20 Inspiring Movies About Disabled People

20 Inspiring Movies About Disabled People

Movies have the power to inspire. The films on our list have been a gift to the world because of their disability representation. 

From fierce disabled action heroes and genius scientists to championship-winning sportswomen and fictional superheroes, these movies have shown how much can be done when people continue living, thriving, and motivating others despite their disabilities. 

So if you’re interested in learning a few of the most inspiring movies about disabled people, you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve found some of the best to share. 

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    1. Skyscraper - 2018

    Skyscraper is an action movie that was released in 2016 and grossed $304.9 million. It might not have been one of the best films, but it has decent disability representation. 

    The main character, played by Dwayne Johnson, was a former FBI agent who lost his leg. Because of his injury, he had to wear a prosthesis. Viewers see Johnson complete daring stunts throughout the film with his prosthetic leg on display. 

    This representation showcased that those who have lost a leg can still save the day and undertake incredible feats of bravery. 

    2.The Theory of Everything - 2014

    There is no other film that has managed to inspirationally show that disabilities don’t discriminate than “The Theory of Everything”. This biographic romantic drama film was released in 2014 and grossed $123.7 million at the American box office. 

    It centers around the renowned British theoretical physicist Stephan Hawking and his disability Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a fatal disease. Throughout the film, the audience watches Hawking’s life unfold. The focus is on his battles and how he overcame them to become one of the most celebrated scientific minds in history, despite his many limitations.

    3. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution - 2020

    It might not have been a box office hit, but “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution” was one of the best documentaries to showcase the famed disability camp found in the Catskills in the US. This documentary was produced by Michelle and Barack Obama’s production company. 

    So it’s no wonder that it did a great job telling the story of the camp that housed disabled youth over the summer in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. At times the documentary was boisterous and shocking. Yet, by the end, it showed how far disability representation has come, that the disabled are no longer widely hidden from the world. 

    4. Ray - 2004

    The film “Ray” won Jamie Fox an Oscar award for his incredibly inspiring portrayal of the legendary musician, singer, and songwriter Ray Charles. In this movie, Fox does a spectacular job showing viewers a glimpse into the life of the blind musician who lost his sight at age seven. 

    “Ray” showcases the spirit of never giving up and that anything can be achieved through dedication to one’s craft. Even after losing his sight, Ray became incredibly successful and influential. 

    5. The Fundamentals of Caring - 2016

    One of the best book adaptations featuring a disabled person was “The Fundamentals of Caring”. This 2016 comedy-drama premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and starred Paull Rudd, Selena Gomez, and Craig Roberts. Many critics proclaimed it a success, with some citing it as a darkly comedic road trip movie with strong elements of friendship and acceptance. 

    The film focuses on a disabled teen unhappy with his lack of life experience and a newly hired and underqualified carer who wants to help him experience life. During “The Fundamentals of Caring”, this unlikely team embarks on a road trip that defies the main character’s mobility limits. Many have found this film inspiring because it explores the many limitations disabled people face in society and how having a true friend can be a blessing.

    6. The Peanut Butter Falcon - 2019

    In 2019, “The Peanut Butter Falcon” was the highest-grossing independent film. This comedy-drama centers on friendship, fortitude, and the pursuit of dreams. Unlike other movies with disability representation, “The Peanut Butter Falcon” features a main character who has a disability in real life. 

    The film follows the adventures of a down syndrome main character. This young man runs away from his assisted living facility to pursue his dreams as a wrestler. After stowing away on his boat, he meets with a fisherman. The pair set sail together, eventually striking up a friendship and achieving dreams. 

    7. Still Alice - 2015

    Not every person with a disability is born with one, and seemingly brilliant people often become disabled later in life. The film “Still Alice” showcases this sentiment with a brilliant linguistics professor developing early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease. 

    This film is raw and brutally honest. It shows viewers how difficult it is for families to adjust to life around someone who has developed a disability. Also, the film touches on some of the struggles people with a disability face. For example, caregiving, suicide, and self-determination. 

    8. Walk. Ride. Rodeo. - 2019

    It might not always be plausible for a disabled person to still do what they love, but it’s never out of the realm of possibility. The movie “Walk. Ride. Rodeo” does an excellent job at showing how one can overcome the challenges of their disability to continue doing something they are passionate about. 

    This film is a biopic based on a true story. It centers on how nationally ranked rodeo barrel racer Amberley Snyder became paralyzed. Viewers are shown her will and determination to continue doing what she loves despite her disability from the waist down. With her family’s support and commitment, she resumed riding and returned to active competition. 

