5 Best Crutch Pockets

5 Best Crutch Pockets

A user-friendly mobility aid should have one of the best crutch pockets. Mobility aid makes moving around less stressful. But you still need to carry other items like your key, phone, water bottle, or wallet. That’s when the crutch pockets or pouches become handy.

However, picking a suitable or durable crutch pocket may not be as simple as it seems. That’s why this article treats the top 5 best crutch pockets for your crutch needs.

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    Vive Crutch Pouch

    Pacmaxi Crutch Bag

    Universal Crutch Pouch

    Crutches Crutch Bag

    Large Universal Crutch Bag

    Top 5 Crutch Bag

    Best for Carabineer Ring or Keyholder-Vive Crutch Pouch


    Vive crutch pouch comes from a company with a reputation in medical mobility needs. The Vive crutch pouch offers you a spacious means to carrying small personal items around. 

    You get a dual-size pocket for holding your smartphone, wallet, and others.

    One other great value in the pouch is that it comes with a padded grip hand. That means you don’t need to sweat on your palms, and it’s pain-free to grip. Besides, the brilliant shade of black adds to the overall aesthetic value of the crutches.

    There are six strong loops to keep the pockets strapped to the crutches. That means every item kept stays in place without slipping off the Vive pouch.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best Multiple Pockets –Pacmaxi Crutch Bag


    Pacmaxi’s lightweight storage pouch is indeed an innovative crutches bag. It comes with several pockets to make storing personal items easy. So, you can have all you need in one convenient and easy-to-reach place. That includes the main compartment, zipper, and small pockets for storage.

    The six straps make installation easy. Two of the Velcro straps hold the upper part of the bag in place. Four of the Velcro straps hold the pouch from the side to keep them firm. 

    There’s no worry about water spills or rain as the pouch comprises water-resistant polyester fabric. That means your item remains safe from the elements. 

    If you have to move around at night, the front reflective strap will increase visibility. That helps keep you safe from collisions with others at night.

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    Best Colorful Pouch Designs – Universal Crutch Carryon Pouch


    The crutch bag by Pacmaxi is an exciting pouch for your crutches. The first thing that strikes you in the universal carry-on pocket is its splendid array of colors. It helps to light up your crutches once strapped. In addition, the pouch comprises high-quality polyester fabric. 

    It comes with a dual pocket for carrying your personal belongings. The six hook and loop strap can help hold the pouch securely. Also, you can use the external carabiner clip to ring your keys together for safekeeping. 

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    Bad For:

    Best Simplistic Designs – Crutcheze Premium Crutch Bag


    Crutcheze Premium crutch bag is a USA-made product. Therefore, it must align with the international standard organization to gain acceptance. The crutch tote pouch fits any adult or youth in need of crutches.

    The pouch comes as anti-stain, water, and bacteria-resistant. That helps keep your hygiene levels higher while using crutches. 

    You can fasten the hook and loops with ease using the six straps. That makes it easier to attach to the crutches’ handgrip. The two top straps fit perfectly into the rubber handgrips. But you have the liberty to adjust the top straps as you wish.

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    Best on a Low Budget –Large Crutch Bag


    The Large universal crutch bag presents a simple but efficient pouch for crutches. In addition, you get two unique pockets for storing up personal items. However, the front mesh pocket is excellent for holding water bottles, eyeglass cases, and more. But you shouldn’t keep small or delicate items there to avoid loss.

    The main pocket can take your tablet, credit card, and bigger items. You can also hold delicate or small items in the main pocket. That makes it easier to keep them safe and secure. 

    With the two-top Velcro strap, the Large Universal will hold firmly on the crutches. And it doesn’t interfere with the handgrip of the crutches. Moreover, since it uses rugged polyester fabric, you can easily clean the bag and keep using it.

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    Final Words

    The Crutch Bag Lightweight Storage Pouch Offers one of the best crutch pocket experiences on the list. Having multiple pockets makes it easier to store more items. The additional reflective strap helps increase your safety on the go. Including the side fastener and drawstring closure helps make the pouch more secure.

    One drawback is the top strap interfering with the handgrip. Second, the small zipper may not hold some items without falling. But these are problems common to all the other pockets too.

    The Vive crutch bag having a foam handgrip and carabineer ring are two outstanding features. That puts it on the same level as the Crutch bag lightweight pouch. However, if you can fix everything together without assistance, then Vive is another excellent choice. The only drawback is with the top strap and poor instruction guide.

    Universal Crutch Carryon pouch comes from the Pacmaxi Company with great products. However, one thing makes this product unique, that is that the pocket has a brilliant array of colors. But it is relatively smaller than the Crutch Bag Lightweight. So if it fits into your need then, you will find it rewarding.

    Crutcheze Premium Crutch Bag gives you the standard American product. However, you also get to enjoy bacteria-free and stain-free cover using this product. These are some plus you won’t find in the Crutch Bag Lightweight.

    Large Universal 2 Pocket Crutch Bag is simpler but offers excellent storage space. But the Crutch Bag Lightweight has three pockets compared to the Large. However, you will also spend less if you purchase the Large Universal pouch.

    Picking your best crutch pocket will depend mostly on your lifestyle and tastes. So, apart from the Large Universal bag, the other four share relative prices. But durability and functionality should be the two most critical considerations. However, any of the above crutch pouches will make an excellent choice.