35 things to do while on crutches

Being on treatment and having to use crutches might not be as boring as you would expect. With these little tweaks and fun activities, you can still enjoy your time even while on crutches.

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    1. Take breaks

    Take-breaks-while on crutches

    Your body will need some time off to rest, so it could heal itself faster. Take advantage of this time and take a break! Lay back and enjoy some relaxing quality time as your body recharges.

    2.Grow Your Indoor Plants

    If you are a plants’ person, This is a perfect chance to check on your plants.

    While on crutches, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time inside your house. Take advantage of this time and spend it with your flew greens.

    water your Indoor Plants when you leg injury
    worldcrutche-play-Crossword-When You're on Crutches

    Solving puzzles can be very challenging and amusing. Spending time trying to figure out the solution to various puzzles is a great time killer. Try to play the popular Sudoku or solve crosswords in your local newspapers.  

    4. Learn to sing

    Maybe it’s time to discover that hidden gifted voice of yours. Everyone finds himself singing and repeating a song that just doesn’t seem to leave his mind.

    Don’t be shy and embrace singing out loud. Try to write songs or do covers to popular ones, you can never know where that may lead.

    Learn-to-sing While On Crutches

    5. Swimming

    worldcrutches-swimming-While On Crutches

    Now, this one depends on the type of your injury, and you must check with your doctor before attempting to swim. If your injury isn’t that serious, or you made great progress with recovery, go to the pool.

    You can still enjoy the soothing water if you are at early stages of recovery. Just immerse yourself in the water and relax.

    6. Play Video Games

    Playing video games is always a great idea to enjoy your time at home. You can enjoy various games on your phone, PC or if you have a gaming console. Live the adventure and experience a thrilling time while you lay comfortably in bed



    worldcrutches-HOPSCOTCH-While On Crutches

    Who of us didn’t play hopscotch as a kid! Hoping and jumping with one leg off the ground, trying to recover every object. You need to proceed with caution on this one, but it’s always fun to jump around. Put your crutches aside and join the neighborhood kids for a fun, challenging time.

    8. Learn An Instrument

    A great and amusing thing you could do with your free time is to learn to play an instrument. Choose whatever suits you best, a guitar, a piano or even drums! Have fun practicing and learning to play some good music.

    worldcrutches-Learn An Instrument-While On Crutches

    9. Enjoy a spa day

    Enjoy a spa day-While On Crutches

    Not being able to move as freely as you want may put you in a bad mood. Spoiling yourself at the spa will definitely set your mood for the better. Pamper yourself and try different beauty treatments. Relax and enjoy a massage or sit through a face cleansing session, it will feel like heaven on earth. 

    10. Learn to Knit

    A lot of people grow up watching their grandma knitting different items. Knitting is an amazing stress relief. It is simple, amusing and easy to learn for those who don’t know how to. Express your creativity through something totally different.

    worldcrutches-Learn-to-Knit-While On Crutches

    Knit a small bag as a gift for a loved one, or make your own pair of gloves for cold days!

    11. Invite friends for a game of card

    worldcrutches-play-game-of-card-While On Crutches

    Spending time out with your friends is really helpful for your mental state. It boosts happiness and reduces stress levels. Have some friends over and challenge each other to a game of cards

    12. Netflix Time!

    Everyone one enjoys a good movie or blasting in laughter watching his favorite TV show. This is your time to catch up with all those series and movies you have been dying to watch. Turn the TV on and start watching.

    worldcrutches-Netflix-Time-While On Crutches

    13. Update your Facebook

    worldcrutches-Update-Your-Facebook-While On Crutches

    Social media revolutionized the modern world. With the breaking of Facebook, communication has never been easier. Update your Facebook statues, upload your favorite pictures and follow up with the world’s news as you scroll through.

    14. Make Presents Or Cards

    Maybe it’s time to reply to a gift with a thank-you note. Or perhaps surprise someone with a small, cute present. Take the time and craft or pick a meaningful present to surprise a special someone. 

    worldcrutches-Make-Presents-Or-Cards-While On Crutches

    15. Learn A New Language

    worldcrutches-learn-New-Language-While On Crutches

    You probably thought about this one already. Learning a new language is always fun and beneficial, and now it’s easier than ever. Enrol in an online class, master a new language and discover new cultures. 

    16. Organize

    It is true that your mobility will be restricted during treatment. However, you can still stroll around the house doing various simple chores. Use your time to put things in order and organize your house. You’ll be surprised how enjoyable and therapeutic it is. 

    worldcrutches-organize-house-While On Crutches

    17. Share your experience


    One beneficial idea is to get in touch with people going through similar treatment as you. Join an online community for people with crutches. Get many tips and advice for your situation. 

    Communicate your experience and learn about different patients’ own experience. 

