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Best Walking Boot Covers

5 Best Walking Boot Covers

You need a walking boot cover if you want to make your life easier while wearing a walking boot. A walking boot cover will protect your boot and foot from dirt, mud, rain, puddles, and other outdoor and indoor conditions. This, ultimately, improves the longevity of your walking boot. 

We know that finding the perfect cover for your walking boot can be difficult. That’s why our article focuses on sharing expert knowledge about the best walking boot covers. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the best walking boot covers. 

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     Our Top 5 Cast Socks

    Best For Convenience

    Best For Safety

    Best For All Season

    Best For Durability

    Best For Usability

    Best 5 Walking Boot Covers Reviewed

    Best For ConvenienceMyShoeCovers Walking Boot Cover


    One of the worst things about wearing a walking boot is figuring out how to easily and conveniently protect it. Luckily, those who favor convenience when it comes to walking boot covers can turn to the MyShoeCovers walking boot cover. This cover is easy to slip on and only covers below the ankle section of your leg. 

    Yet, this walking boot cover is worthwhile because it will keep your floors free of markings and your bedsheets free of dirt. Often walking boots can attract dirt and mud and get into the grooves and straps of your boot. With this cover, you can ensure your home stays clean. 

    This walking boot is also handy for keeping your foot warm and dry against the rain, thanks to its waterproof fabric. Many also love that since its cover is reusable, machine washable, non-slip, and safe for indoor and outdoor use. Yet, despite its positives, some have had issues. 

    Some users have found this cover not to be super durable and to start breaking with daily use. Other users have not liked the fabric as they say it overheats their feet and is too hot. 

    Best For SafetyARUNNERS Walking Boot Cover


    If you have feet that like to sweat like me, you might want to consider the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks. These cast socks are widely recognized as one of the best for moisture-wicking and controlling foot odors. This is thanks to the socks’ specially treated fibers. They are also machine washable, which comes in handy when you struggle to do daily tasks. 

    The Beyond Extra Wide cast socks can be used by those who suffer from conditions that cause extreme foot, ankle, and leg swelling. Their superior stretch design means they will fit your cast and be comfortable. After all, these socks can stretch 30 inches at the calf and 21 inches at the foot. 

    Additionally, the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks won’t fall down your cast, are unisex, and one size fits all. As with other cast socks, some customers have had complaints. A few have had issues with the sock fabric snagging easily.

    Best For Winter Wear- My Recovers Walking Boot Cover


    Those who must wear a walking boot for a few months or the long time should consider getting an all-season capable cover. One of the best all-season walking boot covers is the one you can get from My Recovers. This cover has been designed with superior quality material and the ingenious design. 

    The My Recovers walking boot cover offers a universal fit, meaning it can fit most walking boots. You can still use this cover even if you switch out one walking boot for another in between seasons. It also has an open foot design at the bottom that allows your foot to breathe and an easy-to-use zipper at the back. This zipper makes putting it on and taking it off easy. 

    Some have been less than impressed with this cover. Some have said it doesn’t last long, and the fabric wears down fast. A few have also had problems with the zipper at the back-breaking. 

    Best For DurabilityMy bow Health Walking Boot Cover


    If you’re someone who penny-pinches or is on a budget, you need a durable walking boot cover. One of the most durable walking boot covers is the one offered by My bow health. This cover will keep your foot dry, clean, and warm while protecting the boot from the elements. 

    Unlike other walking boot covers, the Mybow Health one is made to last, with three fasteners. These fasteners are a securing button, a zipper, and buckle straps. You can trust that your cover isn’t going anywhere when all of these features are engaged. 

    Additionally, this cover is made out of durable polyester and is waterproof. It’s also designed with diamond grain and can be put over your left or right foot. However, even though it’s waterproof, it can’t be used in the shower or while swimming because it doesn’t cover the bottom or seal. 

    This one has a few drawbacks, according to some users, like all walking boot covers. For example, a few found this cover  cannot keep their walking boot dry enough. Others found it not as secure as it claims to be. 


    Not all walking boot covers are made with boring colored fabric. One of the most colorful covers you will find is this My Recovers one. This cover has a beautiful multi-colored pattern design that draws the eye. Yet, besides being vibrant, its other huge benefit is that it is infinitely usable. 

