Where to Donate Crutches Near Me: Complete Directory of National & State Programs

Do you have crutches or any other mobility aid lying unused somewhere in your apartment? Well, I bet you don’t know what to do with them? Well, think of this idea. Consider giving them to people who cannot afford one.

Organizations are calling for slightly used crutches or mobility aids to help the needy. Well, here’s a list of organizations that will receive your crutches or mobility equipment.

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    The organization collects and accepts donations of mobility-aid devices. Donations will be repaired and polished before given to people in need across developing countries. You can now contribute and donate at any Karl’s TV and Appliance location.
    The goodwill that collects used items and sells them. The revenue will be used to help provide training and job placement services for people in your community.

    Pass It On Center collects and fosters assistive technology(AT). Pass it on helps people find affordable mobility aid devices. By offering AT Reuse programs, people can grow more independently in a promising environment.

    Cecily’s Closet helps deliver recycled medical equipment to people in need. Through their partnership with the UCP, they offer pediatric and adult solid medical equipment for no charge.
    Matthew 25 Ministries accepts donations from corporations, organizations, and individuals nationwide to be distributed among the poor. Donations of gently used items and slightly damaged medical equipment are needed.

    Donations to this organization will be used to help people suffering from paralysis beat their disabilities in Southern California. They support children, adults Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder (SCI) so they can cope better with their injury.

    The REquipment organization collects durable medical equipment to be reused by people in need for medical equipment. Donated equipment will be made available, after being refurbished, to individuals in Massachusetts.

    Advocates for world health distributes products worldwide and in the US,  join their mission and help the most in need. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, manufacturers, individuals, are welcomed to donate used and in good shape medical equipment. 


    ProjectC.U.R.E accepts medical equipment donations to be redistributed. The organization offers help and services to doctors and nurses serving the sick in more than 135 countries. Individuals can donate used equipments like crutches and walkers to help people around the globe.

    An international movement and a part of the universal Christian Church. Their programs help communities by offering food, caring for the homeless, and other rehabilitation services. Share their journey and change lives by donating goods, money and used medical equipment.
    CURE is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. It provides disaster relief and medical equipment donations. Their mission is to ship food, bedding and medical equipment to people and churches in need across the world.
    Greendrop takes used, unneeded clothing and household items. Donations will be sold to fund helping charities like the American Red Cross and others. Check what they accept and make a difference in people’s lives. 

    MedWish International is a not-for-profit organization that aims to improve people’s lives by recycling used medical supplies and equipment. Their goal is to provide humanitarian aid and reduce solid waste to save environment. Through their programs, take action and donate your unneeded equipment to help the poor.


    Friends of Yad Sarah is Israel’s largest volunteer-staffed organization. They offer home care services to people of all ages. Yad Sarah lends out crutches, wheelchairs, and oxygen machines and help disabled people. 



    CCYR is a non-profit organization. It operates a mobile closet which helps Madison County and Huntsville city schools. Through donations, their programs provide benefits and basic needs all year round for no charges. 


    Easterseals Central Alabama help children and adults gain greater independence. The organization welcomes the donations of durable medical equipments like Canes, crutches, and walkers. Learning toys and computer equipments are also appreciated.



    ACCA is a non-profit agency. Members share a mission to help people suffering with disabilities. They help improve people’s lives by offering orthopedic referrals and equipment, as well as speech therapy, to people in need.


    Access Alaska’s assists people with disabilities and encourages them to join their community of choice. Alaskans can now benefit from the loan closet the access Alaska organization provides. They provide assistive technology and adaptive equipment to empower people and improve their lives.


    The R.E.A.L Project collected medical and assistive technology equipment and put them back into use. After the refurbishing process, the organization donates medical equipment to people in need. 


    The HHCJ provides medical equipment to people with disabilities for temporary use. Their loan closet includes walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, transfer benches, shower chairs, and commodes. The  HHCJ welcomes donations of medical equipment in a usable condition. 


    Valley Charities serves the Mat-Su Valley with a wide array of superior products and services. They lend medical equipment to people with disabilities. They also offer shelters and clothing to people who need it.



