How To Make Your Crutches More Comfortable?

It is a well known fact that using crutches for a long time can get really uncomfortable. Talking based on personal experience, having to rely on crutches for movement is not that pleasant. 

Crutches may cause a huge discomfort underneath your armpit, and against your palms from excessive use. Things may get a bit rough for you unless you choose suitable crutches, and learn how to cushion them.

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    Adding Cushioning

    The first thing you may notice after you grab a set of crutches, is that they don’t offer much cushioning. It may cause skin irritations against your armpit after a while of use, causing them to itch and hurt.

    However, this may not necessarily be an issue if you learn how to suitably cushion your crutches for more support. 

    Take a soft piece of tissue like a blanket or a towel and wrap it around the existing pads. It is crucial to tighten the fabric around the pads and make sure they don’t roll over.

    You could either use some duct tape or some pins to hold the fabric tightly in place. It is also possible to use a sponge, as they can be very supportive and absorbent. Make sure you lock it in place using extra layers of duct tape.

    By following these hacks, you grant yourself an extra layer of comfort and relief throughout the day.

    If this doesn’t seem convenient enough for you, you could purchase a set of commercial Crutch Pads. Amazing crutch add-ons designed to better your experience by offering additional support, and relieve you from any kind of discomfort. They come in different shapes and sizes. Available online or at any drug store that sells crutches.

    Add Padding to the Grip


    The grips in the crutches you use are an essential part in facilitating your experience and to boost mobility. After a while of use, your hands may start to ache and get sore. The way the handles fit against your palms and how delicate they are, really make all the difference. 

    Adding an extra gentle padding, might be something you want to do before you start walking around. You may follow the same steps used in cushioning your crutches to improve the grips. 

    However, in this situation, having secure grips is a must! As loose ones can reveal serious risks. If you can’t hold firmly to the grips, and they keep rolling, they will cause you to fall. 

    For this we recommend buying crutch grip pads which will fit perfectly over the existing rubber handles. Crutch Pads are very protective and soft against your skin. They ensure that pain or any discomfort remains next to nothing.

    Also, the fabric they are made of is very absorbent and help avoid any unwanted moisture.

    Properly Adjust Your Crutches

    Once your crutches are well cushioned and comfy for a convenient use, you need to adjust their height. Choosing the right size of crutches is another key factor to assure you the most pleasant experience. However, even with the suitable size, it could still not be well-adjusted to accommodate your needs. 

    If the crutch is too tall, it could push too deep against your armpit and cause a lot of discomfort.

    On the other hand, it might give you serious back trouble and mess with your posture if it’s too short. When adjusting your crutches, place the tips a few inches ahead of your feet. Don’t shove the crutch pads too deep underneath your armpit, instead leave about  1-2 inches of space.

     The position of the hand grips also needs to be on point. You want your elbows to be slightly bent, so they are aligned with your hips. If your arms are too straight, you might face difficulties swinging. And if they’re too bent, it may cause disturbance.

    Adjusting your crutches to the right height will help you swing better and give you a smooth experience.

    Choose A Crutch Alternative

    You may still struggle with using crutches after having cushioned them and adjusted the height. If crutches are not that suitable for you, it is time to seek an alternative.

    Luckily, there are few alternatives you could choose from that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few suggestions that might be beneficial.

    Knee Crutches

    The most popular crutch alternative. A new design which allows for easier mobility while your leg comfortably sits on a pad. They are easy to maneuver, very convenient inside tight spots and remain comfortable throughout the day. In addition, as a huge bounce your hands remain free to use whenever you need to. 

    Knee Scooter


    Not that different from the previous design, a knee scooter is also a great option. Resting your leg on the pad is very relaxing and comfortable. Although, you’ll have to use your hands to steer around as you go. They also feature a cute small basket for when you need to visit stores.



    As you probably know, wheelchairs offer an edge on the comfort department. They eliminate any kind of pressure as you’ll be sitting all the time. However, you may face some difficulties getting into some places, especially if you usually take the bus.


    If you’re getting blisters on your hands you might want to check the handles. Having poorly cushioned handles may get a bit rough against your skin and cause irritations and blisters. Follow the techniques mentioned previously to fully cushion the grips for a more gentle and protective layer.

     If the crutches are too short, they may cause some pain at the level of your back. Hours of poorly positioned posture could cause a lot of discomfort. Choose suitable crutches for your height range and adjust them carefully to maintain a correct position at all times.

    On the contrary, having crutches which are too long is not a good thing either. If the crutches are dug deep against your armpit, they may get very irritating after a while of use. Always leave 1-2 inches of space below your armpit. Moreover, pay attention to the handles. Make sure your arms are slightly bent for ultimate use.

    If one of your legs gets injured, your body will have to majorly rely on the other one for support. If you don’t use the crutches as advised, your uninjured leg may struggle after a while. Make sure you use the right crutches for your size. Besides that, be careful when you walk around, stand up from a chair and when you climb stairs. You could even consider choosing an alternative to your crutches as well.

    Final Words

    Using crutches can get really uncomfortable from continuous use throughout the day. Taking care of small details is what determines how pleasant and enjoyable your experience is. You could either get creative and cushion your crutches by yourself, or buy a set of delicate crutch pads. 

    Always pay attention to your crutches’ height as it is essential for a healthy comfortable posture. If all the above doesn’t seem to be enough for you, we suggest seeking an alternative to accommodate your needs.