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40 Halloween Costumes While On Crutches

40 Halloween costumes while on crutches

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about your costumes. You might be worried that your injured leg along with a pair of crutches might ruin your plans! However, with a little creativity and your DIY skills, you’ll be good to go.

Here are 40 great Halloween costume ideas from famous characters on crutches.

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    1. The Pirate


    Grab an eye patch, a pirate hat and a shiny sword and get ready to go rob some sweets. A pirate look will look amazing alongside your crutches. Pirates have accidents too!

    2. A Penguin

    Using crutches is no walk in the park, how about you use that to your advantage! Waddle your way across the street rocking a penguin costume.

    3. An Injured Football Player:

    Just a cool and awesome football player dealing with a leg injury. You can wear your favorite player’s shirt, and an armband like a team captain.

    4. A Playful Smurf

    They are blue, cheerful with a hint of crazy. You can dress all blue and walk around with crutches like a smurf who got himself in trouble.

    5. The Monopoly Guy

    A simple and easy costume to rock on Halloween night is the monopoly guy. Wear a tuxedo, put a top hat on, a fake mustache, and you’ll be ready to collect your night’s fees.

    6. A Mummy

    This one is a classic with a twist! Wrap yourself and your crutches with toilet paper and go roaming around.

    7. A Zombie

    The zombie look is also a classic. It’s not like you see a zombie now and then, who’s to say a zombie can’t use crutches!

    8. Extra legs? That's a spider

    Having to use crutches is like having a helping pair of legs! You can attach extra fake arms popping up from your back, and you’ll look the part.

    9. Lara Croft


    Who don’t know the adventuress Lara Croft, with here two guns making a run for it through the jangle. Although, even adventurers could suffer a leg injury. Grab a pair of fake guns and go tell your story.

    10. A Hockey Player

    Another great idea for Halloween is to dress as an injured hockey player. Put on a hockey helmet, a pair of gloves and pretend your crutches are the stick (in this case two!)

    11.Tiny Tim


    Dress like a boy from the 80s and be the cute and funny tiny Tim from Christmas carol. Crutches will only make it look better, as Tim used a crutch to walk around.

    12. The Penguin from Batman

    Jump to the other side of the law for the night and mimic the tricky penguin from batman. Grab a top hat and a monocle. This will also look great if you can manage using a cane.

    13. Grandpa/Grandma is home


    Stroll by like an elderly who needs crutches. How hard can it be to mimic an old man or woman’s look? Dress like an elderly. Wear glasses, throw on grandma’s scarf or grandpa’s coat, and use your crutches to get around.

    14. A GHOST

    You may not manage to look as scary as one, but this will help cover up the crutches. Simply grab a white sheet, poke two holes to see, and throw it on top of you.

    15. An NBA Player


    If you are into basketball and great dunks, you can choose to be an NBA player who’s going through treatment. A nice touch would be to modify a jersey shirt and write your name on the back. 

    16. Octopus

    Octopuses are known to have more than two legs. An octopus costume would be fun and cool if you need to use crutches. Be sure to attach extra tentacles to look the part.

    17. The "I just had a horrible accident"


    What’s better than playing it how it looks? Put on some torn clothes, fake blood and act as if you just made it out of an accident! 

    18. The Flamingo

    Since you can only use one leg, this costume might not be a bad idea. The big pink bird likes to stand on one leg. A pink costume and a long beak along your crutches will hint at the idea.

    19. A Giraffe


    Consider the crutches as your grand and big giraffe legs. Find a giraffe costume and wrap your crutches in a similar fabric.

    20. Super Mario

    All that jumping around and fighting monsters is ought to get you in trouble and result in a broken leg. All you need is a blue pant and a red shirt. If you can’t find a Mario cap, You can grab any cap and glue the letter M to it.

    21. Football Referee Costume


    If you are into football, this costume may be a great choice to go with for Halloween. It is true that you never see a referee with crutches, but maybe you made a call that didn’t appeal to the crowed!

