25 Of The Best Companies Offering Remote Jobs For Disabled People In The World

The world is a large place that is ever-growing. There are thousands of job opportunities arising every day. In recent years, more and more companies have seen the benefit of working remotely. Many businesses are creating career opportunities for those who are living with disabilities. Have you been looking for a job but struggling to find one that accommodates your disability? If so, our article will help you. We present 25 of the best companies offering remote jobs for disabled people worldwide.
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    1. Amazon

    Amazon is hands down one of the best places for disabled people to work who need a remote job. This vast internet-based enterprise is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have offices throughout the US and globally. So it’s unsurprising that hundreds of positions are open for remote workers at any given time. 

    Additionally, Amazon provides jobs for those living with disabilities across various sectors. There are jobs for disabled individuals in graphic design, sales, and telecommunications.

    Moreover, Amazon takes it a step further. They offer various benefits to those with disabilities. By working for Amazon, you can navigate your way to a career you love to work at remotely. 

    Job Examples: Inbound Phone and Email Support Agent, Selling Partner Support Associate, and Customer Success Manager.
    Pay: $17 to $25 per hour on average.
    Benefits: Dental and Vision insurance, Paid Time Off, Health insurance, 401k, and Vacation Time.

    2. Nielsen

    Nielson might not be as well known as other companies on this list. But they are one of the best to work for if you’re disabled. This company is joining other media companies in hiring thousands of remote workers. 

    The company has more than 44,000 remote workers. There are also many positions open for disabled individuals. 

    Job Examples: Global People Data Analyst, TAM Customer Support Representative, and Cybersecurity GRC Analyst.
    Pay: $33,500 to $70,000 yearly.
    Benefits: Maternity & Paternity Leave, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Insurance, Mobile Phone Discount, Performance Bonuses, Health & Wellness, 401K Plan, and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

    3. General Motors

    You have likely heard of the automotive brand General Motors. For decades this brand has been a go-to option for vehicle enthusiasts. This is especially true for those who want to work in the automotive field. 

    Are you eager to break into this industry? You might want to apply for one of the many remote jobs offered by General Motors. General Motors is well known for hiring disabled adults for remote full-time positions. 

    Job Examples:Remote Services Assistant Product Manager, Mobile Automation Tester, and Data Analyst.
    Pay: $28.74 an hour or $59,775 per year on average.
    Benefits: 401K Plan, Triple tax-advantaged, Discounts on GM vehicles, 16 annual paid holidays, Tuition assistance, and a Comprehensive medical plan

    4. Mozilla

    Mozilla logo

    Since 1998 Mozilla has been a respected free software company throughout the world. Tech heads often love working for Mozilla. This is because of its unique dynamic and interesting business practices.

    Every year remote positions open up at Mozilla. This is because they’re a company focused on principles. They also offer disabled workers competitive pay and superb benefits. 

    Job Examples: Senior Performance Software Engineer, Communications & PR Manager, and Senior Product Designer.
    Pay: $49.37 per hour or $102,693 annually.
    Benefits: Supplemental Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, and Dental Insurance.

    5. Google


    Google is the most used search engine in the world. Many of its job openings are some of the most coveted in the industry. There are hundreds of job openings every year. Yet, many of these positions are available for disabled people. 

    Google has realized the need for disability initiatives in the workplace. That’s why they offer part-time, flexible, and stay-at-home positions for those living with a disability.

    Job Examples:Google Customer Service, Group Product Manager, and Software Engineer Manager II.
    Pay: $35,000 to $109,000 yearly.
    Benefits: Workplace Accommodations for Physical or Mental Health Concerns, Onsite Wellness Centers, 401(k) and Regional Retirement Plans, Student Loan Reimbursement, Paid Time Off, and Parental Leave and Baby Bonding Leave.

    6. Meta


    Before the name change, meta was known as Facebook. They are a leading social media platform connecting people worldwide. Founded in 2004, this American media company has gone from strength to strength. This is partly because of its diverse workforce. Meta has more than 2.9 billion active users and is the world’s most popular social media platform. 

    Meta was named a ‘2019 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.” It has also been awarded consecutive ratings in the top 100 in the Disability Equality Index. They have gotten these awards because of their dedication to offering disabled individuals remote jobs. 

    Job Examples:Client Solutions Manager, Data Science Manager, and People Research Scientist.
    Pay: $40,000 to $140,602 annually.
    Benefits: 401k, Employee Assistance Program, On-Site Clinic, Disability Insurance, Free Meals, Newborn Bonus $4K, Life Insurance, and Dental Insurance.