    The goal of ATEX is to help facilitate equipment/device exchange among individuals. Donations will be lent to be reused by another person in need. They accept donations of various equipment/devices, including mobility aid devices. 


    The chapter has one of the largest loan closet in the state of Arizona. They serve their community by providing durable medical equipment. Veterans and families of Veterans are also capable of obtaining the needed equipment. 


    Foothills Caring Corps takes care of residents of foothills who struggle with a disability. Donations help promote an easier and promising life for older adults and people with a disability. Foothills Caring Corps help improve health and wellness among neighbors.


    SVdP loan closet serves people in need of used solid medical equipment. People with disabilities or those recovering from an injury can borrow expensive rehabilitation equipment at no cost.


    The center’s goal is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities in Yuma. Donations of Assistive Technology and Equipment are accepted. Donations can be restricted to a program or service according to the donor’s choice.


    The NHDEC’s mission is to serve All people with any disability and enhance the quality of their lives through services and advocacy. Supporting individuals to thrive in their own community and acquire more liberty and independence. Their programs include a Medical Equipment Loan Closet where patient can acquire necessary devices.



    The agency’s goal is to support and help people dealing with spinal cord disabilities, and their families. Their programs enhance the lives of people in need across the state of Arkansas.


    Located in Northwest Arkansas, the SOURCES loan closet allows people of disabilities to borrow medical equipment for their needs. They accept donations of solid medical equipment to be reused by other people.


    ICAN connects Arkansan people in need of Assistive Technology (AT), and offers a healthier and better life. Through their reuse program, they provide free and low cost AT. Help the ICAN team provide for people in need by donating your durable medical equipment. 



    Helping hands is a nonprofit organization that offers free care planning services to make people’s lives easier.  They help seniors and their families find resources for their needs. Donations help keep the center in service and present more independence to seniors with disabilities.


    Marin Medical Equipment Recyclers in San Rafael, California. This nonprofit organization ran by volunteers aims to provide Health Care Equipment and Supplies. Donations accepted are solid and durable medical equipment to be reused by a person in need.


    The organization runs many programs to enhance the lives of people struggling with a disability. Through their programs, they increase patients’ independence. Easterseals provide services and leadership opportunities for those in need.


    Donations to DAC help the organization eliminate barriers and offer more liberty to patients in their chosen community. With DAC, individuals get more opportunities for participation in the community. They offer different services like information, housing assistance, and provider referrals. 


    FREED has been refurbishing assistive technology for 15 years. Their mission is to provide assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. They accept donations of medical equipment and supplies, which will be refurbished and made available free of charge.


    The warehouse helps kids get expensive Pediatric equipment free of charge. Equipment can be expensive and insurance doesn’t always cover what you need. At AblecCoseT you can find and borrow various equipment for your kid.


    DMC works to meet individuals’ requirements. They offer many services and equipments to patients in need. The team itself consists of individuals who have disabilities themselves. The staff inspires others to live up to challenges. Their services include Skills Training, Transition Services, Support Services of all kinds and more.

    The ILCKC continues their support for people with disabilities. They strive to spreading their empowering philosophy and eliminate disability-based discrimination, and create opportunities. They accept donations of usable assistive technology like wheelchairs, crutches, and others.


    Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living aims to achieve social equality for people with disabilities in their community. The center offers support, advocacy, and information to empower individuals with a disability and offer more liberty and Independence.


    The center provides for individuals with physical disabilities residing within the 50 zip codes of Los Angeles County. CALIF offers advocacy programs and services, including donation of Assistive Technology to people who need it.


    CAS operates in San Gabriel Valley. The agency represents a free loan closet of durable medical equipment for individuals with a disability. Donations help CAS carry on with their mission of providing various medical equipment to be used by others. 


    Since 1995, the CAC for independent living has been helping people cope with their disability. The center empowers and encourages people with disabilities to take more challenges and have more liberty in their lives. They provide information, supportive services and independent living skills training.


    PTFORALL is a non-profit public charity that supports low-income individuals to acquire the physical therapy services they need. They fund families struggling financially,  alongside a vision of helping all persons in need.
    They don’t collect or distribute medical equipment anymore due to Covid.