    With this walking boot, you can use it every day because of its four-way stretch fabric that is breathable and washable. It’s also easy to put on and take off thanks to its zippered back, and it has no velcro. Without the velcro, you don’t have to worry about snagging your clothing and potentially unraveling seams. 

    Since it’s open at the bottom, you needn’t worry too much about breathability. Yet, this can be detrimental if you come across huge puddles or have to wear this during the rainy season. In addition, there are a few other things users doesn’t like about this walking boot cover. 

    For example, many found this cover to be not too durable as it tore easily. Some have also found it to fit too loosely, and others have had a used cover sent to them. 

    RecommendedARUNNERS Walking Boot Cover | Final Words

    You’ll likely be satisfied no matter which walking boot cover you choose. Each of these covers is ideal for their individual purposes, so you’re likely to find one that suits your needs and wants. 

    In our opinion, the ARUNNERS walking boot cover is the best, but only because we see safety as the first priority. Essentially, whichever one you choose will help you protect your walking boot against dirt, mud, puddles, and the elements without being uncomfortable. 

    Are you still  find Walking Boot Socks, you can read our our guide to find them.


    5 Best Walking Boots

    5 Best Walking Boots

    Thousands of people have wear a walking boot yearly to recover from an injury. Wearing the wrong walking boot can make your rehabilitative journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about reinjuring yourself or being uncomfortable. This is because there are a few excellent walking boot options. 

    We’ve taken the time to find five of the best walking boots you need to consider if you have an injury that requires one.We go into detail surrounding each boot’s features that make them worthwhile. 

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       Our Top 5 Walking Boots

      Best For Natural Gait

      Best For Stability Walking

      Best For Post Surgery Ailments

       Best For High Mobility

      Best For Heavy Weight Users

      Best 5 Walking Boots Reviewed

      Best For A Natural GaitUnited Ortho Short Air Cam Walking Boot


      When using a walking boot, it can be challenging to walk how you usually would. If this is one of your biggest concerns, you need the United Ortho Short Air Cam walking boot. This easy-to-use inflating and deflating walking boot is one of the best. This is especially true for those who want to maintain a natural walking gait. 

      This durable walking boot has a design that promotes a natural walking gait. It has a rocker sole and a shock-absorbing insole. These are the key features that help you walk normally just like you don’t have an injury.

      This walking boot is also durable. This is thanks to its sturdy plastic molded uprights that feature steel reinforcement. Yet, you’ll likely appreciate most that you can use it for various injury types. For example, this walking boot is perfect for soft tissue injuries. It is also best for post-operative care, foot and ankle fractures, and acute ankle sprains. 

      Unfortunately, despite its many positive attributes, it does have a few problem areas. According to some users, this walking boot is very heavy when walking. Other users have complained that they have received a used product. 

      Best For StabilityKefit Walking Boot


      Those worried about stability while their injury heals need the Kefit walking boot. This walking boot has been designed to stabilize a person’s foot with its built-in inflatable bag. 

      The built-in bag on the Kefit walking boot inflates and provides supreme stability. This keeps an ankle in its place with little movement, even when walking. This promotes better healing while providing ample protection. Additionally, this boot has double-sided aluminum brackets that match a typical legs contour. This design feature provides further stability to an injured foot or ankle. 

      Moreover, the Kefit walking boot built-in compression bag provides comfort while walking. This bag adapts to changes in a foot’s swelling. Thus making it comfortable without feeling tight when worn.

      You should also note that this boot suits those recovering from a host of injuries. For example, sprained ankles, foot or ankle stress fractures, or Achilles tendon ruptures. You should also keep in mind that this boot hasn’t been every user’s favorite. Like other walking boots, the Kefit boot has a few complaints. Some users have found the bottom to lack proper grip and others have found the inflation feature too flimsy. 

      Best For Post Surgery Ailments BraceAbility Short Walking Boot


      Healing after surgery can be challenging and uncomfortable. That’s why purchasing a quality walking boot is a good idea. One of the best option for post-surgery ailments is the BraceAbility short walking boot. This clinically proven walking boot is made to protect and treat many injuries. Injuries include stress fractures, post-bunion surgery, metatarsal fractures, or broken toes. 

      The BraceAbility short walking boot also helps to immobilize your foot, and ensures your injury doesn’t worsen and you heal as you should. This walking boot also has adjustable medical-grade fastener straps. These straps make putting it on and customizing the right fit easy. 

