5 Best Walking Boot Socks

5 Best Walking Boot Socks

If you have to wear a walking boot because of an injury, you might not realize how uncomfortable wearing one can be. Luckily there is a solution. You can wear walking boot socks to help make using a walking boot more comfortable and less likely to harm you. 

If you’re comfortable and your foot is protected from the inside, you’ll promote a speedier recovery. Yet, since finding the perfect walking boot socks can be challenging, we have you covered. After looking into the best options, we have found five of the best you should consider. 

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     Our Top 5 Walking Boot Socks

    Durable and Comfort Socks

    Best for Reducing Skin Irritation

    Best For Moisture Absorption

    Best For Extra Length

    For Compression Healing

    Best 5 Walking Boot Socks Reviewed

    Best For durable and comfort – Impresa Extra Width Socks


    Of all the socks featured on this list, my favorite is the Impresa Extra Width walking boot socks. These socks are the best because they offer users comfort, protection, and years of usability. 

    The Impresa Extra Width Socks will last you many years because they are made to be durable. They feature 91 percent cotton, 7 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex. This means they are durable, breathable, comfortable, and stretchable. The material combination and inverted seam also make it super stretchy. The stretchiness helps it to conform to most calve widths. 

    Additionally, the inverted toe seam gives users a comfortable seamless feel. Moreover, even though these socks are extra wide, they won’t fall down your leg inside your walking boot. 

    But, even though this sock is the best overall, some have complained. A few customers have claimed that these socks have no compression capabilities. Other users have found that the socks fall apart sooner than they should.

    Best For Reducing Skin IrritationAircast Sock Liner


    Those who are active and have to use a walking boot could suffer skin irritation. This is especially true if they don’t use a premium quality sock liner like the Aircast sock liner. After all, wearing a regular sock over an injured foot won’t protect you. For example, it won’t help with chafing, rubbing, and blistering. 

    Luckily, the Aircast sock liner is the best for preventing and reducing skin irritation. This walking boot sock liner has been designed to stay on your foot and protect it, thanks to its high-quality material. It is 22 inches long and has enough stretch to comfortably fit most foot and calf sizes. 

    You’ll likely love the most that this sock liner is compatible with a wide range of walking boots. These walking boots include the Aircast XP, FP, and SP models. Despite its compatibility and skin irritation benefits, a few users don’t liked this sock liner. Some have said this liner falls down to the ankle frequently. Others have disliked that it’s a fairly thicker sock liner.

    Best For Moisture Absorption- BraceAbility Sock Liner


    If you tend to sweat when using a walking boot, you need a quality sock liner that will absorb excess moisture. With the right sock liner, you can prevent mold growth and a mildew smell in your walking boot. This is because it will keep the interior dry and moisture free. The BraceAbility sock liner is the best sock liner for moisture absorption. 

    Unlike other walking boot sock liners, the BraceAbility sock is fairly unique. It is a cotton, polyester, lycra, and spandex blend. This blend is 100% synthetic, so the fibers are absorbent. This means it will keep your foot and leg dry to promote better healing. This blend also ensures that your foot won’t smell, even if you sweat a lot. 

    Additionally, the BraceAbility sock liner has been designed to have a non-constricting fit. With this fit, you’ll enjoy targeted compression and superb heat retention to keep your foot warm. The non-constricting design also improves breathability. 

    Unfortunately, even though this sock liner has many benefits, not everyone is happy. Some users have found the sock liner threads come out easily. Many others have experienced their sock liner shrinking in the wash. 

    Best For Extra Length – Mars Wellness Sock Liner


    Since walking boots tend to go up to below the knee, it’s important to have a protective layer. That’s why earing the extra length 19-inch high Mars Wellness sock liner is a good idea. It will protect your leg and foot from the walking boot you must wear when you have an injury. 

    The Mars Wellness sock liner features premium quality ultra soft and comfortable fabric. This super soft fabric protects your legs from scratching and chafing while walking. It also won’t fall down while you walk. Its cushioned synthetic knit design also absorbs sweat to keep the foot and leg inside the boot dry. 

    Additionally, this extra-long sock liner is non-constricting. It’s also thick enough to keep your foot cozy and warm during the winter. It is also compatible with many different walking boots and comes in a universal size. Yet, even with these positive aspects, some have been unhappy with this sock liner. 

    Some customers have found the Mars Wellness sock liner too thick and hot. Others over six feet tall have found them cumbersome because they fall down on taller people. 

    Best For Compression Healing Impresa Sock Liner


    Are you in need of compression healing while wearing a walking boot? Look no further than the Impresa sock liner. These orthopedic socks apply compression to your foot, ankle, and leg. This compression helps to improve heat retention and circulation. This, in turn, will help you reduce swelling and speed up your recovery time. 

    The Imprese sock liner is a protective layer between your walking boot and appendage. Yet, this sock can also help with circulatory problems and chronic swelling. It’s also handy for soothing leg fatigue. This is thanks to its breathable and comfortable design. 

    You’ll likely love that the Impresa sock liner is machine washable and dries quickly. It also features moisture-absorbant material. This ensures moisture wicks away and prevents foot odors. Yet, some have found this sock liner less than stellar. 

    For some, the Impresa sock liner is made with too rough material. Others have found the material far too hot and thick to be comfortable. 

    Recommended Impresa Extra Width Socks| Final Words

    Any of these walking boot sock options would be worth considering if you have to use a boot to heal an injury. Which one you choose will depend on your preferences and needs. Yet, if you don’t know which to choose, pick the Imprese extra wide walking boot socks that are the best overall. 

    If you remember to wear your sock or sock liner, you’ll be far more comfortable. You’ll also prevent skin irritation, blistering, chafing, and swelling. So give one of these socks a chance. 

    If you just want to find cast socks, this guide will help you.