    CID advocates for and empowers people with disabilities to fully join their community. Programs and services offered by CID include independent living planning, system change advocacy and assistive technology support. 


    The center lends medical equipment for community and seniors. Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches among others can be borrowed, in addition to other Medical Services and support. All donations help improve families lives.


    This organization is dedicated to serve disabled American veterans in all of San Diego County. Donations can be made in all forms and kinds, which will be sold to help support handicapped veterans and their families.


    The Camarillo Medical Supply Project links those who have it with those who need it. Durable medical equipment can be donated to be reused by others struggling with disabilities. People of the community can borrow free medical equipment and home health care supplies.


    The 501c(3) organization aspires to empower the community by offering different resources and tools and encourage individuals growth. Faith In Action help raise awareness on different issues and reach out to assist individuals thrive in their community for a better life. 



    Dave’s Locker provides robust used medical equipment totally free for the community. They loan out crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, shower stools and such to people with disabilities. Learn about their story and donate your unneeded equipment to help the cause.


    Serving in northern El Paso County, Tri-Lakes Cares provides basic medical needs for their community. Donations of used and Durable Medical Equipment are made available for borrow through their loan closet and Neighborhood Nurse Center.


    Goodwill Healthy provides cheap DME for individuals in need through recycling and redistributing durable medical equipment. This non-profit organization collects usable DME and welcomes donations to help support the community.


    The Denver Chapter is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization striving to change the lives of individuals through its promising philanthropic programs. The Assistance League of Denver provides Hospital Equipment Lending Program, Scholarship, Hospitality House and such.


    The purpose of the organization is to provide durable medical equipment anywhere in the metro area. Donations of crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and other equipment are needed to be able to provide more support.


    Started by an amazing couple, David & Candice Talbot provides mobility aid devices to the people of Africa. C4A collects durable mobility aid devices and ships them all the way to Africa, helping numerous African cities and villages.

    worldcrutches -Crutches 4 Africa-logo


    Operating both on a local and worldwide skle, WWLM, Inc reaches out to aid those in need. The organization offers food, clothes, training programs and other services. Donate and help share the passion of giving to those in need.


    Operating hand in hand with interfaith Volunteer Caregivers organization, mae’s closet provides durable medical equipment to the poor and in need. They lend and accept donations of solid and proper medical equipment around the Greater New Haven area.

    Goshen Community Care and Hospice assists the residents of Goshen by providing medical equipment free of charge. Their medical closet contains items like standard walkers, Rolling walkers with seats, Commodes, Shower Chairs, Shower Benches and appreciate donations of such items.


    Woodbridge Medical Loan Closet assists people of Woodbridge and the elderly with medical equipment for temporary uses. The loan closet offers a wide selection of walkers, commodes, shower chairs and such. Donate your gently used medical equipment and share the cause. 


    Med-Eq is a free service that connects donors with charities supporting their community. Medical equipment and supplies can be donated to families and individuals in need.



    Henderson haven, inc aims to make people facing challenges feel more welcomed in the community. It provides durable medical equipment and specializes in training and services. Donate your unneeded DME and pay it forward to families in need.


    Brandon Outreach Clinic serves the residents of Hillsborough County by managing and improving the health of the low-income and uninsured individuals. They welcome volunteers and the donations of medical equipment and supplies.


    The Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation is a public non-profit 501c(3) in Florida, caring for seniors with Alzheimer. Among many services they offer, the organization runs a durable medical equipment lending program to those who need it. 


    Seniors first support and care for vulnerable seniors, enhancing the quality of their lives and empowering their dignity. The organization provides advocacy and referrals for Central Florida seniors, in addition to other services. Donations of  medical equipment are appreciated. 


    The center’s main goal is to empower self-determination for people with disabilities. Among their programs, The BROOKS Temporary Loan Closet loans durable medical equipment to residents in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. John’s Counties free of charge.


    FAAST represents an assistive technology program supported by the state of Florida. Their mission is to provide assistive technology to Floridians who have disabilities and to those in need. They also provide device demonstration, public awareness and training and financial loans.


