How To Dress When You Are On Crutches

How To Dress When You Are On Crutches

If you have to use crutches because of an injury or disability, you’re likely curious about what clothing you should wear. Since it can be challenging to find the right clothing and learn what to buy, we have put together this article.

In our article, we will explain how you should dress when you’re on crutches, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. 

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    How Women Must Dress When Using Crutches

    Women have more options regarding the type of clothing they can wear when using crutches. Below we have briefly shown what you should wear if you want to be comfortable and prevent injuries from occurring. 


    Skirts: Loose skirts that aren’t too long, too short, or too flowy are ideal for women who need to use crutches. This is because skirts are easier to put on and take off when using crutches. Yet, if you wear skirts, you must consider wearing Jockey slip shorts underneath. This is an added layer of safety when you’re outside.

    Knit A-line dress: Unfortunately, dresses can be hazardous when on crutches. This is especially true if they are flowy since they can get tangled in your crutches as you walk. If you still want to wear a dress, it’s best to choose a form fitting one like a knit A-line dress. 

    Loose sweatpants with a T-shirt: If you don’t like skirts you can wear loose sweatpants and a T-shirt. This outfit is casual and comfortable while being easy to wear. You’re unlikely to hurt yourself when wearing this outfit and using crutches.

    Yoga pants with a tunic top or T-shirt: For many women, yoga pants or cheap leggings are the most comfortable when using crutches. Cheap yoga pants or leggings mean you won’t have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe while you’re healing. Pairing the yoga pants or leggings with tunic tops or T-shirts further ensures you’re comfortable. 


    Slightly bigger underwear without elastic in the legs: Wearing tight underwear like thongs and G-strings can be uncomfortable when using crutches. Since you won’t have easy access to adjust your undies as you walk, it’s best to buy slightly bigger underwear without elastic. Yet, don’t buy underwear that is too loose that you have to keep pulling up as you walk. Typically the best solution is boy shorts. 

    Modified cotton underwear: If you foresee having issues putting your undies on, you might want to modify them. All you need to do is buy simple cotton underwear and open the side seam. Then you simply iron on a velcro strip that will let you put them on and take them off easily. 


    Cheap flats or boots: It’s best to avoid all heels when on crutches because they can make you even more unsteady, leading to injuries. Instead, it’s best to choose cheap flats and boots that have grip and will be comfortable to wear for hours. Additionally, try to get flats or boots that are easy to put on. 

    How Men Must Dress When Using Crutches

    Like we did above, we have also detailed what men should wear when using crutches. See below for the clothing items best suited for men using crutches. 


    Loose sweatpants with a T-shirt: Like women, men should consider wearing loose sweatpants with a T-shirt. This outfit choice is comfortable and easy to wear. 

    Wide pants with a T-shirt: If you have to wear a cast while using crutches, you should consider wearing wide pants and a T-shirt. Wide pants will ensure you accommodate your cast and stay comfortable. Additionally, wider pant legs will make it easier to get dressed. 

    Tear-off basketball shorts: One of the best items men can wear when using crutches is tear-off basketball shorts. If you want to be comfortable and not have to step out of your pants, a tear-off pair of basketball shorts is the way to go.

    Modified formal wear: If you’re forced to wear formal clothing while on crutches, you might want to modify your outfits. This means that if you’re wearing a shirt tie and suit jacket opt for sweatpants or pajama bottoms while on crutches. It might be unconventional if you have to go into the office but it will be more comfortable and safer.


    Cut socks: If you’re adamant about wearing socks while using crutches and a cast, you should cut the sock tips off. By doing this, you can tuck the toe part into the bottom of your cast. 

    Men’s DIY Clothing

    If you want to wear pants but want to be safe, you should consider making some DIY adjustments. If you’re wearing a cast and using crutches, you can cut off one pant leg and hem it. This will make wearing the pants easier without struggling to pull them over your cast. 

    Should you not trust your DIY skills, you can get a seamstress to make some adjustments. For example, a seamstress can take slightly larger pants and open the seam on the side with a cast. After opening the seams, she can add velcro from the knee down. This will make getting dressed easier and faster. 

    How To Wear Pants When Using Crutches (Step By Step)

    You need to follow a few simple steps if you want to wear pants while using crutches. We have briefly explained these steps below so that you avoid unnecessarily hurting or injuring yourself. If these steps seem challenging, you might consider alternative clothing options. 

    1. Choose pants that are not too loose or too tight. If your pants are too tight, they could be uncomfortable, and if they are too loose, they could get caught on your crutches, causing you to fall and sustain injuries.

    2.Once you have chosen your pants, you need to sit down and put them on one leg at a time, up as close to your waist as possible. By doing this, you won’t have much work pulling them up once you stand with your crutches.

    3.If you have a cast you will need to spend extra time pulling your pants over your legs as you will have to try and get your pants over your cast without hurting yourself. If you need help during this stage, don’t hesitate to ask someone you trust. Choose a different clothing item if no one is around and you’re struggling. Alternatively, you can wear modified clothing.

    4.After pulling your pants as far up as you can while sitting, you need to get up slowly while making your legs tight with a widened stance. This will ensure they don’t fall while you get your balance. Once you’re balanced, you can pull them up and secure them to your waist, so they don’t fall.

    5.Lastly, you need to practice walking slowly after putting them on. Doing this can ensure they don’t fall down or catch on your crutches while you walk.

    Tips For Choosing Clothing

    Now that you know the type of clothing you should wear when using crutches, we want to share some tips for choosing clothing. If you use each of the tips we list below, you’re unlikely to injure yourself or be uncomfortable while you focus on healing or adjusting to a disability.

    Don’t Wear Jeans


    The worst thing you can do when using crutches is to wear jeans. Most jeans are hard to put on, especially when you’re injured. They are also challenging to take off and are not very comfortable. You can choose stretchy pants that are easier to put on and take off. Stretchier pants will likely also be more comfortable. 

    Choose Loose Or Stretchy Material

    All the clothing you wear when using crutches should be loose or stretchy material. This is because loose and stretchy clothing is easier to put on and take off and is more comfortable to wear. It’s also best if you have to wear a cast as looser or stretchier material can easily fit over it. 

    Yet, the clothing you choose mustn’t be too loose as it can get caught underneath your crutch tips, causing you to fall. It could also wrap around your crutches, leading to falls.

    Wear Elasticated Pants And Skirts

    It’s often best to wear elasticated pants or skirts when using crutches. Elasticated clothing is easier to take off and put on. For example, if you wear elasticated pants or skirts you can put them on and pull them off over your head. This way, you won’t have to try to wrangle your legs into a clothing item while maintaining your balance.

    Choose Clothing With Pockets

    When you’re dealing with crutches, the last thing you want to do is to try and carry your phone and wallet in your hands or a bag. Using a bag or carrying these items in your hands can lead to falls and injuries, not to mention damage. That’s why it’s best to choose clothing with pockets. If your clothing has pockets, you can safely carry these items. 

    Get Someone To Help You Get Dressed


    Even if you’re independent, it’s best to consider asking someone for help if you need it. You can have a friend or loved one help you find clothing that will be easy to wear and comfortable while you use crutches. Additionally, you can have a friend or family member help you get dressed to prevent injury. 

    Final Word

    What you wear can affect how comfortable you are when using crutches. Hopefully, you now know how to dress when you are on crutches. So follow the tips we have shared and choose suitable clothing. If you do, you’re far more likely to heal without encountering crutch-related mishaps.