3 Of The Best Cast Scratchers And Cleaners

3 Of The Best Cast Scratchers And Cleaners

Wearing a cast isn’t usually a pleasant experience. This is because they can be cumbersome and make moving hard. Yet, worst of all is that they can become dirty and itchy. Many people find this frustrating because it’s difficult to scratch and clean the inside of your cast while you wear it. After all, you can’t simply take your cast off and give your arm or leg a good wash and clean.

Luckily, there are cast scratchers and cleaners that you can use. Since there are so many on the market, it can be hard to choose the one that’s best suited to your needs. Thus to make your life easier, we have spoken about three of the best cast scratchers and cleaners in our article.

These products have been designed to help cast wearers alleviate uncomfortable itches while maintaining hygiene standards. So if you need one of these tools, you should look below at some of the best available options.

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    Our Top 3 Cast Scratcher and Cleaner

    Best For Arms And Legs

    Best For Durability

    Best For Flexibility

    Best 3 Cast Scratcher and Cleaner Reviewed

    Best For Arms And Legs SC SCRATCH ‘N’ CLEAN


    Those wearing a cast on their arms and legs should consider the SC Scratch’ N’ Clean 17-inch cast scratcher. Unlike other cast scratchers, this one is made to work on arm and leg casts without giving users any issues. 

    It is also wholly safe to use. This scratcher has been made with human-friendly materials to eliminate itchy skin without damaging your skin. Yet, best of all, it won’t damage the inside of your cast when you use it. 

    Additionally, the SC Scratch’ N’ Clean cast scratcher is flexible and can easily contour to the shape of your cast. This makes scratching and cleaning your cast simple. It’s also durable and likely to last a long time. Moreover, when you want to clean the inside of your cast, you need only wrap a cloth or wet wipe around this scratcher. Once it’s secured, you can clean wounds and disinfect them until your hygiene habits have been met.

    With this cast scratcher, you can also use the other end to give a gentler scratch if you don’t want anything too sharp. This feature is great for those with raw or sensitive skin that’s healing after an accident. 

    Best For Durability Maple Landmark Store


    If you care about the environment and want to use environmentally sustainable products, you should look at the Vermont Maple cast scratcher. Not only is this scratcher and cleaner made with maple wood, but it also has a plant-based natural finish. 

    Besides being good for the environment, you can trust it to scratch and relieve any itch and clean any wound without breaking. This is because the maple wood used to make it is incredibly durable and reliable. If you don’t use it too vigorously, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. 

    Yet, often what people love the most about this cast scratcher is that it features rigid and sharp teeth. Even though the teeth are sharp, you won’t need to worry about getting hurt. You can also breathe easy knowing it’s long enough to reach within your cast with a length of 16 inches and a teeth width of ¾ of an inch. 

    Moreover, when you’re done with this cast scratcher and cleaner, you can simply hang it up on a hook. Its simple carved hole at the handle can be looped with string or slotted over a nail until you need it next. 

    Best For Flexibility – Tobei International Cast Scratcher


    Although rigid cast scratchers can be beneficial, they can become frustrating when you can’t get to all the nooks and crannies inside your cast. Fortunately, you can use the Tobei International cast scratcher and cleaner to reach these hard-to-get areas. 

    This is because this cast scratcher and cleaner are designed to be uber flexible. Its impressive 17-inch length is also handy since it can reach far within a cast to alleviate an itch or clean a wound. It also won’t irritate or hurt your skin, and it comes in a pack of two, which is always handy if you want one for home and one for when you’re on the go.

    Lastly, unlike other cast scratchers, this one features a round, bumpy head. This texture works incredibly well with scratching and cleaning since it is the perfect level of abrasion. Also, despite being flexible, this cast scratcher and cleaner is strong. This means you don’t need to worry about it breaking off when you use it.

    Final Words

    Ultimately, choosing a cast scratcher and cleaner will depend on your preferences and needs. Yet, each one on our list is the best in the market that you should consider using. This is especially true if you want to avoid injury and want a cast scratcher that is premium quality. Not only will these ease itchiness, but they will also keep you clean without damaging your cast.