      This walking boot also has a rocker bottom and a low profile. These help you walk normally while you focus on recovery. But you’ll like most that you can trust your foot will be safe. This is because this boot has a rigid polymer plastic shell. This shell supports your foot and ankle on both sides. 

      Yet, some users have found fault with this walking boot. One customer found the foam to squeak loudly when walking. Others found it uncomfortable to wear.

      Best For High Mobility Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot


      Having an injury doesn’t mean you should be unable to move about as you wish. If you use the Aircast AirSelect walking boot, you can do your daily activities with less fuss and hassle. The Aircast AirSelect walking boot helps you stay mobile. This is because it’s comfortable while offering protection and swelling control. 

      This walking boot has a sleek open-frame design that provides ventilation. This means you don’t have to worry about your foot sweating and have less worry about mold and mildew growth. It also has a skid-resistant, non-marking rubber treat. Unlike other walking boots, this tread provides better traction and ensures long wear. 

      Yet, what you’ll likely love it most is that it has overlapping Duplex air cells. These cells line the shell of the semi-rigid durable shell. This air cell lining provides intermittent pneumatic compression. With this compression, you’re ensured three times faster edema reduction. 

      The Aircast AirSelect also has SoftStrike technology. This technology absorbs and dissipates shock as you walk so it ensures you that you don’t feel discomfort while moving out and about daily. But, you should know that this walking boot has a few concerns, for example, some users have found the velcro strap to be troublesome. Others have had issues with the comfort of the boot, with the lining moving and the boot causing pain. 

      Best For Heavy Weight Users United Ortho Air Cam Walking Boot


      Do you weigh more than the average person? If so, you’ll likely struggle to find a walking boot that can support your weight. Luckily, the United ortho Air Cam walking boot is one of the best for heavy-weight users. This walking boot can be used by people who weigh up to 300 pounds. 

      Besides being perfect for heavier users, this walking boot has many other attributes. For example, this boot provides stability and support for various injuries. It includes either pre-surgery or post-surgery  and also has steel reinforcements and a shock-absorbing insole to ensure you do not jar your foot. Additionally, it has a rocker sole for a more natural gait.

      It’s also easy to use and adjust and is perfect for winter wear since it’s designed to be comfortable. Yet, some have found this walking boot to be disappointing. Some users have had the side straps tear off, and others have been unable to pump the boot with air for support. 

      RecommendedKefit Walking Boot| Final Words

      Each of these walking boot options is worth considering. You’ll know which one you want when you check their features and what they provide.

      In my opinion, the Kefit walking boot is the best because it provides superior stability. Yet, whichever walking boot you choose, you’ll enjoy protecting your injury and also enjoy promoting its healing.

      If you feel uncomfortable wearing some walking boot, you can wear walking boot socks to help make you more comfortable.  Please read our best walking boot socks guide before you buy them.


      5 Best Walking Boot Socks

      5 Best Walking Boot Socks

      If you have to wear a walking boot because of an injury, you might not realize how uncomfortable wearing one can be. Luckily there is a solution. You can wear walking boot socks to help make using a walking boot more comfortable and less likely to harm you. 

      If you’re comfortable and your foot is protected from the inside, you’ll promote a speedier recovery. Yet, since finding the perfect walking boot socks can be challenging, we have you covered. After looking into the best options, we have found five of the best you should consider. 

      Table of Contents
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         Our Top 5 Walking Boot Socks

        Durable and Comfort Socks

        Best for Reducing Skin Irritation

        Best For Moisture Absorption

        Best For Extra Length

        For Compression Healing

        Best 5 Walking Boot Socks Reviewed

        Best For durable and comfort – Impresa Extra Width Socks


        Of all the socks featured on this list, my favorite is the Impresa Extra Width walking boot socks. These socks are the best because they offer users comfort, protection, and years of usability. 

        The Impresa Extra Width Socks will last you many years because they are made to be durable. They feature 91 percent cotton, 7 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex. This means they are durable, breathable, comfortable, and stretchable. The material combination and inverted seam also make it super stretchy. The stretchiness helps it to conform to most calve widths. 

        Additionally, the inverted toe seam gives users a comfortable seamless feel. Moreover, even though these socks are extra wide, they won’t fall down your leg inside your walking boot. 

        But, even though this sock is the best overall, some have complained. A few customers have claimed that these socks have no compression capabilities. Other users have found that the socks fall apart sooner than they should.

