How To Stop Crutches From Causing Pain In Your Armpits

How To Stop Crutches From Causing Pain In Your Armpits

Armpit pain can be caused by a variety of things, from skin irritation and muscle strain, to more serious causes like swollen lymph nodes. If you are experiencing pain in your armpits but aren’t sure why, it may be a good idea to contact your physician as soon as possible. But if you are using traditional  crutches, there’s a good chance that the crutches may be the source of the pain in your armpits. 

Crutches are a great mobility aid for those who want to manage lower body pain. They are also great for those trying to recover from an injury. Yet, unfortunately, crutches can cause some people armpit pain. That’s why we have scoured the vast internet to find the best tips on how to stop crutches from causing you pain in your armpits.

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    1. Consider Alternative Mobility Devices

    If you’re experiencing underarm pain from using crutches, there are other mobility options. Many of these options will prevent armpit pain. But they will still ease any pain you are experiencing from injuries or illnesses. For example, you can choose to use forearm crutches or knee scooters. 

    Forearm crutches typically have a cuff that goes around the forearm for support and handles for the user to grip while walking. Forearm crutches allow you to place most of your weight on your hands and forearms. This prevents the constant contact and pressure of the crutch on your armpits. Hence, preventing your armpits from hurting. 

    Knee scooters are also good alternative mobility devices from crutches . They will enable you to place your weight on your knees instead of your armpits. They also let you move around easier and quicker.

    Additionally, another mobility aid that could assist you is a walker. With a walker, you can maneuver without placing pressure on any other part of your body. Yet, walkers are not ideal for every type of injury, so be sure to speak with a healthcare professional.

    2.Learn How To Adjust Your Crutches


    One of the very best ways to stop crutches from hurting your armpits is to learn how to adjust your crutches. Yet remember, your crutches need to be the correct size for your height and weight. Crutches should reach one to two inches below your armpit when standing straight. Additionally, the handles should be at waist height. This will allow your elbows to bend marginally when you grasp them. 

    If you want to adjust your crutches, you will need to stand straight and wear the shoes you typically wear. Then you need to take your crutches and put them one to two inches under your armpit. Yet, remember to make sure that the bottom of the crutches is a few inches in front of your feet when doing this. Once you have done this, your crutches should be properly adjusted. Thus preventing you from suffering armpit pain.  

    3.Learn How To Use Your Crutches Correctly

    Underarm crutches are certainly one of the most common types of crutches used by people. Yet, many people do not know how to use their crutches correctly to prevent underarm pain. 

    One of the biggest mistakes those using crutches make is to rest their armpits on their crutches. When you do this, you’re compressing your auxiliary nerves. Over time this action can cause significant nerve damage. This nerve damage can also lead to temporary paralysis and numbness. Additionally, placing your armpits directly on your crutches can also cause skin irritations.  

    To prevent these side effects from happening, you need to stop resting your armpits this way. Start by implementing small changes to how you use this mobility device. For example, when using them to walk, you should  place most of your weight on your hands and not your underarms. You should also keep your elbow slightly bent while keeping your entire arm straight. 

    4. Add Padding To Your Crutches

    Arguably, the best way to ensure you are stopping your crutches from hurting you is to add padding to them. Most traditional underarm crutches lack adequate padding to provide the support you need. Luckily, you can buy or make extra padding for your crutches. 

    If you are going to do a DIY padding option, you only need old towels or a thick blanket, and some duct tape. You will wrap these materials around your crutches until you are happy with the level of padding. Then you need to duct tape the materials together and to the crutch. Yet, remember to ensure it is wrapped tightly to the crutch.  You don’t want it to slip or move about while you are walking and injure your underarm. 

    Should your crutches come with a crutch pad, you can still add more padding. You only need to take off the removable foam pad and place stuffing or foam underneath this. 

    5. Learn How To Distribute Your Weight

    Your underarms are not meant to hold the weight of your entire body. Many people make mistake of using one muscle. Instead, they should be distributing their weight. Arm muscles are usually not as strong as leg muscles, and as such, they get hurt much more often. You need to make an effort to ensure you are using your chest, hips, back, and shoulders when using your crutches. 

    If you distribute your weight, you will spread the workaround. Doing this will cause less pressure on your underarms. When you spread the workaround and do not rely on your underarms to do all the heavy lifting. You will prevent underarm pain and reduce soreness in your triceps and forearms. 

    6. Simplify Your Daily Routine


    Consider simplifying your daily routine. Simplifying your daily routine will stop your crutches from hurting your underarms. 

    Don’t overcrowd your day with activities that are difficult to undertake. You should also try to space out the activities you need to do so that you don’t tire yourself out. Additionally, you should also consider taking certain duties out of your daily schedule. 

    Disregard the ones you know will cause strain or be difficult to complete. By avoiding hard-to-do tasks, you won’t need to use your crutches as often. This will allow you to prevent underarm pain. 

    Final Word

    Learning to maneuver with crutches can be challenging. This is especially true if you are not used to using mobility devices. One of the biggest reasons why underarm crutches can cause pain in your armpits is the misuse of your crutches. Whether it’s properly adjusting your crutches to your height, learning how to navigate on crutches, learning how to distribute your weight on them or using alternative mobility devices entirely, there are many ways to prevent crutches from causing pain in your armpits. Yet, crutches are still one of the best and most affordable types of mobility devices. Most people experience armpit pain when they don’t know handy tips to prevent this kind of pain. 

    If you are aware of how to stop crutches from hurting your armpits, you will have no issue using them. Hopefully, this crutches article has given you the tips you need to prevent your underarms from hurting when using crutches.