5 Best Crutches Tips

5 Best Crutch Tips for a Pain-free Mobility

Having the best crutch tips will guarantee a more durable mobility experience. But picking the right one goes beyond aesthetics and price. 

There are so many crutches available in the market today. But selecting the best crutches takes some effort. And that’s why we put this article together. So, what’s the top 5 crutches tip?

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    Thomas Fetterm Tips

    Medline G00842 Crutch Tips

    Drive Medical Crutch Tips

    SureTip Universal Crutch Tips

    Crutch Comfort Crutch Tips

    Top 5 Crutch Tips

    Best for innovative designs –Thomas Fetterm Crutch Tips


    Thomas Fetterman has a reputation for constructing world-class rubber tips for crutches. The Thomas Fetterman Tornado offers up to 80% comfort. In addition, it reduces the pressure on your armpit and hand due to the top-grade rubber tip.

    What makes the tip intriguing is that it is compatible with crutches, handgrip, and cane. Tha’s why the crutches perform a pivoting action even when on a slanted surface. The pivoting action helps to keep it balanced, so you do not lose your balance. 

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best minimalist crutch tip – Medline Crutch Tip


    Medline Super crutch tip provides comfort and eases the pain when using a mobility aid. The tip comprises a reinforced metal that helps for optimal support. That makes it compatible with aluminum or wooden crutches.

    With Medline Super tip, you get to enjoy more comfort with the latex-free rubber. And that helps reduce the pain around the armpit.

    You get a pack containing four (4) pairs of the tip. That helps you replace the tip if one wears out.

    The crutch tip also has a large base that helps for sturdiness and no slips. That means you can move around with ease.

    Good For:

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    Best for Rough Surfaces – Drive Medical Crutch Tips


    Drive Medical has a reputation for producing high-quality medical products. And this black 7/8 compatible diameter crutch tip is no exception. So, when your current tip wears out, Drive Medical is an excellent replacement. 

    Drive Medical comes in brilliant black and maintains its color as long as you use it. The 7/8 diameter makes it large enough to remain sturdy. Besides, it helps to avoid any slips when moving around. The hollow pattern underneath the tips increases the traction and reduces slipping.

    It comprises high-quality rubber to hold up your body weight without pressure. And that’s why the tip can keep you going for weeks.

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    Bad For:

    Best Rugged Tip for Multiple Sizes –SureTip  Crutch Tips


    I smiled when I first saw the photo of athletes using crutches with this black crutch tip. It looked incredible! That helps to explain the ruggedness and durability of the SureTip Blacktip.

    The tip comprises of top-grade latex-free rubber design to withstand much pressure from moving around. In addition, the internal structure contains rib-like hollow rubber to help grip the crutches or cane. That helps to hold the crutches or cane in place. 

    You will also find an innovative metal stopper inside the tip. It helps to hold the crutches or cane in place and reduce the pain. 

    The internal and external structure of the Suretip black tip is quite impressive. With the ribbed and rugged internal and external patterns, you have a tip that will ease movement.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best for Indoor and Casual Mobility Aid NeedCrutch Comfort Tips


    Steel-reinforced 7/8 crutches turn out looking simple but fit well on wooden and aluminum crutches. You can also use it on your crutches or cane of ¾ to 7/8 sizes. 

    Another exceptional value is the use of internal steel padding that gives the crutches sturdiness. The reinforced steel and ribbed patterns help keep the crutches firm. And that reduces the pressure on your armpit or shoulders.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Recommended Thomas Fetterman Crutches Tips | Final Words

    The best crutch tip in the selection is the Thomas Fetterman Tornado SB crutch tip. I guess maybe because Fetterman himself developed his product idea from his personal experience. And the tip offers a durable and comfortable solution to cushion the weight effects of crutches. Also, the traction level is incredible and second to none in the collection. 

    The Medline G00842 Guardian is cheaper and of lower quality than the Thomas Fetterman. And that’s because it is too simple and uses less durable materials compared to the Thomas Fetterman

    Do you need a less expensive tip with much comfort and durability after the Fetterman? Then it is the Drive Medical tips. It is simple and rugged. 

    Suretip Blacktip offers you a tip that works well with different models and sizes of crutches. But, unfortunately, it has some defective issues. 

    The Steel-Reinforced tips work for various crutch sizes. The ribbed structure also adds to make it an excellent tip. 

    Whatever the type of crutches you seek, the best crutch tips will increase your comfort. And that’s what you get in the list of crutches presented in this article. Do you want an affordable or more durable one?  Or rugged tip for crutches? Whatever your purpose, you will find them in the reviews above.