    The CCH agency is a non-profit organization that collects durable medical equipment to be redistributed for people who cannot afford them. Donations of such equipment are most welcomed to help provide a wide selection for clients.


    A charity that aspires to make a profound impact and change the way the world defines disabilities. Medical equipment are made available through their Equipment Loan Closet, to be borrowed by individuals living with short or long-term disabilities.


    It is a Community Para medicine Lending Library which serves the community by offering free health and mobility equipment. Donations of such equipment are vital to keep the program and the helping going.

    worldcrutches-The Manatee County Department of Public Safety


    Following their passion, the organization aspires to help people with disabilities by offering access to necessary, available resources. They provide advocacy services and assisted technology to enhance people’s lives and prompt more independence. Support the cause by donating durable medical equipment.

    worldcrutches-Walton Options

    The volunteer center at Montgomery County purpose is to promote and help spread beneficial services to the community. They recruit and connect volunteers with non-profit organizations which help the most in need. Donations are listed to organizations who provide for the poor.



    Amicus offers a helping hand to the children of Bhutan and Thailand. Through generous donations, the organization manages to sponsor various projects in medicine, education, women’s needs and culture preservation.


    Pediatric Therapiesha Waii provides a place to borrow durable medical equipment for the people of Maui. The goal is to aid children with disabilities and provide affordable therapeutic services. Donations of DME are highly needed.


    United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawai’i supports children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. They empower individuals by shining more opportunities for independence and enhance families lives.


    Kidney Friends, as a part of the NKF organization, is responsible for helping people suffering with chronic kidney disease in Hawaii. Clothes and small household goods can be donated to be recycled and made available for patients. 



    DAC runs a Durable Medical Equipment exchange program that helps people with disabilities find what they need. The 501(c)3 non-profit organization  accepts donations of gently used and clean DME.


    Hands Of Hope aspires to improve the quality of life for people with health and mobility issues. Donated medical equipments and supplies will be redistributed across numerous partnering charities to reach individuals in need. 


    The IATP helps  individuals strive in their community by providing the needed assistive technology. Provides a set of services to benefit individuals with disabilities and older persons. Their services include financial loans and referrals, training and technical assistance among others. 


    Chasing their passion of empowering individuals with disabilities and improving their lives, the LINC provides many services. The Assistive Technology & Durable Medical Equipment Loans all the needed equipments. They accept donations of gently used devices.


    The organization is located in Boise, Idaho, dedicated to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Donations of gently used equipment and clothes help change lives.



    The Health Equipment Loan Program provides gently used equipment to individuals dealing with a disability or an injury. The program is destined to ease up the financial burden on those who cannot afford the needed equipment. Donations are the source for the program to stay active and in service. 


    The LIFE CIL prompts development aids for the people struggling with challenges due to their disabilities. They offer advocacy and information assistance, in addition to Durable Medical Equipment Loan, among others.


    The organization supports their community by offering encouraging programs and services that improves the lives of residents. They care for seniors and the youth, give disability assistance and feed the poor. The Orland Township’s Nurses’ Closet lends out medical equipment for a period of 60 days with no fee.


    This 501(c)(3) organization supports and aims for the full integration of people with disabilities in their community. Serving up to five counties in East-Central Illinois, it provides assistive technology and lends out durable medical equipment for a period of 60 days. Donations help the organization support the disabled.


    The aim of the organization is to provide durable medical equipment for adults and children in need by connecting. Individuals struggling with permanent or temporary disabilities can borrow necessary equipment free of charge.


    The PTC provides medical care and health services for senior adults. The center’s lending closet provides various durable medical equipment for temporary uses. They accept donations of clean and gently used equipment.


    The LCCOA operates in Lee County and supports the community and seniors. They provide people in need with resources to obtain necessary services. Memberships help the center take care and provide for more.


    The TKEN organization assists children of special needs acquire the necessary tools for more independence. Donations of durable medical equipment, or financially, help improve a child’s life.