        Best For Reducing Skin IrritationAircast Sock Liner


        Those who are active and have to use a walking boot could suffer skin irritation. This is especially true if they don’t use a premium quality sock liner like the Aircast sock liner. After all, wearing a regular sock over an injured foot won’t protect you. For example, it won’t help with chafing, rubbing, and blistering. 

        Luckily, the Aircast sock liner is the best for preventing and reducing skin irritation. This walking boot sock liner has been designed to stay on your foot and protect it, thanks to its high-quality material. It is 22 inches long and has enough stretch to comfortably fit most foot and calf sizes. 

        You’ll likely love the most that this sock liner is compatible with a wide range of walking boots. These walking boots include the Aircast XP, FP, and SP models. Despite its compatibility and skin irritation benefits, a few users don’t liked this sock liner. Some have said this liner falls down to the ankle frequently. Others have disliked that it’s a fairly thicker sock liner.

        Best For Moisture Absorption- BraceAbility Sock Liner


        If you tend to sweat when using a walking boot, you need a quality sock liner that will absorb excess moisture. With the right sock liner, you can prevent mold growth and a mildew smell in your walking boot. This is because it will keep the interior dry and moisture free. The BraceAbility sock liner is the best sock liner for moisture absorption. 

        Unlike other walking boot sock liners, the BraceAbility sock is fairly unique. It is a cotton, polyester, lycra, and spandex blend. This blend is 100% synthetic, so the fibers are absorbent. This means it will keep your foot and leg dry to promote better healing. This blend also ensures that your foot won’t smell, even if you sweat a lot. 

        Additionally, the BraceAbility sock liner has been designed to have a non-constricting fit. With this fit, you’ll enjoy targeted compression and superb heat retention to keep your foot warm. The non-constricting design also improves breathability. 

        Unfortunately, even though this sock liner has many benefits, not everyone is happy. Some users have found the sock liner threads come out easily. Many others have experienced their sock liner shrinking in the wash. 

        Best For Extra Length – Mars Wellness Sock Liner


        Since walking boots tend to go up to below the knee, it’s important to have a protective layer. That’s why earing the extra length 19-inch high Mars Wellness sock liner is a good idea. It will protect your leg and foot from the walking boot you must wear when you have an injury. 

        The Mars Wellness sock liner features premium quality ultra soft and comfortable fabric. This super soft fabric protects your legs from scratching and chafing while walking. It also won’t fall down while you walk. Its cushioned synthetic knit design also absorbs sweat to keep the foot and leg inside the boot dry. 

        Additionally, this extra-long sock liner is non-constricting. It’s also thick enough to keep your foot cozy and warm during the winter. It is also compatible with many different walking boots and comes in a universal size. Yet, even with these positive aspects, some have been unhappy with this sock liner. 

        Some customers have found the Mars Wellness sock liner too thick and hot. Others over six feet tall have found them cumbersome because they fall down on taller people. 

        Best For Compression Healing Impresa Sock Liner


        Are you in need of compression healing while wearing a walking boot? Look no further than the Impresa sock liner. These orthopedic socks apply compression to your foot, ankle, and leg. This compression helps to improve heat retention and circulation. This, in turn, will help you reduce swelling and speed up your recovery time. 

        The Imprese sock liner is a protective layer between your walking boot and appendage. Yet, this sock can also help with circulatory problems and chronic swelling. It’s also handy for soothing leg fatigue. This is thanks to its breathable and comfortable design. 

        You’ll likely love that the Impresa sock liner is machine washable and dries quickly. It also features moisture-absorbant material. This ensures moisture wicks away and prevents foot odors. Yet, some have found this sock liner less than stellar. 

        For some, the Impresa sock liner is made with too rough material. Others have found the material far too hot and thick to be comfortable. 

        Recommended Impresa Extra Width Socks| Final Words

        Any of these walking boot sock options would be worth considering if you have to use a boot to heal an injury. Which one you choose will depend on your preferences and needs. Yet, if you don’t know which to choose, pick the Imprese extra wide walking boot socks that are the best overall. 

        If you remember to wear your sock or sock liner, you’ll be far more comfortable. You’ll also prevent skin irritation, blistering, chafing, and swelling. So give one of these socks a chance. 

        If you just want to find cast socks, this guide will help you.


        5 Best Cast Socks

        5 Best Cast Socks

        Our article will discuss five of the best cast socks you should consider, including my favorite pair by Pembrook.

