5 Best Crutch Tips For Ice And Snow

According to findings released by the CDC, in the United States, one million Americans are injured each year from falling on ice or snow. When you are injured and have to use crutches, it can be challenging to learn how to use them in cold weather and winter climates. During the winter walking with crutches can be a dangerous endeavor as you are far more likely to reinjure or hurt yourself while using your crutches. 

Many people don’t realize that specific crutch tips can be placed on a pair of crutches to provide better traction and a safer walking experience. Are you wondering what the best crutch tips for ice and snow are? Continue reading this crutch tips review to find out how you can make your crutches safer for winter use. 

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    Top 5 Crutch Tips For Ice And Snow

    Editor’s Choice – Mars Wellness


    Do you want crutch tips that are affordable, durable, and easy to use? If so, the Mars Wellness heavy-duty four-prong retractable ice and snow crutch tips could be ideal. I have found them to be my favorite crutch tips and consider them the best overall pick for many reasons.

    The Mars Wellness crutch tips easily attach to any type of crutch as they come with the hardware you need. Just simply attach it to your crutch, tighten two screws and flip the ice tip up or down as you need.

    You are guaranteed that these crutch tips will provide you with ample stability and security while walking on ice or snow because of their four-prong design. The prongs are made from durable solid steel and are rust-resistant. Best of all, with these tips, you don’t need to replace your crutch tips as the Mars Wellness tips work with your standard tip.

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    Most Versatile –SureTip


    Sometimes you need crutch tips that will fit onto your crutches to assist you when walking on ice and snow with your crutches and with other mobility aids that you may have. One of the most versatile crutch tips on the market that I have found is the SureTip crutch tips. These crutch tips are premium quality flexible rubber that has universal sizing.

    Unlike other crutch tips, the SureTip crutch tips are truly versatile. You can use them on your crutches as they provide excellent traction when on the ice, or you can use them on your cane or walker. Some people state that these tips are also handy for umbrellas, hiking sticks, and chair legs. 

    The SureTip crutch tips have a ribbed interior design. This allows them to cling to your crutches without slipping off or shifting as you walk. Additionally, they possess a unique metal stopper that extends the life of your crutch tip. This stopper also cushions the vibrations felt when walking with your crutches. 

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    Safest – Ergocap


    It’s normal to worry about your safety when walking on ice or snow with crutches. Falling while walking during the winter is no joke, trust me, I know. If you want to use a reliable pair of crutch tips that will make your crutches safe for icy or snowy conditions, you may want to consider the Ergocap crutch tips. 

    The Ergo crutch tips feature a specific high-performance design that gives users superb stability while providing incredible balance capabilities. The design is the only one on the market that emulates the movement of your foot and ankle joints which allows for proper posture. No matter what angle you position your crutches, these tips will ensure you are less likely to fall or slip. 

    Additionally, unlike comparable crutch tips, the Ergocap crutch tips deliver four anti-slip aileron flaps for increased balance and support. These flaps also promote a perfect gait as they prompt you to walk in a heel-to-toe manner. 

    Moreover, another aspect that makes these crutch tips one of the safest on the market.

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    Easiest To Use –  Duro-Med


    When you’re a busy person, you don’t want to use crutch tips during the winter that are not easy to use. It’s already a hassle walking through ice and snow. So why make the process of using special ice and snow crutch tips difficult with a pair that is hard to use?

    Interestingly, unlike certain crutch tip attachments that slot onto a crutch, the Duro-Med tips attach to a crutch’s leg. The Duro-Med crutch tips are one of the easiest to use crutch tip attachments. All you have to do is screw on the device with the accessories that come with it. 

    With the Duro-Med crutch tips, you can walk with your crutches on ice or snow because of their five-prong design. This design reduces the risk of slips and falls because it provides stability. Additionally, these crutch tips are also multi-purpose. You can use them to walk on sand, gravel, and soft grass. 

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    Most Durable – Vive


    If you want to use your crutch tips for many winter seasons, you need a durable pair that will withstand ice and snow conditions. The Vive crutch tips are made for precisely this purpose. These crutch tips are made from durable carbon steel, which will last you longer than other tips made with inferior steel materials. 

    The Vive crutch tips attach to your current standard tips and do not go over your crutch. Once you have them on, the five durable carbon steel prongs easily provide traction and grip when walking on the ice or through the snow. Additionally, the Vive crutch tips have a slip-resistant pad that prevents the attachment from sliding or scratching surfaces while on your crutches. 

    Moreover, these crutch tips are reasonably easy to attach to your crutch, and they have a simple push mechanism that allows you to use them indoors and outdoors. 

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    Recommended Mars Wellness Crutch Tips | Final Words

    Ultimately, which crutch tips are the best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. However, in my opinion, I believe the Mars Wellness crutch tips to be the best overall product. This is because they are durable, easy to use, safe, reliable, and affordable. Additionally, they are also heavy-duty, which makes them ideal for ice and snow conditions. 

    These crutch tips have many features that set them apart from the others on the market. For example, the Mars Wellness crutch tips have durable solid tips that prevent bending when gripping ice, which provides stability and safety. 

    They also come with all the parts you need to attach to your crutch, and you don’t need to replace your standard crutch tips. Additionally, they fit most crutch types, and you can use them indoors and outdoors.