Carex Folding Crutches Review

Carex Review - What Makes Carex the Best Folding Crutches for Traveling?

Carex folding crutch presents 100% folding forearm crutches for traveling. Are you planning a trip out of town? Then the Carex is your go-to travel crutch.

I have had to work in the crutches industry for many years. Having reviewed dozens of crutches, I think the Carex is indeed a lightweight crutch for traveling. 

This article explains the basic structure and functions that make Carex an excellent product. In the end, you should know if it is the best lightweight crutches for you.

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    Carex Review Overview

    The Carex Folding is an underarm crutch made from light-weighted aluminum materials. As an underarm forearm crutch, it props up your body and supports mobility. In addition, Carex folding helps reduce pain around the shoulder and upper body generally.

    Another exciting value in the Carex folding crutch is that it is easy to fold and store away. That makes the crutches portable for short and long trips.

    How Does the Carex Folding Crutch Function?

    For starters, Carex folding crutches is a mobility aid. That means its primary function is to help people move around in comfort. People experiencing mobility issues usually require upper or lower body support.

    Did you undergo surgery, had a domestic or industrial accident, or experience body weakness? Typically, your physician may recommend crutches for some weeks to over a year. It all depends on the extent of damage and support needed.

    Carex folding crutches is supposed to help carry your body weight. However, it is best suitable for people with upper-body limitations that require support. A lightweight crutch is supposed to maintain your body weight without adding more weight to you. That’s why we talk about crutches being light weighted.

    Being able to fold the crutches is an added advantage. That makes the crutches portable and less space demanding. 

    What Makes Carex Folding Crutch the Best?

    A great crutch must first create order out of chaos which means that it should have the capacity to help you move around efficiently. A great crutch should not leave you feeling helpless but in charge of your mobility decisions.

    Carex folding crutch makes it easy to travel in comfort. It is not bulky but light-weighted. So, you can easily fold up the crutch for storage in airplane compartments.  

    If you are of average height or tall, Carex crutches will fit perfectly. Yes, the crutch has height adjustment features. It works as crutches for children or adults, tall or short. 

    You get two unique crutches for a single purchase. That’s an incredible sale because it works well for one-hand or both-hand usage. 

    Carex Folding Crutches Attributes

    1. Detachable and Foldable

    Two incredible features make Carex an exciting product. First, you can detach the upper body part from the lower leg. That makes it easy to fold and pack the crutches away for later use.

    It only takes a few seconds to detach or fold the crutches. And since it is an aluminum crutch, you don’t have to worry about occupying space or weight. All you need is to fold the crutches from the midway and store them away.

    2.Clip and Screw Pin Attachment

    A closer look at the Carex folding crutches shows that it uses many clips and pins. That makes it a secure and sturdy crutch. Also, the screws on the Carex forearm can strategically drive into the crutches. 

    The padded underarm rest has two screws with a bolt holding it in place on both sides. With the screw and bolts on the hinges, it reduces accidents from a detached crutch. 

    However, the major drawback in the Carex folding crutch is with assembling or disassembling the crutches. You will require screwdrivers to unscrew or tighten the handgrip. 

    So, do you detest handwork? Or maybe you don’t possess work tools? Then you will need the help of a technician to screw the handgrip into place.

    3. Padded Handgrip and Underarm


    You typically use the handgrip and underarm pads to balance your weight when moving around. However, you sometimes may decide to rest your knee on the handgrip. It helps to relieve body weight and tension after standing or walking for a long time. At other times, you can stand on a spot and rely on the underarm padding for a painless relief.

    However, you should weigh around 250 lbs. or less to use the Carex folding crutch effectively. It is because you don’t want to fall due to the inability of the crutches to support your weight. But, less than 250 lbs. weighted personnel will rest on the crutches hassle-free.

    With the screws intact, you enjoy more stability of movement. The padded handgrip will help reduce pain in the upper body. You rest your arm on the grip and walk around. It also eliminates or reduces sweaty palms, so your hand does not slip off.

    4. Vinyl Handgrip

    Products comprising vinyl coating usually can take a lot of beating without giving up. Besides, it is a cost-effective option for making consumer products. Since it is affordable, it means less cost to the consumers.

    Vinyl products enjoy resistance from the elements. When it is extremely hot or cold, the material adjusts to room temperature. That’s why you rarely sweat when holding the handgrip. Vinyl products are color-friendly. That means they combine well with almost any product without creating conflict.

    Vinyl product is compatible with electrical appliances. As insulators, they reduce the risk of electrocution in the case of exposed wires. 

    5. Portable and Easy-to-carry Crutches

    We have established the fact that Carex crutches are lightweight products. And that’s because Carex crutch only way 4.5 lbs. That, I must say, is an insignificant weight addition to your luggage.

    Since you can fold the crutches before storing them away, it makes carrying them around even more fun. That means you don’t have to worry so much about space or weight constraints. 

    It has a dimension of 2 x 8 x 59 inches. That makes it small enough to fit perfectly into your car, airplane compartment, or luggage.

    Alternative Carex Folding Crutches

    Carex folding crutches is no doubt an incredible folding mobility aid. But are there alternative crutches to consider? Let’s see a few and their unique features.

    Drive Medical crutches is a gray crutch that comes from alloy steel. You get an open cuff crutch, vinyl-coated handgrip, and extra-large rubber tips for sturdiness. 

    The cuff and height are adjustable to your convenience. Drive Medical works for people 60 to 74 inches tall and less than 300 lbs. weight.

    Ergobaum Prime 7th Generation is the most recent of the series. You get a padded open arm cuff with a strap to increase arm security and comfort. The contoured hand grip helps you hold on firm without a sweat. 

    You can use the knee rest when standing in a queue or relieve stress on the legs. Ergobaum also comes with an innovative flashlight, LED light, reflector, and alert button for your protection. 

    The high performance of the Ergobaum Prime shock absorber tip is undeniable. In addition, it gives increased protection from slipping.

    KMINA forearm crutches offer you a lightweight crutch for moving around. It has 14 different height adjustments to help you find your perfect height – adult or kid. You get an open cuff crutch shaped in a way it protects your arm from slipping off. 

    The broad tip also increases sturdiness and no slips while walking.

    With the vinyl contour handgrip, you can grip the handle firmly. Use the reflectors for increased safety at night. 

    Final Words

    Carex organization has over 35 years of track record in the mobility aids industry. What you get are genuinely versatile crutches that make traveling in comfort possible. In addition, you get a lightweight crutch with incredible features for easy movement.