        Finding the best cast sock that suits your purposes can be incredibly difficult. That’s why we have taken time so that you don’t have to and found the best-reviewed cast socks. Each of the socks we have listed below is trusted by those who have had to wear a cast sock in the past.

        Table of Contents
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           Our Top 5 Cast Socks

          Bulinlulu Extra Wide Socks

          Beyond Extra Wide Socks

          Pembrook Cast Sock

          Mars Wellness Premium Cast Sock

          Imprese 2 Pack of Cast Sock

          Best 5 Cast Socks Reviewed

          Best For Medical UseBulinlulu Extra Wide Socks


          One of the worst things to experience is wearing a cast if you have a medical condition. Fortunately, one of the best pairs of cast socks for those suffering from with diabetes, lymphedema, or those who suffer from swollen feet. 

          The Bulinlulu extra wide cast socks are sure to fit your cast thanks to their 30-inch wide stretch capabilities. These socks also feature a thicker footbed design that allows them to keep the soles of your feet warm even through your cast. This is especially nice for cold days since the socks are tickened. You should note that since they are uber warm, you might kick them off while sleeping.

          They are unisex, feature premium quality elasticity, and have an inverted toe seam. This special toe seam ensures your foot doesn’t become irritated. However, some have complained about this sock. For example, some users have found that the foot of the sock easily slides down, creating an uncomfortable feeling. 

          Note: Please don’t put them in the dryer.

          Best For Odor ManagementBeyond Extra Wide Socks


          If you have feet that like to sweat like me, you might want to consider the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks. These cast socks are widely recognized as one of the best for moisture-wicking and controlling foot odors. This is thanks to the socks’ specially treated fibers. They are also machine washable, which comes in handy when you struggle to do daily tasks. 

          The Beyond Extra Wide cast socks can be used by those who suffer from conditions that cause extreme foot, ankle, and leg swelling. Their superior stretch design means they will fit your cast and be comfortable. After all, these socks can stretch 30 inches at the calf and 21 inches at the foot. 

          Additionally, the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks won’t fall down cast, they are unisex, and are one size fits all. As with other cast socks, some customers have had complaints, for example, a few have had issues with the sock fabric snagging easily.

          Best For Winter Wear- Pembrook Cast Sock


          Many injured people who wear casts don’t want to put an entire cast sock on. If you’re one of these people, you might like the Pembrook cast sock. This sock doesn’t go all the way up the leg and instead caps the front part of the toes and foot. It has a secure slingback design and is unisex. 

          Pembrook cast sock is that it keeps the front part of the foot warm and cozy. That’s why it is particularly useful for winter wear. When you wear it, you also won’t need to worry about the elements, and you can wear them for hours. This is because it’s made to be soft and comfortable thanks to its ultra-soft polar fleece fabric lining. 

          With the Pembrook cast sock, you also won’t need to worry about your safety. This cast sock has a rubberized tread on the bottom to provide a secure grip on smooth and slippery surfaces. Yet, according to some wearers, one of the biggest downsides to this cast sock is that the strap at the back is too long and tends to sometimes drag on the ground. In addition, because the sock material is fleece they are a magnet for lint and animal hair.


          The Mars Wellness premium cast sock is one of the best for anyone seeking comfort and protection. 

          This sock fits over the front of the foot of your cast and doesn’t go up the leg. It is designed to be comfortable with breathable fabric that is also durable. When you wear this socks, you will be protected against the elements, and your foot will stay warm. 

          The Mars Wellness premium cast sock is also secure. Its elastic back will stay in place as you walk, and it will fit like a glove on your foot thanks to its universal fit design. 

          Even though this sock is one of the best, unfortunately, some people found fault with it. According to some users, the material wasn’t as high quality as it could have been, and they experienced rips because of being poorly sewn at the toes. 

          Best For Durability Imprese Cast Sock


          The Imprese cast sock has been made to be durable and withstand not only the elements but also your daily movement while out and about. 

          This cast sock can fit nearly any foot and is strong but durable with its sturdy fleece lining that provides a comfortable fit. Its strong outer fabric is also guaranteed to keep up with your movement needs. 

          Additionally, one of this cast sock’s best features is its tacky rubber tread that helps prevent falls. This tread minimizes your chances of getting hurt by providing a steady grip on many different surfaces. 

