5 Best Lofstrand Crutches for Pediatrics

5 Best Lofstrand Crutches for Pediatrics

Only the best Lofstrand crutches for pediatric use can provide significant support for mobility. Crutches are not your everyday fashion stick or items. But they become a lifesaver if you had an accident or require support with mobility.

Buying crutches go beyond ordering online or walking into a store to pick. You need the correct information and specification. That’s why we created this guide to help with the best forearm crutches for pediatrics. 

Lofstrand or forearm crutches are the same as Canadian crutches, arm crutches, or elbow crutches. So, what should be the top 5 Lofstrand crutches pick?

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     Our Top 5 Picks

    Best Simplicity Cuffs

    Low-budget Crutch

    Best Single Forearm crutch

    Versatility Crutches

    Comfort Crutches

    Top 5 Best Lofstrand Crutches for Pediatrics

    Best for simplicity and comfortable cuffs – Inspired by Drive Pediatric Forearm


    The Inspired by Drive Pediatric forearm crutches come in three color variants. You have the castle red, wizard purple, and knight blue; it’s your call. Depending on your height, weight, or age, you could find a perfect fit. And, you have small, medium, and large to make a choice. 

    It comes with a 1-increment height adjustment. That makes it easier to reduce or increase the crutches to your perfect height. A well-positioned crutch helps to reduce the weight or pain around the arms and shoulders. 

    The comfy 6.25 – 7.25 inches cuffs help to keep the crutches firm and adjusted to your arm. Using a contour-like hand grip gives you a firmer grip and no slips when walking. That takes away extra pressure from your legs. 

    Having a solid rubber floor base reduces any slips, even on smooth surfaces. 

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best low-budget lofstrand forearm crutches Lightweight Adjustable Forearm Crutches


    Walking lightweight adjustable forearm crutches is incredible as they make mobility easier. Yes, it is light-weighted but can carry up to 250 Lbs. That means you experience less burden on your arms and legs.

    The 1-increments cuff offers both aesthetic appeal and comfort without hurting your arms. It comes with three adjustable spots on the crutches. You can adjust the cuff to suit your arm size without any inconvenience. 

    Next, you have the adjustable height – cuff to arm and grip to the floor. It makes it suitable depending on your height from 25.5″ to 34.5″. That should cover the base to the handgrip. 

    Another impressive addition is the push-button lock for height adjustment. It’s a great way to keep the height adjustment in place and to avoid a fall.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best Single Unit Forearm fiber crutch –  KMINA Folding Carbon Fiber Crutch


    There are so many reasons for which the KMina Pro is arguably a great crutch. From the gray color to the carbon fiber grip and reflector tip grip. The KMina offers a durable and secure means of mobility. 

    Though light-weighted, the reinforced plastic base gives it enough sturdiness. You can bet even a person weighing 308Lbs. will rest on the crutches with confidence. 

    Having ten adjustment levels means it will work for different heights. So, even a tall or not-so-tall person can use the crutches conveniently.

    My major drawback with the KMina forearm crutches is the choice of a single unit. Most crutches come in a set of two. However, the fact that it is foldable makes it easier to store away. So when at a stop, you can fold it out of the way.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best for fine material and versatility – Drive Medical Forearm Crutch


    Drive medical forearm crutch is well-formulated to provide comfort while moving. First, it comes with adjustable forearm and height adjustments. The choice of contoured arm cuffs and vinyl handgrips effectively reduces weight on the injured legs.

     And it keeps you secure, slip-free.

    For similar quality products, the Drive medical crutches offer far more value than the purchase price.

    With the impressive leg & forearm adjustments, you have no worries for someone with an average height. All you need is to use the cuff adjustments for upper body comfort. Or release the leg adjustment for lower body convenience.

    The concave rubber base helps in absorbing the bodyweight without pressure on the feet.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Best for mobility and comfort in-Motion Pro Crutches


    I instantly fall in love with the In-Motion crutches due to the spring assist feature. The manufacturers clearly considered user comfort. 

    You get an ergonomic cylinder bracket forearm and riveted hand grip. That helps to reduce the pain and impact while working. When you add the high-quality steel tubes, the crutches definitely will hold up to 500lbs. That’s why lightweight but heavy-duty construction works well for crutches.

    So, if you are between 4’6 and 5’8 inches, then you have a perfect fit. Using a rubberized tip base with a springboard also helps ensure no slip. It also makes mobility a breeze and holds well on any floor. 

    In-Motion folding feature makes carriage and storage easier. Simply fold and keep aside.

    Good For:

    Bad For:

    Recommende Drive Crutch| Final Words

    So, what’s the best Lofstrand forearm crutch for pediatrics? Definitely, it is the Drive Crutch.

    One particular reason is that it is packed full of features to make mobility easier. On every point, you do like the Drive medical. The manufacturers make use of good quality material for a product with such a price. You get comfortable cuffs (though a bit stiff), leg and forearm adjustments. Using vinyl finishing on the handgrip and tube guarantees a durable product at last.

    The In-Motion Pro Crutches competes squarely with the Drive Medical for mobility and comfort. If you are willing to pay twice the amount for an In-Motion, you get the added value of a foldable device. You can throw in more weighted capacity using the In-Motion.

    KMINA PRO Crutch has four features working in its favor. That is the carbon fiber material, reflector grip, fold-ability, and ten adjustments. Unfortunately, it is most suitable for someone who needs a single crutch.

    Walking Lightweight has a custom-fit property, classy feel, sturdy and light-weighted. But the cuffs are stiffer than that of Drive Medicals and not meant for tall people.

    Inspired by Drive Pediatric Forearm Crutches is a great product. But the manufacturers still need to deal with issues relating to quality.

    Remember purchasing the best lofstrand crutches for pediatrics go beyond price alone. If picking out of the above list, you can’t go wrong. In all, effective weight management, durability, and comfort should come first.