Best Crutch Hand Grips

5 Best Crutch Hand Grips

Crutches make movement easier after a surgery or accident. And having the best crutch hand grips will undoubtedly give you more comfort. Hand grips cushion the effect of holding onto the crutches for too long. 

Your hands could get all sweaty from holding the crutches. Also, if the handgrip is too hard, it could result in further pains. That’s why you need a reliable hand grip for better comfort. So, what are the top five hand grips for crutches?

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    Minimalist Crutch Handgrip

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    Best Latex Handgrip

    Top 5 Crutch Hand Grip

    Editor’s Choice – Lumex Crutch Handgrips


    Lumex is a company with over five decades of experience in producing healthcare accessories. And the Lumex replacement gives you an incredible product for moving around. 

    You get a pair of handgrips. Since it comes with screws and other accessories, it makes installation easier. The cream color is friendly and works well for any aluminum crutches. For a non-latex rubber, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions upon contact.

    The contour patterns also make the handgrip firmer and less sweaty. And it works well for adult crutches. With the rubber, it is water-friendly and easy to clean after some use. 

    Lumex Replacement is a made in USA product. That means it must adhere strictly to US standard principles for manufactured items. 

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best minimalist crutch handgrip – Ahier Crutches HandGrip


    Replacement crutch pad hand grip adds more comfort to moving around. The handgrip comes in a simple grey color. The good news is that the high-density foam makes it all more soft and comfortable. 

    Using soft padding hand grips helps to reduce the pressure on your palms and shoulders. In addition, non-latex rubber for handgrip reduces the sweaty palms. That means you can have a firmer grip without your arm slipping off.

    The handgrip design fits perfectly any conventional aluminum crutches. Therefore, no worries whether the handgrip will match your current or new crutches. 

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best Regular Handgrip – Cornucopia Crutch HandGrip


    Cornucopia Replacement offers you two hand grips for replacements. First, you get a non-latex rubber handgrip, and that helps to eliminate a sweaty palm. Second, that means you get a firmer hold on the grip without slips.

    Also, the use of a rough-textured surface will increase the firmness of the grip. And since it is universal, the handgrip will fit into any aluminum crutch. Finally, the choice of gray handgrip will make the replacement compatible with most crutches. 

    One of the challenges you may experience is with the handgrip. You may need tools to open the top assembly to fit the handgrip. Also, the handgrip works well in terms of grip and reduced sweat. But do you need a thicker and softer cushion? Then this product does not have a really thick cushion.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best Budget HandGrips – Medline Crutches Handgrip


    Medline is an organization with a reputation for producing incredible medical aids. However, these replacement parts were made in China and for use in the USA. But they are whole handgrips without splits. So, to fit the handgrip, you may need tools to unscrew the assembly points. 

    Since it is a rubber hand grip, you don’t have to worry about water spills. Even when it rains, the contour still keeps the handgrip non-slip. The one challenge is that the grip may not be so thick and soft.

    Fortunately, the handgrip works well for any aluminum crutches. So you don’t have to worry if it will work on yours.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best Latex handgripDMI Crutches Accessories Kit


    DMI crutches specialize in manufacturing accessories for mobility aids. The DMI crutches handgrip should give you comfort while recovering. It comprises latex material, and that makes it resistant to sweat or water. 

    Latex will make the handgrip more bouncy and friendly to your palm. More so, latex products tend to last longer than foam. And the contoured body will not only reduce sweaty palms but give you a firmer grip. 

    Using a closed-style hand grip will help hold the grip in place. However, you may need to disassemble the top or unscrew before fitting the grips. You get a pair of hand grips for your purchase.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Recommended Lumex Crutch Handgrips | Final Words

    So, what‘s the best crutch hand grip from the list? 

    The Lumex Crutch Handgrips stands out probably because it follows the strict standards for USA manufactured products. But the hand grip provides the comfort and durability required for a firm grip. 

    Besides, Lumex is easy to install, plus you get all the accessories for installation. So it makes moving around easier. I guess being in the business for over 50 years has its benefits too.

    Ahier Crutch Hand Grips has all you need in a hand grip too. The foam padding should provide increased comfort when moving around. But you will require more work and tools before you can assemble this hand grip. Who wouldn’t prefer less work before using a product? But the grips may not be as thick and soft as required for the handgrip.

    Cornucopia Crutch Parts Set is an exciting hand grip. It fits well for any aluminum crutches with high-density material. However, there are issues of water destroying the handgrip. So, it would help if you reduce contact with liquid. 

    Medline Crutch Part Kit comes from a company with an excellent reputation. But, maybe their cooperation with manufacturers in China may require better quality assessment. Their product seems to have some issues with quality materials and the use of foam.

    DMI crutches Offer users an exciting closed-styled hand grip. For a change, this hand grip uses cream instead of a gray color. Every other thing about this grip is perfect except that it is a bit hard. And the grip needs to be firm but soft enough not to cause pains when gripping.

    Deciding the best crutch handgrips may not seem like a big issue. But a wrong purchase could make you going back for further purchases. Hand grips can help reduce the pressure on your muscles. Besides, they can eliminate issues with hand pain or skin irritation. That’s why this review selected some of the best hand grips accessories in the market. 

    If you settle for any of the above hand grips, you will have a fair usage experience. Each product listed has its merit, but some tend to do better in some areas than others. In terms of price, they all fall within the same price range.