    Hand in hand with several charities, the Plainfield Township hosts many services and programs for the community. The organization operates a Medical Loan Closet, which serves people with disabilities. Gently used items can be donated to provide more help.


    Spreading love and care among people of the community, the parish provides many activities and outreach programs for the poor. They operate a lending closet which offers durable medical equipment to those in need. Donations of such equipment are needed.


    D4D promotes more independence, mobility, and freedom to people living with disabilities. They collect gently used medical equipment and refurbish them to be donated to individuals in need in the Chicago area. D4D offers wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, and other equipment, and accepts donations of such devices.



    The ALS Association is the only non-profit organization which assists individuals against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS Clinic at IU Health Neuroscience Center provides special and intensive medical care to people with ALS among their loved ones.



    As a part of the Easterseals organization, Easterseals Iowa collects and refurbishes durable medical equipment to be redistributed among people with disabilities. Donations of gently used assistive technology help the organization achieve its mission.


    The church aspires to spread love and care, and serve the community. Grace Episcopal Church operated a lending closet for the benefit of people with disabilities. Donations help provide durable medical equipment and improve people’s lives.

    The clinic is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry, honoring God’s commands by caring for the poor in Linn county. The clinic helps the uninsured and under insured gain needed medical aid. Donations of all forms support the clinic achieving its mission of serving the community.


    Located in Muscatine, Iowa, this non-profit organization provides medical aid for seniors  in order to maintain an independent life. They run multiple programs that assist seniors, in addition to a Medical Lending Closet which provides mobility aid devices. 


    Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities is a 501c3, tax-exempt, nonprofit housing organization. They build and provide shelter to the community of the Quad Cities. Donations help create homes for families and build a stronger unit.


    The organization helps assist people with disabilities gain the needed equipment. By collecting and refurbishing gently used equipment, they offer a helping hand to individuals with physical disabilities.



    Heart to Heart International is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. They provide medical care to people in need, both locally and around the globe. The organization offers resources, training programs and disaster aids.


    As an Independent Living Center, the organization aims to improve and maximize independence for individuals with disabilities. Independence, inc. provides advocacy, peer support, training, transportation and community education. Donations of gently used equipment are needed.


    Capper Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide for, and empower people living with disabilities. With a set of programs to help the community, the organization cares for children and adults and offers resources and training.


    The ILRC offers medical care for people with physical, mental and developmental disabilities. The center leads many services including Peer Support, Advocacy, independent Living Skills Training and equipment for those who need it. Donations of Gently used medical equipment are appreciated.

    Serving Northeast Kansas, the organization cares for individuals facing disability challenges. It is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation headquartered in Wamego KS. Their Medical Equipment Loan Program enables patients to access the needed assistive technology.



    It is a non-profit organization located in Louisville, Kentucky. SOS provides medical care to people around the world. The organization collects and redistributes  surplus medical supplies and equipments to people in developing countries. 


    The CAL is an independent living center aiming to promote more freedom and independence to individuals with disabilities around Kentucky. They offer information and referral, independent living skills training, peer support, individual and systems advocacy, and transition.


    The organization helps connect individuals with disabilities to find the necessary resources in Western Kentucky. They collect and refurbish gently used medical equipment and donate them to patients in need for a small fee.


    The organization offers care for children, veterans, and others with tough illnesses. Thanks to generous donations, Hosparus Health Thrift Shoppes serves and supports individuals and their families across Kentucky and Indiana.



    Their mission is to serve the community and spread love among individuals. The church helps provide pension and health insurance for low-income and retired church workers, and donate to individuals in need. 


    ALLTECH’s goal is to provide aid to people with disabilities, through the use of technology. The services the organization offers enhance the lives of individuals who have disabilities and their families.  


    AT4maine provides citizens of Maine with the necessary assistive technology. AT4maine alongside several partnering organizations enables individuals to borrow needed devices to achieve more independence and stability. 


    PWH collected medical equipments and supplies from manufacturers, hospitals, charities and individuals to be redistributed among others in need. They cooperate with several organizations and strive to provide durable medical equipments and supplies to needing communities locally and internationally.