          However, despite its impressive durability, some users have found it hard to secure the cover. Others have also said that the material isn’t as good as it could be and doesn’t fit properly over every cast.

          RecommendedPembrook Cast Sock | Final Words

          Any of the five cast sock options will be a good choice for you if you want to protect your cast and foot. Each of these cast socks has defining features that make them worth considering. In my opinion, the Pembrook is the best, especially for winter wear, as I said earlier.

          Yet, you might want to try one of the other cast socks if you’re seeking comfort, durability, odor management, or a sock to wear with your medical condition. No matter which one you try, you’re bound to have a sock that will keep your foot warm, safe, and secure.

          You might interested in our wearing walking boot tips.


          Best Crutches For A Broken Leg

          5 Best Crutches For A Broken Leg

          Having a broken leg that is healing can result in a challenging time. Not only you have to focus on healing, but also have to figure out how to move and do daily tasks. Luckily, you can use many different mobility aids, with the best aids being crutches and knee scooters, to do everyday activities.

          Of all the crutches we’re reviewing today, I found the ViVe Forearm Crutches to be my favorite because of how comfortable they were. If this crutch set isn’t to your liking, you will likely find what you’re seeking among our other picks.

          Our article will discuss the best crutches and knee scooters you can use when you have a broken leg. Each of these mobility aids has unique reasons for being on this list so let’s dive in. 

          Table of Contents
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             Our Top 5 Picks

            KMINA  Forearm Crutches

            Vive Forearm Crutches

            Vive Mobility Knee Scooter

            KneeRover Knee Scooter

            WINLOVE Knee Scooter

            Top 5 Crutches for Mobility Aids

            Best Overall –KMINA Forearm Crutches


            If you’re woman or man who has broken your leg, you must try the unisex KMINA forearm crutches. These crutches are specifically created for adult women who need rehabilitation because of an injury. Unlike other rehabilitative crutches, these come in a pack of two and are made in Europe, so you can trust their quality. 

            The KMINA forearm crutches only come in color black, but luckily, this means they go with everything. These non-slip crutches have soft grip handles, so your hands don’t get injured. They also have wide tips for better ground coverage when moving and reflectors to keep you visible. 

            Yet, if you’re not convinced yet, you’ll love that they have eleven adjustable height settings and are made of aluminum, so they are highly durable. With these crutches, you’ll be able to walk for hours without worrying about chafing your hands or stumbling and breaking your crutches. 

            However, you should note that some have received these crutches without the hardware to put them together. Others have got used pairs when they have bought a brand new set.

            Best For Comfort – Vive Forearm Crutches


            You must keep your comfort in mind when dealing with a broken leg. After all, you likely don’t want to go about daily tasks with uncomfortable crutches. That’s why if comfort is your number one priority when looking for a pair of crutches, you should choose the Vive forearm crutches. 

            The Vive forearm crutches have been ergonomically designed to offer users supreme comfort. These crutches have an ergonomically designed grip. This grip contours to fit your hand and support your wrist. This means you will successfully reduce hand and wrist fatigue when being mobile. 

            In addition, the Vive forearm crutches are impressive since they can hold up to 250 pounds and are corrosion-resistant. This means you will be safe while using them. You also won’t need to worry about instability since the hand grips and cuffs are molded together.

            Yet, you’ll love the most that they have an adjustable length and a customized fit to ensure your comfort is a priority. It also doesn’t hurt that they are stylish and lightweight. However, you must note that a few people have complained about these crutches. Some say they are not as durable as promised. Others find the one-piece molded grip and cuff uncomfortable. 

            Best For Maneuverability – Vive Mobility Knee Scooter Walker


            If you had a fast-paced life before you broke your leg, you might want to use the Vive mobility knee scooter walker. This scooter allows users easy mobility to complete their daily tasks. It’s got a range of impressive features that make it perfect for those with a broken leg who need to keep on the move.

            The Vive mobility knee scooter is steerable and can be used indoors and outdoors. It also features a contoured foam knee pad to ensure you feel no pain kneeling all day. It’s perfect if you have children you want to take to the park. Or if you have an office job that requires a fair amount of movement.

            I also loved this knee scooter’s compact, lightweight, and incredibly durable design. You’ll love that you can adjust the handle component when using this steel scooter. You’ll also like that you can easily fold it away when not using it. It also has a large backpack. With this backpack, you can store all your necessities while navigating daily life. 

