iWalk 3.0 Complete Review

Hands Free Crutches - iWALK 3.0 Ultimate Review

Do you need a mobility device to help you become more mobile if you live with a disability or are in recovery for an injury? If so, you might want to consider the iWalk 3.0 hands-free crutch. 

Before committing to this type of mobility aid, you must learn more about it. That’s why after completing extensive research, we have written this review. Our iWalk 3.0 knee crutch review will tell you everything you need to know to decide. Let’s dive in!

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    What to consider before buying a iWALK2.0

    The iWALK2.0 is the best solution to all these problems with a forearm and underarm crutches. They are hands-free crutches, instead of supporting your body with the arms on crutches as you walk, the iWALK2.0 crutch is fixed at the upper leg. It is well-cushioned for the leg muscles’ comfort as this part of the body works as the support. There is no body strain as experienced in the forearm and underarm crutches. Below are some of the things you should consider.

    To give you a proper review of the iWalk 3.0 hands-free knee crutches, we want to give you an overview.

    Firstly, the iWalk crutches were invented to ease the pain people felt in their hands, wrists, and underarms from crutch use. The company’s founder also created them because there was no reliable alternative to crutches. He wanted to make a device that gave people a higher level of mobility.

    Over the years, the iWalk crutch has won many awards. Many people believe that the iWalk crutches are the best alternative to conventional crutches. In fact, many have said that they are even better than knee scooters, especially for those with below-the-knee injuries.

    The iWalk crutch gives people hands-free and pain-free mobility. This gives them back their freedom to live independently and functionally. When most people choose an iWalk crutch, they can go shopping, attend work, walk their dog, go for a walk, and do plenty more.

    iWalk 3.0 Overview

    iWalk 3.0 Highlights

    iwalk3.0 review worldcrutches

    Like other mobility products, there are a few highlights surrounding the iWalk crutches. Firstly, unlike other brands, the iWalk crutches are licensed and approved by medical professionals in different countries.

    This brand has a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products program. It has also been approved as a Class I medical device in Canada.

    In addition, iWalk crutches are registered with the US FDA and have also received CE certification in Europe. With these approvals, these hands-free crutches have become an increasingly popular choice among those able to use them.

    Moreover, independent research has proven that the iWalk crutch is wholly effective. It is also safe and has many medical benefits. It’s also been proven that the iWalk 3.0 is preferred by 90% of patients and is a mobility aid often recommended by healthcare professionals.

    Pros Of The iWalk 3.0

    There are numerous proven benefits associated with the iWalk 3.0. See below to learn what you could expect if you choose this mobility aid.

    Cons Of The iWalk 3.0

    Unfortunately, as with most mobility aids, there are some cons associated with the iWalk 3.0. Consider these cons below to decide if this crutch suits you. 

    iWalk 3.0: A Presentation Of The Product From Every Aspect


    It’s now time to look at a brief review of each aspect of the iWalk 3.0. We have broken the various elements down so that you understand this knee crutch comprehensively. 


    One of the critical considerations anyone needing to use a mobility aid must remember is body weight. Not every set of crutches is designed to accommodate every weight range. The same is true for the iWalk 3.0. 

    With the iWalk 3.0, only those weighing less than 275 pounds can use it. This means that if you weigh more than this, it will likely break if you try to use this crutch. 

    Type Of Injury

    If you can use the iWalk 3.0 will depend on the type of injury, condition, or disability you have. For example, those who cannot balance on one leg for a full 30 seconds cannot use this crutch.

    Additionally, you can’t use this crutch if your injury prevents you from going up and down stairs without using a handrail.

    Moreover, the iWalk 3.0 is meant for those with below-the-knee injuries. It’s also meant to be used by those with at least average strength because maneuvering can be challenging.

    Balance and Stability

    With the iWalk 3.0, you will have decent stability and balance because it has been designed with crutch tips that have good traction.

    The iWalk 3.0 knee crutch has to be used by those with decent balance because of its design. If you have bad balancing skills, you might want to seek out an alternative. 