    MDoA is an organization which provides medical care to the elderly in Maryland. They provide a set of services to improve senior’s lives and support them to grow more independent in their community. 


    Howard County aspires to become a leading county, by improving people’s lives with its various services for citizens. The disability services supports individuals with disabilities and offer medical care and supplies to improve families lives.


    St. Matthew’s UMC is an inclusive church, offering its services and caring for the community. Its loan closet provides all kinds of medical devices to be borrowed by individuals in need.


    The church’s aim is to care and serve all god’s children and offer needed help. Donations are needed to fund various ministries working to support citizens and individuals struggling on their path.



    This volunteer organization provides a loan closet filled with medical care equipment and supplies. People of Scituate and the surrounding towns are able to borrow necessary equipment, when available.

    Stavros center’s goal is to enhance individuals with disabilities’ lives. They offer the needed care and equipment for patients and encourage them to gain more liberty and independence. They provide many services including medical equipment loans.


    Dedicated to serve seniors, the center offers all needed information and activities to keep growing with passion. The center runs several services to serve the elderly, including a medical equipment loan closet.


    As an affiliate of United Cerebral Palsy Association, UCP of Western Massachusetts assists and provides for people with disabilities. The agency offers many services like advocacy,  direct programming, assistive technology and more, promoting a life without boundaries. 



    Auburn hills strive to serve its community and build an outstanding city. The Auburn hills feature several programs and services through its departments, dedicated to care for seniors. Their medical loan closet provides durable medical equipment and appreciates donations.


    DSRC’s aim is to provide for individuals struggling with a disability in Bay County. They offer many services that benefit individuals who are temporarily and permanently disabled. Durable medical equipment can be donated to be redistributed through their loan closet.


    The lending hands program  to aid individuals with disabilities find the needed equipment. Serving in Allegan, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph and Van Buren counties. The program assists patients and offers necessary devices for loan up to  months.


    The organization offers support to elderly in West Michigan. Providing helping resources and services to help seniors maintain a healthier and better life. Durable medical equipment can be borrowed in the 3-county area of Muskegon, Oceana, and Ottawa counties. 


    The church is dedicated to serve people and god, striving to build a better and united community. The Church takes in, and offers help to individuals in need in any way they could. 


    The church aspires to spread love and care around the River Terrace community. Following their core commitments, the church offers various services to people with disabilities, including advocacy, and disability resources and equipment. 


    The mission of WMR is to collect and redistribute surplus medical resources to people in need. Their programs serve both locally and internationally, assisting individuals acquire the needed resources and tools.



    The community health department of Kanabec county offers Home Care Services to individuals in need. The department offers medical equipments, Nursing, and Therapy Services among others, to meet citizens needs and enhance families lives. 


    Established in 1954, the organization has been helping citizens with disabilities across the state of Minnesota to acquire needed medical care. Programs and serves the organization sets, empowers individuals and encourage them to overcome barriers for a better and liberated life.


    Options is a non-profit Resource Center for Independent Living, dedicated to helping people struggling with disabilities achieve more independence and overcome their limits. They provide many services and programs designed to aid those in need of medical attention or equipment. 


    Nicollet County is committed to serve the community and its citizens by providing efficient services to meet people’s needs. Citizens can borrow necessary medical equipment through the loan closet program, the Nicollet County Health & Human Services provides. 

    worldcrutches co.nicollet.mn.us logo

    The AEOA aims to improve the quality of life among citizens of the community. Operating in Northeast Minnesota counties, uncovering new opportunities for individuals facing social and economic struggles. Donations of gently used equipments support their medical loan closet.

    The Senior Connections organization provides medical care for seniors over the age of 60. Senior Connections offers a set of services and programs, including advocacy, and special transportation for people over 55 and those living with disabilities. They also provide a loan closet to lend durable medical equipment.



    The NMHS strives to be the number one patient- and family-centered care and health services in America.



    This organization’s goal is to make assistive technology available for individuals of any type of disability. Through their three Recycle & Reuse programs, gently used equipment can be refurbished and donated to Missourians who need it.


    Paraquad promotes more independence and self-efficiency for individuals with disabilities. The center provides services, partnerships, education, and advocacy to empower patients, and also present Assistive Technology Reuse Program to provide necessary equipments. 