    7. Accenture


    Do you have a burning desire to work in consulting and business management? You should consider the Irish-American company Accenture. This billion-dollar company employs more than 700,000 people. It provides a range of services, including technology, business, and operating strategies.

    Accenture is a leading company in offering jobs to individuals with disabilities. They offer work-from-home positions for disabled adults in a variety of positions. Fortune named it one of the most admirable businesses. This is a testament to the company’s brilliance. 

    Job Examples:Transaction Processing Representative, Warranty Claims Processing Representative, and Inside Sales Account Rep.
    Pay: $33,500 to 104,500 annually.
    Benefits: Leadership equity grants, Vacation Paid Time Off, Dental and vision coverage, Medical coverage, and Bonus programs.

    8. COMCAST


    One of the heavyweights in the telecommunications industry is COMCAST. This American corporation operates Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. 

    In 2022 COMCAST NBCUniversal was named one of the best places for disability inclusion. This is according to the yearly Disability Equality Index.

    COMCAST has undertaken initiatives to hire, retain, and empower employees working with disabilities. The company offers flexible, part-time, and remote job opportunities to disabled people.

    Job Examples:Xfinity Mobile Support Specialist, Commercial Customer Tech. Support, and Payment Services and Support Representative.
    Pay: $34,331 annually on average.
    Benefits: Pet insurance, Maternity management, Free Cable, Dental and Vision benefits, 401k plan, and Medical.

    9. AT&T

    Suppose your dream has been to work in telecommunications. In that case, you should consider AT&T. 

    This brand is a leading company in the telecommunications industry. They are also known for their communication innovation. 

    Yet, you might not know that AT&T focuses on hiring people living with disabilities. Its workforce is filled with individuals who work remotely. AT&T offers benefits to ensure employees are happy in their positions. 

    Moreover, AT&T partners with organizations to create more job opportunities for disabled adults. They also care about their disabled customers. And offer a range of services and products that remove barriers. 

    For example, their disabled customers can enjoy wireless-based automation. They can also enjoy home security services and the brand’s Digital Life platform. 

    Job Examples:Customer Service Representative, Customer Sales & Service Representative, and Bilingual Spanish Telesales Representative.
    Pay: $26.53 per hour on average.
    Benefits: Tuition Assistance, Vacation Paid Time Off, Dental and Vision insurance, AT&T product discounts, and Medical

    10. American Heart Association


    The American Heart Association began from a humble beginning. They have become one of the world’s largest and most respected voluntary organizations. This company funds cardiovascular research and educates its clients on living healthier lives. 

    The company focuses on fighting stroke and heart disease through education and research. The American Heart Association also works with women-owned businesses, minorities, LGBT-owned businesses, and veterans.

    The AHA fights to remove barriers, which is why they offer jobs to disabled individuals. They have many positions across many areas for those who want to remotely make a difference in the world. 

    They provide their employees with assistive technology and individualized job coaching.

    Job Examples:Remote Client Support Specialist, Community Impact Director, and Portfolio Advisor.
    Pay: $18 to $42 per hour on average.
    Benefits: Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Employee Discounts, and Vision Insurance.

    11. IBM


    One of the most prestigious companies you can choose to work with if you’re looking for a disabled job position is International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). 

    They are also leaders in data analytics and cloud computing. IBM has been recruiting, hiring, and accommodating disabled employees since the early 1910s. This was long before the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

    One of IBM’s biggest inclusivity achievements is having autistic employees make up 2% of the company’s workforce. For over a decade, IBM has hired autistic individuals and those with disabilities. IBM has even gone so far as to create an Autism Hiring Program that includes special resources, social skills training, and mentorship. 

    Job Examples:IBM/BPM Engineer, Test Manager, and Technology Sales Representative).
    Pay: $38,064 to $59,778 a year.
    Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Health insurance, 401k, and Dental and Vision insurance.

    12. United Healthcare


    This company focuses on building a modern healthcare system people can trust that is affordable. 

    United Healthcare has stated that disability inclusion is central to who they are. They believe that their workforce reflects the communities they serve. 

    Additionally, United Healthcare has a rich history of partnering with various non-profit organizations and the government. 

    Moreover, they offer a development program for candidates with disabilities. It is for those who want to immerse themselves in a corporate environment to gain experience. In particular, this program is aimed at wheelchair users. 

    United Healthcare also has many online positions. These are perfect for those who find it easier to stay home and work.

    Job Examples:Health Coach, Healthcare Independent Consultant, and Program Manager.
    Pay: $16.59 per hour to $43.51 per hour on average.
    Benefits: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Discounts, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance.

