5 Easy Ways to Get Colored Crutches

How to get colored stylish crutches

There are many ways to renovate your standard-looking mobility devices. If you want a pair of fashionable-looking crutches, you can add great effects to the ones you use.

With some creative solutions, you can rock your favorite color and have a unique pair. Here are our suggestions to give a complete makeover to your crutches and give them an awesome look.

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    Add a touch of your own taste and get a selection of bright meaningful stickers. You can get stickers from stores nearby or online. It is also possible to have them custom-made according to your taste. 

    These stickers could represent a meaningful quote, your favorite comic character or whatever you may desire. Place a few stickers along the frame or add one for every new place you visit and give the sticker a thrilling story.  

    Colorful crutch accessories

    Another way to add some color to the crutches you use is to pick some colored crutch accessories. Stores sell crutch pads, handles and tips apart. 

    You can replace the handles or the crutch tips with other colorful ones. You may also get colored pads to replace installed ones. If you don’t want to change the pads, get colored pad covers that go on top of your existing ones.

    Nail Polish Accessories


    Nail polish is one way to draw some nice-looking stripes, signatures or a small galaxy with few stars and a moon. Grap a small paint brush or simply use the attached brush, a bottle of acetone and your desired nail polish color. 

    First of all, clean the frame with acetone or soap for the nail polish to stick. You can use tape to create straight and fancy edges. Take your brush and start applying the nail polish, it is recommended that you use multiple layers. Keep in mind that drawing each layer thinly makes the nail polish dry quicker. You may use a detailing brush to sharpen up the edges of your drawings as well.

     As you are about to finish, use a blow dryer to boost drying time. Quick-dry drops or sprays could work like magic as well. Avoid using cold water to attempt speeding the drying process as that is unnecessary. 

    Get creative and paint what you want along your crutches’ frame.  You may also use glitter for a bright fancy reflection.

    Paint by youseful

    It may be the time you bring out the artist in you and get some paint. If you want to completely dye your favourite pair of crutches, using paint is a great way. One quick way to do so is to get a couple of spray paint cans and start spraying. 

    To start, you need to wash your crutches from top to bottom with water-based soap first. To get a better effect and for the paint to stick firmly on the frame, use sandpaper before applying the primary. 

    Next, use painter’s tape to cover surfaces you don’t want to paint. Place your crutches on a fabric drop cloth or on a wide plastic cover and coat the aluminium frames with a primary. Once you apply the primary, be careful as you flip the crutches to the other side to avoid hand marks on the frame. Make sure to leave it dry for up to 15-20 minutes before you move to the next step. 

    Once the primary dries, grab your spray paint and start spraying. Make sure you maintain a distance of about eight inches between the crutch and spray nozzle. Experts recommend that you repeat the process 3 times to ensure the best application. This will add a nice deep color to your crutches. 

    Bling them up

    If you are looking to modernize and bedazzle your crutches’ look, rhinestones are the way to go. Rhinestones will make your crutches sparkle and shine wherever you go. 

    To bling your crutches, you can use rhinestones. Buy a kit that includes a pack of colorful rhinestones with the glue you use to make them stick. Magnetic rhinestones could be suitable as well. 

    You may also find bling crutch covers which go over your crutches’ aluminum frame. These covers offer an instant flashy look with minimal effort.

    Get colored crutches


    Manufacturers produce crutches in various types and styles. Many stylish crutches in different colors are available for sale as well. Colored crutches are available in many stores across all 50 states. 

    You can find a pair in your favorite color or whatever color you desire. If your local store does not sell colored crutches, check online stores. E-stores offer a selection of different mobility aid devices available in many styles. 

    Final Word

    There are plenty of methods to give your crutches a new more appealing look. Say you got used to the ordinary look standard crutches come in, or you wish to rock a unique special pair of crutches. With the use of some fancy DIY tricks, you can refurbish your crutches and add some style. 

    With the help of these easy and simple solutions and a little creativity, you can create charming effects to your mobility aid devices.