    9. I Am Sam - 2001

    One of the most impactful early 2000s films that displayed the struggles of disabled parents was “I Am Sam”. This film showed that those with an intellectual disability have the right to a family. It also showed that disabled parents are capable of looking after themselves and others with help. 

    During the film, Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning, and Michelle Pfieffer give extraordinary performances. They showcase social prejudices and stereotypes. Yet, despite highlighting social difficulties, “I Am Sam” also shows a parent’s love. It does this while showing how a community can work together to better the lives of someone with a disability. 

    10. Breathe - 2017

    In the film “Breathe”, the world learns the story of a man overcoming his terminal diagnosis and depression while learning to live with his disability. It’s based on a true story, with the main character representing one of the longest-living polio survivors. 

    During the film, the main character contracted polio. This left him paralyzed from the neck down. Throughout the movie, we are shown his struggles and how he is confined to his bed. That is until his wife and family manage to help him live again. 

    11.The Intouchables - 2011

    Unfortunately, caregiving of the disabled is not a popular movie theme. That’s why the film “The Intouchables” was so well received. The audience is shown how kind and humane people can be to the disabled. It also shows how many of those with disabilities have to adjust to a different life.

    The film’s main character is a quadriplegic who is a former daredevil. When an accident leaves him paralyzed, he is left with no mobility and no will to live, until his caregiver lifts his spirits and shows him that life as a disabled man is worth living.

    12. Wonder - 2017

    Youths with disabilities have a challenging time fitting in with the rest of the world. The movie “Wonder” showed how mean children can be to their peers with disabilities. Yet, “Wonder” also did a fine job showing how disabilities can make an individual unique. It also demonstrates how educated people can change their treatment of the disabled. 

    It centers on a young boy with Treacher Collins syndrome being put into public school for the first time. As it progresses, it shows his development from being bullied to being accepted. Not only did this film spread awareness of this condition, but it also showed that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

    13. Shazam! - 2019

    Shazam might be a fun superhero movie, but it has depths. This is thanks to its incredible portrayal of life with a disability. One of the main characters in this movie is on crutches. This is because of a debilitating illness that makes mobility difficult. 

    This boy is forced to watch his superhero friend throw away his responsibility and powers during the film. All the while, he’s left wishing he could have them so he could walk again. It expertly shows how able-bodied people take life for granted. Also, how disabled individuals have to struggle to get the attention they deserve. 

    14. Stronger - 2017

    Not many films can do amputees justice, but “Stronger” is one of them. This 2017 film tells the tale of struggle, desperation, strength, and acceptance. 

    During the movie, viewers are told the story of a real-life Boston Marathon bombing victim. This character struggles to learn to live with a disability after he becomes an amputee. Throughout the film, viewers are shown how he tries not to be defined by his disability and how he learns to be an inspiration to others. 

    15. Chained for Life - 2019

    Few movies cast actors with real-life disabilities. But like the other movie we mentioned, “Chained for Life” does. Not only did this film cast an actor with a visible disability, but it was directed by a director who was born with a bilateral cleft palate. 

    This film is a movie within a movie. It showcases how society interacts with disabled individuals who are often ostracized. Yet, it also shows how everyone is worthy of love regardless of their disability. It portrays how there’s nothing wrong with a ‘beautiful’ person loving someone with disabilities. 

    16. The Sessions - 2012

    Very rarely do films showcase what it’s like to be disabled while having sexual desires. But the movie “The Sessions” does an incredible job. In this movie, viewers see how sex workers help disabled people. These sexual therapists help the disabled make an intimate connection. Yet, they do this while caring for their basic needs. 

    It highlights the role a sex surrogate therapist plays in the lives of those impaired. Ultimately, “The Sessions” explains why people should be more open to supporting surrogate sex therapy. After all, it’s hugely beneficial for the disabled because of all the good it can do.

    17. Mozart and the Whale - 2005

    Many people don’t realize that autism can be seen as a disability. During the film “Mozart and the Whale,” audiences meet two individuals with Asperger’s syndrome. These two leads are trying to find love and a healthy romantic relationship. The actors did an exceptional job of showing how those with Aspergers go about their daily lives. Thus helping to educate the masses. 

    The movie provides viewers with an in-depth look into the many social challenges experienced by people living with autism. It gives insightful information about life on the spectrum. Yet, it manages to do this while being heartwarming and inspirational. 

    18. Miracle Run - 2004

    Another excellent film showcasing autism as a disability is “Miracle Run”. This movie is based on a true story, it tells the tale of a mother’s love for her children and her struggle to help them through life. 