    13. US Bank


    US Bank is one of the most prestigious banking institutions you can work for in the US. It has approximately 2,900 locations nationwide. 

    Many positions are available for vibrant and professional people. This includes those living with a disability. According to US bank, they even have disability accommodations. 

    According to Bloomberg, they are also regarded as one of the best places to work for disabled people. This is because of their perfect 100 scores on the Disability Equality Index in 2019.

    Job Examples:Payment Optimization Consultant, Credit Analyst.
    Pay: $14.95 per hour to $29.54 per hour.
    Benefits: 401(k) Savings Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Health Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement Program, and 13 weeks of paid leave.

    14. Humana

    This company is based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2021 was ranked number 41 on the prestigious Fortune 500 list. In 2022 they ranked high on the Disability Equality Index as one of the best places for disabled people to work at. 

    About 47% of Humana’s workforce comprises remote workers who hold various positions. For example, many disabled individuals hold accounting and social work positions. They also receive company benefits. 

    Job Examples: Billing And Enrollment Representative, Senior Value-Based Programs Professional, and Business Intelligence Analyst.
    Pay: $47,585 per year on average.
    Benefits: Life insurance, Recognition pay,401(k) retirement savings plan, Supplemental pay, and Homeowners and auto quote services.

    15. GitHub


    If you’re a tech-savvy person, you should consider GitHub. This company offers consumers a cloud-based Git repository hosting service. 

    GitHub strives to provide better interview processes for candidates who are physically disabled. Most GitHub job roles are work-from-home opportunities. Individuals can work in any of the 18 countries the company works within. Many benefits are also offered, even for disabled individuals who work remotely. 

    Job Examples:Customer Success Architect, Customer Success Manager, and Program Manager.Pay: $54,465 to $137,139 annually on average.
    Benefits: Supplemental Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, Vision Insurance, and Dental Insurance.

    16. CENTENE Corporation


    Suppose you’re looking for a remote job in the medical field. You might want to consider the CENTENE Corporation. This corporation is the biggest Medicaid-managed care organization in America. 

    Despite their exclusivity, this company hires adults with disabilities. They also offer disabled individuals full-time positions. Yet, this is only for those who can work at least 20 hours a week. Best of all, most of these positions are remote. 

    Job Examples:Senior Business Process Consultant – Medical Affairs , Customer Service Representative I , and Community Relations Specialist.
    Pay: $15.99 to $33.16 an hour.
    Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Health Insurance, 401K Plan, Sick Days, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and a Retirement Plan.

    17. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

    Another company worth looking at is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Yet, don’t let the name fool you. This company offers remote jobs and full-time positions for those who don’t live in Michigan. 

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a non-profit organization. It is also the biggest healthcare insurance company in the state. They have more than 8,000 employees and service over 6 million people. Many of their employees have disabilities and hold well-paying positions within the organization.

    Job Examples:DX Web Editor, RN Care Manager , and Sr Email Developer
    Pay: 126,747 annually or $60 per hour on average.
    Benefits: Family Medical Leave, Mobile Phone Discount, Performance Bonuses, Dental Insurance, 401K Plan, and Vacation & Paid Time Off.

    18. LiveOps


    Did you know that LiveOps was one of the first companies to offer remote jobs? They have also been featured in an INSEAD Case Study at Harvard Business Review. This company is a leader in providing agent services for health and human service, insurance, and retail. 

    LiveOps was one of the first places to provide job opportunities for disabled people. One of the company’s goals is to offer jobs that help disabled individuals live meaningful lives. 

    They offer job opportunities to disabled people in various sectors. These include retail, rental, tax support, insurance, and call centers.

    Job Examples:Call Center Representative, Sales Development Representative, and Business Development Director.
    Pay: $548 to $2,884 per month on average.
    Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Job Training, Insurance, Maternity & Paternity Leave, and Health & Wellness.

    19. KeyBank


    If you want to work for a banking institution but don’t want to work for US Bank, you might want to consider KeyBank. This financial institution has been in business for decades. It is one of the best banks to work for if you’re disabled because they offer at-home jobs in many branches. 

    For example, those wishing to work in this institution can become call center representatives. They can also become personal bankers and receptionists from the comfort of their homes.

     Job Examples: Customer Service Specialist, Senior Specialist Identity Verification, and Fraud Data & Business Intelligence Lead Associate.
    Pay: $47,563 to $115,520 a year.
    Benefits: 401(k) Savings Plan, Health Insurance, Discounted Stock Purchase Plan, Family Insurance, Scholarship Program, Paid Time Off, and Parental Leave.

