Best Crutches For A Broken Leg

5 Best Crutches For A Broken Leg

Having a broken leg that is healing can result in a challenging time. Not only you have to focus on healing, but also have to figure out how to move and do daily tasks. Luckily, you can use many different mobility aids, with the best aids being crutches and knee scooters, to do everyday activities.

Of all the crutches we’re reviewing today, I found the ViVe Forearm Crutches to be my favorite because of how comfortable they were. If this crutch set isn’t to your liking, you will likely find what you’re seeking among our other picks.

Our article will discuss the best crutches and knee scooters you can use when you have a broken leg. Each of these mobility aids has unique reasons for being on this list so let’s dive in. 

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    KMINA  Forearm Crutches

    Vive Forearm Crutches

    Vive Mobility Knee Scooter

    KneeRover Knee Scooter

    WINLOVE Knee Scooter

    Top 5 Crutches for Mobility Aids

    Best Overall –KMINA Forearm Crutches


    If you’re woman or man who has broken your leg, you must try the unisex KMINA forearm crutches. These crutches are specifically created for adult women who need rehabilitation because of an injury. Unlike other rehabilitative crutches, these come in a pack of two and are made in Europe, so you can trust their quality. 

    The KMINA forearm crutches only come in color black, but luckily, this means they go with everything. These non-slip crutches have soft grip handles, so your hands don’t get injured. They also have wide tips for better ground coverage when moving and reflectors to keep you visible. 

    Yet, if you’re not convinced yet, you’ll love that they have eleven adjustable height settings and are made of aluminum, so they are highly durable. With these crutches, you’ll be able to walk for hours without worrying about chafing your hands or stumbling and breaking your crutches. 

    However, you should note that some have received these crutches without the hardware to put them together. Others have got used pairs when they have bought a brand new set.

    Best For Comfort – Vive Forearm Crutches


    You must keep your comfort in mind when dealing with a broken leg. After all, you likely don’t want to go about daily tasks with uncomfortable crutches. That’s why if comfort is your number one priority when looking for a pair of crutches, you should choose the Vive forearm crutches. 

    The Vive forearm crutches have been ergonomically designed to offer users supreme comfort. These crutches have an ergonomically designed grip. This grip contours to fit your hand and support your wrist. This means you will successfully reduce hand and wrist fatigue when being mobile. 

    In addition, the Vive forearm crutches are impressive since they can hold up to 250 pounds and are corrosion-resistant. This means you will be safe while using them. You also won’t need to worry about instability since the hand grips and cuffs are molded together.

    Yet, you’ll love the most that they have an adjustable length and a customized fit to ensure your comfort is a priority. It also doesn’t hurt that they are stylish and lightweight. However, you must note that a few people have complained about these crutches. Some say they are not as durable as promised. Others find the one-piece molded grip and cuff uncomfortable. 

    Best For Maneuverability – Vive Mobility Knee Scooter Walker


    If you had a fast-paced life before you broke your leg, you might want to use the Vive mobility knee scooter walker. This scooter allows users easy mobility to complete their daily tasks. It’s got a range of impressive features that make it perfect for those with a broken leg who need to keep on the move.

    The Vive mobility knee scooter is steerable and can be used indoors and outdoors. It also features a contoured foam knee pad to ensure you feel no pain kneeling all day. It’s perfect if you have children you want to take to the park. Or if you have an office job that requires a fair amount of movement.

    I also loved this knee scooter’s compact, lightweight, and incredibly durable design. You’ll love that you can adjust the handle component when using this steel scooter. You’ll also like that you can easily fold it away when not using it. It also has a large backpack. With this backpack, you can store all your necessities while navigating daily life. 

    Yet, although this knee scooter allows for improved movement, there are negatives. Some users have found this knee scooter’s brakes not as good as they could. Other people have complained about inclines to being tricky to climb with this scooter.

    Best For All Terrains-KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter


    A broken leg doesn’t mean you’re prevented from living life. So if you want to be safe and keep doing what you love, you need the KneeRover economy knee scooter. This scooter can handle many different terrains indoors and outdoors. It’s also reasonably priced, making it perfect for those on a budget. 

    The KneeRover knee scooter has adjustable locking handbrakes and dual-rear-wheel handbrakes. It also has adjustable handlebars. These features guarantee that you will be stable and in control when you use it. 

    They also have an adjustable kneepad and can be used on the right or left leg, making them versatile. With this scooter, you can enjoy the same freedom you had before breaking your leg.

    But, you’ll likely not be as pleased to learn that people struggle to use this knee scooter when wearing a knee boot. Some other people found the knee pad to be thin and uncomfortable.


    Having an injury and being stuck in bed for hours every day because you don’t trust your crutches is terrible. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the safe to use KMINA forearm crutch set.

    Those suffering ankle injuries use this set because of its wide flexible tip. They also use them because of their comfortable grips. These crutches can adapt to a user’s size with 11 height options. They also are more reliable than other cheap crutches. This is because they’re made from aluminum. It’s also because they improve stability and balance when walking.

    You should note that some have complained that the crutches they received were used.

    Yet, I liked the KMINA forearm crutches best for their reflective grips and open cuff design. I could use them and do not injure myself. That’s why I am sure they will help others who need to be mobile while recovering from an injury.

    Recommended KMINA Forearm Crutches| Final Words

    Now you know why these five crutches and knee scooters are best for those with a broken leg. The ViVe Forearm Crutches are my favorite because I prefer to be comfortable when I’m injured. Yet, it’s clear that the other mobility aid options are just as good, if not better, depending on your needs.

    Ultimately, no matter your choice, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. This is because each of our picks is built to last and provides the support you need while you heal.

    You may be curious about the difference between crutches and a knee mobility scooter, check out this article of ours.