            Yet, although this knee scooter allows for improved movement, there are negatives. Some users have found this knee scooter’s brakes not as good as they could. Other people have complained about inclines to being tricky to climb with this scooter.

            Best For All Terrains-KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter


            A broken leg doesn’t mean you’re prevented from living life. So if you want to be safe and keep doing what you love, you need the KneeRover economy knee scooter. This scooter can handle many different terrains indoors and outdoors. It’s also reasonably priced, making it perfect for those on a budget. 

            The KneeRover knee scooter has adjustable locking handbrakes and dual-rear-wheel handbrakes. It also has adjustable handlebars. These features guarantee that you will be stable and in control when you use it. 

            They also have an adjustable kneepad and can be used on the right or left leg, making them versatile. With this scooter, you can enjoy the same freedom you had before breaking your leg.

            But, you’ll likely not be as pleased to learn that people struggle to use this knee scooter when wearing a knee boot. Some other people found the knee pad to be thin and uncomfortable.


            Having an injury and being stuck in bed for hours every day because you don’t trust your crutches is terrible. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the safe to use KMINA forearm crutch set.

            Those suffering ankle injuries use this set because of its wide flexible tip. They also use them because of their comfortable grips. These crutches can adapt to a user’s size with 11 height options. They also are more reliable than other cheap crutches. This is because they’re made from aluminum. It’s also because they improve stability and balance when walking.

            You should note that some have complained that the crutches they received were used.

            Yet, I liked the KMINA forearm crutches best for their reflective grips and open cuff design. I could use them and do not injure myself. That’s why I am sure they will help others who need to be mobile while recovering from an injury.

            Recommended KMINA Forearm Crutches| Final Words

            Now you know why these five crutches and knee scooters are best for those with a broken leg. The ViVe Forearm Crutches are my favorite because I prefer to be comfortable when I’m injured. Yet, it’s clear that the other mobility aid options are just as good, if not better, depending on your needs.

            Ultimately, no matter your choice, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. This is because each of our picks is built to last and provides the support you need while you heal.

            You may be curious about the difference between crutches and a knee mobility scooter, check out this article of ours.


            Smart Crutch Complete Review

            Smart Crutch Review

            Hundreds of thousands globally use crutches yearly due to injuries and chronic health conditions. To ensure these people could continue maneuvering, many mobility aids came into being. 

            One mobility aid many swear by and others are curious about is the Smart crutches. These crutches are gaining in popularity, but the question remains. Are these crutches worth investing in and using? 

            In our article, we will review the Smart Crutch. Our team has taken time to investigate the Smart Crutch. This way, we ensure you have the information you need to decide if this crutch is right for you. So let’s dive into the highlights, pros, cons, and an in-depth review. 

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              Smart Crutch Overview

              History of Smart Crutch

              Before diving into the review, we want to give you a quick overview of the Smart Crutch

              This crutch company was founded by Colin Albertyn, who still operates it. Albertyn decided to found this company after suffering from a ruptured Achilles tendon. 

              While injured, he had to use normal crutches. He found the experience to be dreadful. He was uncomfortable and in pain from needing to use ordinary crutches. 

              These feelings fueled his need to be innovative; thus, the Smart Crutch was created. For years Albertym and his team have been working with global distributors. They have done so to ensure as many people as possible have access to this crutch. 

              He has also worked to further innovate and fine-tune the Smart Crutch. He has done so by seeking feedback from customers and medical professionals. That’s how he has expanded the line to include Petite and pediatric versions. 

              He also plans to expand the product range. In the future, it will include accessories and other mobility products. He has improved lives by inventing the Smart Crutch. None other is quite as functional, versatile, and comfortable. 

              Smart Crutch Highlights

              The Smart Crutch has a few defining qualities, as with many other crutches. This crutch has been ergonomically designed with comfortable grips. These give users a natural wrist angle and an even load across the palm. This ensures pain is reduced. 

              A locking spine allows users to adjust rotational angle settings. They can adjust according to their preferences. You’ll also love that hand pressure is lessened, and these crutches are lightweight. They only weigh two pounds.

              The 15 to 90-degree forearm platform and three-point forearm length offer more comfort and customization. This further ensures mobility is improved. Lastly, these crutches are height adjustable and have an hourglass-shaped foot design. This ensure surface contact.

              Pros Of Smart Crutch