    20. Aetna


    One of the healthcare companies most committed to giving job opportunities to disabled people is Aetna. This company sells various healthcare services, including dental, medical, pharmaceutical, and behavioral healthcare. It is also believed that more than 40% of Aetnas’ workforce telecommutes to work every day.

    Aetna has a diverse range of job opportunities for disabled persons. Aetna also offers accommodations for the hearing and vision impaired.

    Job Examples:Customer Service, Customer Service Representative, and Claim Data Specialist.
    Pay: $70,210 per year on average.
    Benefits: Health & Insurance Benefits, Student loan payment programs, 401(k) Plan, eight days PTO / year, Paid community service days.

    21. Cox Communications


    This company is the biggest private broadband provider in the US. 

    They provide more than 7 million people across 18 states with advanced internet. They also offer digital video, telephone, and home security automation. 

    Additionally, Cox Communications provides disabled people with remote working opportunities. If the corporate culture can accommodate your disability, you could want to apply. You should also note that they score well on the Disability Equity Index yearly. 

    Job Examples:Call Center Customer Experience Associate, Inbound Sales Representative, and Business Customer Support Manager.
    Pay: $50,917 to $130,296 a year.
    Benefits: Life Insurance, Education Reimbursement, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, and a 401(k).

    22. Hilton

    This hospitality company has many remote opportunities for disabled individuals. They are committed to inclusivity which is why they offer remote jobs to disabled people.

    According to the company, they offer remote internships. These are given to people who are recovering or suffering from any type of mental illness. They also provide jobs that allow employees to dictate when and where they will work. This lets employees put their best efforts forward. 

    Additionally, Hilton has many international disability-inclusive programs. For example, in Russia, Hilton has founded UP21. This is a program to help young adults with down syndrome. It helps them learn life skills and find permanent employment with Hilton. 

    Hilton also has hearing-impaired employees. These employees work for them at many of their branches in Central America. 

    Job Examples:Remote Sales and Customer Service Representative, Inventory Control, and Sales Coordinator
    Pay: $11 per hour to $20 per hour on average
    Benefits: Dental and vision coverage, 401k plan, Health Insurance, and Employee Discounts.

    23. BOEING


    Boeing has been the aerospace engineering leader for more than 100 years. This company is best known for providing defense equipment, commercial airplanes, and satellites. Many don’t know that the National Organization on Disability recognized Boeing as a 2022 Leading Disability Employer. 

    Boeing achieved a 100% rating on the Disability Equality Index for the seventh year in a row. Boeing is dedicated to ensuring those with disabilities are respected. They also want those with disabilities to be included, valued, and supported. 

    Even though their job positions are hands-on, they offer a range of work-from-home jobs for those who are disabled. People with a disability can work for them as data scientists or business interns. 

    Job Examples:Mid-Level Procurement Agent, Experienced Procurement Agent, and Experienced Communications and Branding Specialist.
    Pay: $34,000 to $104,000 annually.
    Benefits: Retirement & Financial Benefits, Health & Insurance Benefits, Profit Sharing, Life Insurance, and a 401(k) Plan.

    24. American Express

    You have likely heard of the company American Express. This leading credit card business has thousands of branches worldwide. They also offer more remote positions each year. 

    In fact, American Express is one of the top 20 companies that hire disabled individuals. Every year the company has a large variety of positions up for grabs for disabled people. Their employees get paid vacation and other benefits that make working for them worthwhile. 

    Job Examples:Travel Consultant -Travel & Lifestyle Services, Virtual Customer Care Professional , and Data Entry.
    Pay: $19 per hour to $25 per hour.
    Benefits: 401(k) Plan, Profit Sharing, Supplemental Unemployment, Stock Bonus, Severance Pay, and Health & Insurance Benefits.

    25. Allegis

    Allegis is the global leader in talent solutions. Thanks to their network of specialized companies, they give clients many services. 

    They offer remote positions to disabled adults living within the U.S. Jobs are also available 24/7. You can choose your workload. And which jobs you feel comfortable working on from their dashboards. 

    Their most popular remote job position is transcription. 

    Job Examples:Product Manager, Senior Systems Analyst, and Project Coordinator.
    Pay: 12.02 per hour to $47.60 per hour.
    Benefits: 1-1 coaching sessions and Quarterly Cash Recognition Awards

    Final Word

    Now you know which companies hire people living with disabilities. The companies you apply to will depend on your skill set, preferences, and likes. Yet, you should also consider how much you can earn as a remote worker and what benefits you could be entitled to.

    We hope this guide has helped match you to your dream career, as any of these companies is worthy of your skills.