    SIL is a nonprofit Center that encourages and assist individuals of disabilities gain more liberty and bypass limitations. The center offers medical care for seniors and veterans, administering many services like Information and Referral, Peer Support, and advocacy.


    Through this health equipment lending program, individuals with disabilities or injuries struggling with financial issue can obtain needed devices. HELP provides citizens in need with durable medical equipments, to stay active and healthy. Gently used devices are highly needed.


    The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) supported organization, is committed to helping Missouri’s Disabled American Veterans and their loved ones. Red Racks is a 501 (c)(4) organization, that runs over 10 thrift stores across the state of Missouri dedicated to helping American veterans.


    The organization aspires to make mobility aid devices available for individuals struggling with disabilities. They collect and raise funds to acquire various mobility aid devices, offering more freedom and liberty to patients. Devices such as canes, foldable walkers, crutches are needed.


    The Society of St. Vincent de Paul serves and gives back to the community by offering person-to-person aid. Their goal is to strengthen people’s faith and enrich lives spiritually. They care for the poor and visit families’ houses, provides help and aid however they can. Various goods can be donated.



    MonTECH offers assistive technology loan programs and an exchange program that benefit Montanans with disabilities. By providing necessary technology, they support and improve individuals’ lives and encourage patients’ productivity and independence.


    Ravalli County has a loan closet which serves residents in need of Durable Medical Equipment. Walkers, bath benches, commodes, canes, crutches can be borrowed and also donated to aid others in need. 


    The Rural Institute presents more opportunities to people with disabilities, and offer education, research and various services. Donations of Durable medical equipment will be passed on to other citizens to help them grow healthier. All kinds of medical equipments are accepted.


    New Jersey

    The organization specializes in collecting and refurbishing used medical equipment and redistribute them, offering relief for individuals struggling with disabilities. In addition to providing durable medical equipment, goodwill connects patients in need with various health resources ad services.


    The church welcomes anybody in need of aid or shelter in Pluckemin, New Jersey. Spreading love and care among people of the community, the Pluckemin Presbyterian church calls for a united  and loving society by offering health services to people.


    The organization provides medical assistance to adults and seniors, so they could maintain their liberty and independence. They offer specialized home care and a varity of services including Respite Care, Companion Care and ALZHEIMER’S Care, among others.


    BCBC is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization, providing high quality medical care to the community. The organization provides helpful community resources and also offers durable medical equipments for individual in need. 


    North Dakota

     NDAD works to improve the quality of life for individuals living with disabilities, in the state of North Dakota. The NDAD is a charitable non-profit organization offering financial assistance, advocacy, and a loan closet for durable medical equipment. Donations of gently used devices are accepted.


    HERO is a healthcare equipment recycling ministry. Their goal is to protect the environment while proving access to durable medical equipment for individuals facing financial struggles. The organization collects and refurbishes gently used devices to be given to other patients.


    God’s Child program was designed to support the poor in developing countries, offering education, housing, and healthcare. It is a  non-denominational organization reaching out to aid children and families in Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Malawi, and the United States.



    Serving under god’s commands, the OGT advocates for the poor and offers resources to cover individuals needs, through donations.  It is a 501c3 non-profit Christian volunteer organization that provides clothing, medical supplies, food, Christian literature, and other aids.


    THE AOWN cares for aging adults and seniors by providing a set of services and programs to prompt a better life. The office assist the elderly and offer durable medical equipments to be borrowed by individuals in need. Donations keep the help going and enable the office to support more people.



    Their mission is to offer a helping hand to people living in acute poverty in the USA and around the globe. The organization has special programs and services like Disaster Relief and humanitarian aids to improve individuals and families live in the world.


    The parish administrates various ministries, all dedicated to serve the community and spread faith. Their services include a Special Needs Medical Loan Closet which offers durable medical equipments and supplies to citizens. Gently used devices are accepted to be refurbished and redistributed.


    The church runs several ministries, including a medical equipment ministry by the name Helping Hands. It supports individuals of disabilities and others in need, offering reliable and durable medical equipments and supplies.