    22. The Skier

    Just as if you are used to skiing down a snowy mountain range, only this time you had some difficulties steering. You can wear your ski goggles and pretend that your crutches are your skiing pole.

    23. A Figure Skater

    Skating, jumping and dancing on ice could be all fun and games until you make a bad move. You can dress as a figure skater who’s suffering a leg injury that required you to use crutches. All you need is a colorful skating suit, and a fake medallion.

    24. Panda with chainsaw arms

    Adorable and cute? Well, not tonight! You can make a pair of fake chainsaws from carton and stick them on each crutch. Don’t forget about the panda costume.

    25. A Witch

    worldcrutches-A Witch Costume on crutches

    Halloween is all about the spooky theme, therefor dressing as a witch is an excellent choice. Say you fell off while riding your broom. Wear a black dress, grab a wand and maybe decorate your crutch to look like a broom.

    26. Rock Lee from Naruto

    Rock lee may be fast, but not when dealing with a broken leg, and most certainly not with crutches. Put on an all-green suit and orange leg warmers. It would be cool if you can find the Konoha green flak jacket.

    27. Dark Crystal Strider


    One creepy, scary and perfect costume for Halloween with crutches is a one inspired from Dark Crystal. In addition to the costume, you can wrap your crutches in some weary fabric that matches your costume.

    28. TARS from Interstellar

    Something about Tars’ walk just hints out crutches! For this one, all you need is a big carton the size of your body, with a hole on each side for your arms.

    29. Jimmy from South Park


    This one is simple, easy and awesome. Jimmy Valmer from South Park. He is my favorite cartoon character on crutches. All you need is to wear a yellow shirt with jeans

    30. Rambo

    Get ready to go guns blazing tonight like Rambo does. You can decorate your crutches to look like huge guns, along with a combat knife on your waist. Don’t forget to wear similar clothes.

    31. Hobbes with crutches


    Wherever these two crazy friends go, trouble follows. You are bound to get some great comments dressing as this funny comic character. This would be even better if you can convince your friend to join you as Calvin. 

    32. R2-D2

    If you can do a robot voice, then this beloved droid from the great Star Wars franchise would be great for you. Check here for a simple and easy DIY guide.

    33. house M.D.


    Doctor House uses a cane rather than crutches, but if you could keep the grumpiness for the night, then the rest is easy. You can simply wear a suit and hang on a heart listener if you could find one.

    34. Evel Knievel

    Evel Knievel is one of the most famous stunt performers. Dressing as him for Halloween would be a great choice. If anyone asks, just say that you fell off your bike while jumping through a big fire circle!

    35. Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window


    In Rear Window, Jeff gets stuck in his apartment due to a leg injury. To entertain himself, Jeff gets a pair of Binoculars and starts spying on his neighbors. Get yourself a light blue pajama and binoculars or a camera and go out as Jeff.

    36. Jesus Christ with Crosses

    This one is easy and pretty straightforward. All you need is a white robe, and to modify our crutches to look like crosses. You also wear a fake beard to make it look even better.

    37. go as The 3 Stooges


    This would be hilarious if you could get your friend in on it. You can be Curly and act as if you just fell from a high place and injured your leg. Wrap your head with pads to make it look more realistic.

    38. Gundam

    If you are a fan of the anime, or you just always wanted to be an awesome but deadly war machine, this is your chance. You can disguise one crutch as a shield and the other as your sword.

    39. Wear a canoe

    This might seem weird, but it’s actually a good and funny idea. You can make a small canoe that fits you and pretend that your crutches are your paddles to get around.

    40. assassin's creed

    It is probably better to stay off rooftops and keep on the ground. Climbing buildings may get you injured, which is exactly what happened in your case! A nice touch would be to hide the hidden blades (not real, of course) within your crutches.

    Final Word

    Dealing with a leg injury as Halloween approaches may be frustrating. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going to sit in the house for the night and pass on tricks or treats!

    There are a lot of options for you to choose from that will look great despite the crutches. We offer you 40 suggestions for you to pick from. Go spend an unforgettable Halloween night!