    Ease Of Use

    Whether or not the iWalk 3.0 knee crutch is going to be easy to use or not is depend on the user. For some people, the iWalk 3.0 is easy to learn to use, while others have complained that it takes weeks to months to master. 

    Fortunately, iWalk does provide many instruction videos and manuals that those with injuries can use to learn how to use the iWalk 3.0.


    Compared to other mobility aids like traditional crutches, wheelchairs, and knee scooters, the iWalk 3.0 is well priced.

    The average price for the iWalk 3.0 is $140, while knee scooters and wheelchairs can cost upwards of $300.

    Thigh Circumference

    When using traditional crutches, you usually don’t need to worry about thigh circumference.

    With the iWalk 3.0, this is a significant concern. Users with a thigh circumference of more than 18 inches or less than 12 inches will not be able to use this knee crutch. Additionally, users have to be between 4 foot 10 inches and 6 foot 6 inches to use the iWalk 3.0 crutch.

    iWalk 2.0 vs. iWalk 3.0


    The main difference between the iWalk 2.0 and the iWalk 3.0 is that the iWalk 2.0 has been discontinued. Unlike the discontinued model, the iWalk 3.0 has technological advancements.

    For example, the thumb screws are 89% larger, making it easier to lock down the devices thigh supports. The thigh support pads are also much thicker to ensure better durability and comfort. Additionally, the thigh support surface area is now 30% bigger for better stability.

    Moreover, the iWalk 3.0 has improved its design to cause less fatigue, strain, and pressure. Unfortunately, like the iWalk 2.0, the latest 3.0 version can still cause poor circulation, jarring when walking, and stiffness. It also cannot be worn while being inside a vehicle.

    How to make iwalk 3.0 more comfortable?

    We notice that knee get sore wearing it for extended periods of time. So we have researched and tested that someway can make you knee more comfortable: Add some soft items.

    Folded towel. Methods is to take a hand towel and put several folds in it, then place under your knee, adjust the position until you fell comfortable.

    Kneeling pad.(Note: This is not for people who has an incision that is on the knee or near the knee.)

    It is best to wear long pants.

    Cut-up yoga mat.

    Shoe Insoles.


    Ergobaum 7th generation foreman crutches offer users unparalleled crutches design with exciting comfort. Being foldable crutches increases the mobility and ease of carriage. 

    The Ergobaum is one of the most versatile crutches due to its additional features. Increase night vision using reflectors, LED, and night light.

    Ergobaum 7th generation foreman crutches offer users unparalleled crutches design with exciting comfort. Being foldable crutches increases the mobility and ease of carriage. The Ergobaum is one of the most versatile crutches due to its additional features. Increase night vision using reflectors, LED, and night light.

    Use the adjustable cushion grip for more comfortable underarms. The strap and forearm cup can enhance the grip pressure during movement. With the flexible 5 to 6.6 feet height range, the Ergobaum crutches fit most height range. The sturdy Non-Slip Ergocap tips reduce the risk of slipping on smooth surfaces.

    Incorporating a knee-rest pad and shock absorber gives you a bit more rest time on the go. Using high-quality fabric and aluminum material guarantees more extended durability. That means more value for your money.

    If you are trying to find a durable knee scooter, this should be your choice. Drive medical 796 dual knee walker is designed with a steel frame smeared with silver. It has a superior braking system for safe control during movement and locking the wheels if not in use.

    This product comes with a removable basket at the front where you can store your goods after shopping. The disadvantage with this scooter is that it cannot travel at angles of over 20 degrees or on curbs.

    Final Word

    It’s evident that the iWalk 3.0 is a premium quality, licensed medical-grade mobility aid. This device has been carefully designed to help those with injuries to easily be more mobile.

    It’s clear there are cons, as not everyone can use this knee crutch. In our opinion, the iWalk 3.0 is worth considering despite these cons as its benefits outweigh them.