    18. Create A Free Blog

    Creating a blog about something you have always been passionate about is also a great thing to do. Choose an interest that you like and start helping people by providing helpful information. 

    worldcrutches-create-a-blog while on crutch

    19. Prepare Your Next Vacation

    worldcrutches-plan-next-vacation while on crutch

    There are so many amazing places to go spend a memorable vacation in. start looking up different places and plan your next trip. Choose your next adventure and arrange for multiple fun activities that you’ll enjoy once the time comes.

    20. Read A Book

    As you lay in bed or anywhere inside your house, grab a book and start reading. Lose yourself within the lines and the imaginary world of words. Time flies when you read an interesting book, and it will have you jumping from page to page wanting more.

    worldcrutches-Read-A-Book while on crutch

    21. Play With Your Pet

    worldcrutches-play-with-your-dog while on crutch

    Pets have become humans’ best friends during the past years. Who of us doesn’t get a crazy urge to pet a dog or a cat when we walk by it? If you happen to own a pet, enjoy some fun time playing with it. Play with your dog, give your cat a bath, teach your parrot a new word! Enjoy your time with your best buddy.

    22. Redecorate Your Room

    Redecorating lets you express yourself in a fun and amusing way. Now is a good time to add a fancy touch to your room decor. You can stick a poster of your favorite movie. Hang an inspiring painting on your wall. Buy new fashionable sheets for your bed! Get creative and give your room a new look.


    23. Chattier With Strangers


    Everyone has some exciting and thrilling story to tell. Even with crutches, you can go to the park, meet new people and have a delightful chat. 

    Gossip about your daily life and listen to what they have to say. Enjoy a casual conversation and laugh at the funny incidents people tend to go through.

    24. Discover the chef in you

    Learning to cook and to make your own food is a great way to spoil yourself! You’ll be surprised at how entertaining it is to learn about different recipes and ingredients. Cook some delicious food and impress your close ones with a tasty meal that’ll have them asking for more.

    worldcrutches-cook-the-food while on crutch

    25.Keep Exercising

    worldcrutches-crutches-exercise-while on crutch

    Having to use crutches for mobility doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising. Even with a leg injury, you can still develop a workout routine that’ll help you stay in shape and boost your recovery. Take it easy and stay active with a healthy and suitable workout plan.

    26. Find A Place To Picnic With Friends

    Maintaining your relationships with your friends is essential for a healthy mind. Even though you might not be able to do the usual activities you do with friends, you can always go for a soothing picnic. Choose a peaceful and relaxing place where you can all sit, enjoy some great food and lovely company.

    worldcrutches-picnic with friends while on crutch

    27. Gardening Work

    worldcrutches-Gardening-Work-while on crutch

    If you have a garden in the backyard of your house, you may find it pleasant to do some gardening work. Plant some new plants and flowers to add a beautiful touch. You can also hire a garden designer and get a helping hand at renovating your backyard. 

    28. Poke people!

    Now, don’t tell anybody that we told you to do so, but poking your friends with your crutches is so much fun. 

    worldcrutches-Poke-people while on crutch

    29. Learn First Aid

    worldcrutches-learn-first-aid -while on cruthc

    Performing first aid properly should be learned by everybody. It is a simple yet an essential skill that could save someone’s life. Knowing the right procedures will give you the confidence needed to act in case of a life-threatening situation. You can google the right way to perform first aid and learn from videos.

    30. Meditate

    Coping with the changes going on and having your mobility restricted may feel a little frustrating. Meditation is an amazing stress relief to give you peace of mind and take your anxiety away. It can be done from anywhere. You can listen to podcasts to help you with your meditation.

    worldcrutches-Meditation while on crutch

    31. Practice Yoga

    worldcrutches-Practice-Yoga-while on crutch

    Yoga is a great alternative for working out if you are not able to exercise. Stretching helps to promote blood flow and boost blood circulation through your whole body. You can search the web for suitable Yoga exercises for your condition, and don’t forget to breathe!

    32. Try Freelancing

    You can now offer your services online and work from the comfort of your house. You can also create an online business and sell different items.

    worldcrutches-Try-Freelancing while on crutch

    33. Write Your first Daily

    worldcrutches-Write-Your-first-Daily while on crutch

    Write down your daily thoughts and ideas or things you want to do when you heal. Writing can help you stay positive and productive while on crutches.

    34. Sort Through Old Photos

    Reminisce over dear photos and remember good times. Divide your collection and create multiple albums for specific events and people.

    worldcrutches-Sort-Through-Old-Photos while on crutch

    35. Learn painting


    Another cheerful thing that you could invest your time in is painting. Grab a canvas, brush some colors and start expressing your thoughts. Gaze at the sunset from your front porch or your window and capture it within the frames.

    Final Word

    Having to use a mobility aid device doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Even when you can’t move or run or do crazy stunts, you can still enjoy it. Here are some of the most amusing things you can do, put them in mind and have a fun experience.