the user needs. It offers several incredible features suitable for children and adults. If you are 4.4 to 6.7 feet tall then, the Smartcrunch crutches are your perfect buddy.

    Smartcrunch’s primary design is to create ease of movement. It distributes the body weight across the arm, so you don’t put pressure on your injured feet or leg. You also don’t feel pressure on any particular part of your arm.

    The adjustable forearm angles give you 15-90 degrees rotation. That gives you enough room to move your arms around. With ten height adjustments, kids and adults can experience comfortable and secure use. It can carry up to 260 pounds of body weight. And with the included size chart, you can measure your height and all to fit.

    You can get impressive sturdiness from the spring-loaded flex tip base—no worries about slipping. 

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    Best Minimalist Design – Forearm Crutches Adult


    Forearm M+D crutches present a comfy and simple-looking crutch for easy movement. Using this hands-free crutch holds your hand firm and removes the pressure on your armpit. That means more comfort around the arms.

    MD forearm crutches has a cradle that enables you easily carry out any activity. So, instead of removing your arm from the band, you can simply unlock the cradle. That allows you to open a cupboard, brush your teeth with the crutches on. Once you put your arm back down, the cradle automatically locks into place.

    The adjustable cradle makes it suitable for children and adults. It’s a perfect fit for people with heights of 4″11 to 5″8 feet. Since it covers up to 300 lbs. maximum, then the M+D forearms crutch covers most weights.

    With the hands-free mode, you can also turn the handle the other way. When you need to open a door or pick up a teacup, it helps get the handle out of the way. You also do not have to take off the crutches. 

    Use the piece of rubber holder to keep the crutches in place when you take them off. If you need to sit, simply pull out the rubber for additional support for the crutches. Also, the side handles help you carry the crutches without stress. 

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    Best On Budget Platform CrutchesMedline G07702 Walker Platform


    When on a budget, the Medline G07702 Walker offers an outstanding choice for a crutch. It fit perfectly to any arm, left or right. It is in no way complicated when it comes to wearing. Simply open and strap, and you are set to go. 

    Medline G07702 Walker helps take the pressure off the armpit and distributes it across the arm. It has a unique rubber grip handle. That means you can enjoy more comfort as the weight does not rest on the hand.

    For heights, the Medline gives room for multiple adjustments. That makes it ideal for different forearms for children and adults. So, you can adapt the platform to various walker styles without stress. Although the base is sturdy, it would help if reinforced for more excellent sturdiness. 

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    Platform Crutches Faqs

    Platform crutches refer to carefully engineered devices that aid movement for those experiencing difficulty gripping crutches. They provide a platform to rest the arm and relieve the bodyweight. So, there is little or no strain on the injured legs, armpit, and shoulder.

    They are also known as elbow crutches. Platform crutches serve as mobility aids. They ease the bodyweight from the injured leg to the upper body. Once the user slips the forearm into the strap, there is less pressure on the legs.

    Recommended Smartcrutch | Final Words

    So, what are the best platform crutches from the selection? And the winner is… SmartCRUTCH Racer Series Forearm Crutch.

    SmartCRUTCH comes with all you need for a comfortable experience and to heal faster. With 15-90 degrees arm movement, you have enough room to function almost normally. The soft foam pads give you all the comfort you need while moving around. With ten height adjustments, heights shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    I must say Drive Medical is the second-best for me. It has a unique cradle forearm platform. You can enjoy the ease with lifting or placing items, opening doors, and more. But with slight defective issues with the arm strap twisting, that’s a major, minor challenge. Again, you still need to purchase the adapter, which is an additional cost. 

    Ergobaum Prime 7TH Generation: offers you an innovative platform crutch. But I think the manufacturers need to get the engineering work right. The defective issues and poor weight management stole the shine off the crutches.

    Forearm Crutches Adult is a simply impressive platform crutch. But compared to the Smartcrutch, you only get less value with the Forearm crutches.

    As for Medline G07702 Walker Platform Attachment, the budget may be the critical consideration. But with the platform sliding down and poor engineered knobs, it’s very inconvenient.

    Picking the best platform crutches requires one with comfort and exceptional functionality. And that’s what you would find in the review. Beyond considering the budget, the Smartcrutch and Drive Medical presents two unbeatable choices. In the end, you need comfort, durability, excellent function, and a sturdy device. You can find these features in the Smartcrutch and Drive Medical.