    Goodwill cares for people with disabilities and offer employment and training services. It is one of the largest care and  rehabilitation services provider to veterans and people of disabilities. Goodwill appreciates donations of Gently used equipments to be redistributed among individuals who need them.


    This non-profit foundation is dedicated to provide mobility aid devices to people of the community. They promote more liberty and independence to individuals with disabilities through donations of durable medical equipments and supplies. 

    The Center represents a non-residential, non-profit 501©(3) organization. The center aspires to empower and encourage individuals of disabilities against their struggles. Tri-County provides advocacy and awareness, and help minimize societal barriers to improve families lives through services Offered

    This organization aims to assist seniors of the community by providing a number of services for senior citizens. They offer supportive care and activities, nutritious meals, lend assistive technology for patients and other beneficial services. 


    A non-profit, non-residential Center for Independent Living, located in Northeast Ohio. The center gives back to the community by providing services including education, advocacy, and programs designed to aid the disabled. Donation of gently used devices help the equipment program support more individuals.


    Easterseals’s goal is to provide medical services to children and adults with special needs and disabilities in northern Ohio. They offer numerous programs, including a medical loan closet where citizens can borrow needed devices for a temporary use.


    The agency aims to aid people living with disabilities and support them to fully join the community. SHC administrates several services to enhance the quality of life for the disabled.



    Oklahoma ABLE Tech helps connect and provide resources for Oklahomans with Disabilities. ABLETech provide assistive technology (AT) to help citizens live in ease and comfort, embracing their challenges. Their services include device loan, financial loan, equipment reuse programs and others.


    Operating in Garfield County, empowering and offering care for individuals with disabilities. The center enables access to programs and service which assist people with disabilities achieve more in life. Their service include skills training, advocacy, transportation, and durable medical equipments.



    St. John’s Medical Loan Closet aids those in need of durable medical equipment for temporary uses with no fee included. They lend walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes and such devices, and accept donations of DME.


    The clinic is dedicated to serve the community with free medical care services. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization grant medical, wound care, herbal medicine and emotional support. Clean and gently used equipment are to be redistributed among citizens in need.

    Serving the community of Jackson County and help children, families, seniors, and veterans in their struggle against poverty. The organization promotes self-sufficiency and relief by offering services like housing, food, medical equipment loan, veteran assistance and others.


    The Clearview center provides resources and aids to individuals living with disabilities. The center empowers citizens to achieve more and live a successful life by providing durable medical equipments. Donations and grants help the cause thrive and individuals gain more liberty and independence.



    The organization consist of disabled people working together to empower others and share their knowledge and experience. Abilatools connects and helps people with disabilities find the best resources for their issues. They collect and recycle durable medical equipment to be given to someone in need. 


    Caring Hearts’ mission is to make the acquisition of durable medial equipments accessible and available for the disabled. They collect, refurbish and redistribute gently used equipments to offer them for loan regardless of financial status.


    TechOwel offers necessary assistive technology and many other services, like training and equipment loan, to individuals and caring organization. Started in the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. The program is designed to deliver the proper tools to help citizens with disabilities achieve more and build more.


    The foundation helps people struggling with medical equipment expenses, through its INKJET/TONER recycling program. The Lane Family Foundation has in hand with FundingFactory turns recyclables into much-needed cash.


    As a center for independent living (CIL) the center is dedicated to assist people living with disabilities reach higher and grow stronger. TRPIL provides advocacy, independent living skills training, information & referral, peer support, and transition. 


    The organization is an extension of the church, working to aid the elderly, fight poverty and train those lacking employable skills. They offer food, crisis assistance and medical equipment closet where equipments can be borrowed at no cost.


    A non-profit 501c3 organization working to meet people’s requirement and make god’s resources available for all. They offer disaster relief and humanitarian aid to communities all around the glob. Donations ensure the continuum of the work to improve peoples lives across the world.

    Global Links is a medical relief and development organization working to support poor communities, providing needed health care services. Durable medical equipments and supplies can be donated to offer a relief for individuals and their families.