    In the movie, viewers are shown how autism can alienate parents. It shows how it can cause them to lose friendships, jobs, homes, and family. Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. The movie demonstrates why persevering is worth it. It also shows how a parent can help autistic children achieve their dreams and flourish in life. 

    19. Love & Other Drugs - 2010

    Not all love stories are a walk in the park. The film “Love & Other Drugs” shows how love can be challenging when one partner has a disability. During the movie, we’re shown a couple that doesn’t have the easiest time together. They break up because the female lead has Parkinson’s. 

    When the male lead decides he cannot stay with her, they go their separate ways. That is, until they find their way back to one another. It expertly shows the impact having Parkinson’s can have on one’s life and how it can affect a relationship. Yet, it also demonstrates how love can conquer all. 

    20.Me Before You - 2016

    One of the most heartwarming films to come out in 2016 was “Me Before You”. In this movie, the bubbly female lead is the opposite of the paralyzed disabled person she is hired to care for. 

    The more time they spend together, the closer they grow until romance blooms. Unfortunately, this film doesn’t have a happy ending. But it does shine a light on giving disabled people a chance to end their lives humanely to achieve peace. 

    Final Word

    Now you know 20 of the best films to watch if you’re looking for an inspiring story starring a disabled character. Each film on this list will make you look at life differently.

    It will also help you understand better what the disabled go through. If nothing else, it will teach you how to be compassionate and kind to others.


    3 Of The Best Cast Scratchers And Cleaners

    3 Of The Best Cast Scratchers And Cleaners

    Wearing a cast isn’t usually a pleasant experience. This is because they can be cumbersome and make moving hard. Yet, worst of all is that they can become dirty and itchy. Many people find this frustrating because it’s difficult to scratch and clean the inside of your cast while you wear it. After all, you can’t simply take your cast off and give your arm or leg a good wash and clean.

    Luckily, there are cast scratchers and cleaners that you can use. Since there are so many on the market, it can be hard to choose the one that’s best suited to your needs. Thus to make your life easier, we have spoken about three of the best cast scratchers and cleaners in our article.

    These products have been designed to help cast wearers alleviate uncomfortable itches while maintaining hygiene standards. So if you need one of these tools, you should look below at some of the best available options.

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      Our Top 3 Cast Scratcher and Cleaner

      Best For Arms And Legs

      Best For Durability

      Best For Flexibility

      Best 3 Cast Scratcher and Cleaner Reviewed

      Best For Arms And Legs SC SCRATCH ‘N’ CLEAN


      Those wearing a cast on their arms and legs should consider the SC Scratch’ N’ Clean 17-inch cast scratcher. Unlike other cast scratchers, this one is made to work on arm and leg casts without giving users any issues. 

      It is also wholly safe to use. This scratcher has been made with human-friendly materials to eliminate itchy skin without damaging your skin. Yet, best of all, it won’t damage the inside of your cast when you use it. 

      Additionally, the SC Scratch’ N’ Clean cast scratcher is flexible and can easily contour to the shape of your cast. This makes scratching and cleaning your cast simple. It’s also durable and likely to last a long time. Moreover, when you want to clean the inside of your cast, you need only wrap a cloth or wet wipe around this scratcher. Once it’s secured, you can clean wounds and disinfect them until your hygiene habits have been met.

      With this cast scratcher, you can also use the other end to give a gentler scratch if you don’t want anything too sharp. This feature is great for those with raw or sensitive skin that’s healing after an accident. 

      Best For Durability Maple Landmark Store


      If you care about the environment and want to use environmentally sustainable products, you should look at the Vermont Maple cast scratcher. Not only is this scratcher and cleaner made with maple wood, but it also has a plant-based natural finish. 

      Besides being good for the environment, you can trust it to scratch and relieve any itch and clean any wound without breaking. This is because the maple wood used to make it is incredibly durable and reliable. If you don’t use it too vigorously, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. 

      Yet, often what people love the most about this cast scratcher is that it features rigid and sharp teeth. Even though the teeth are sharp, you won’t need to worry about getting hurt. You can also breathe easy knowing it’s long enough to reach within your cast with a length of 16 inches and a teeth width of ¾ of an inch. 

      Moreover, when you’re done with this cast scratcher and cleaner, you can simply hang it up on a hook. Its simple carved hole at the handle can be looped with string or slotted over a nail until you need it next. 

      Best For Flexibility – Tobei International Cast Scratcher


      Although rigid cast scratchers can be beneficial, they can become frustrating when you can’t get to all the nooks and crannies inside your cast. Fortunately, you can use the Tobei International cast scratcher and cleaner to reach these hard-to-get areas. 

      This is because this cast scratcher and cleaner are designed to be uber flexible. Its impressive 17-inch length is also handy since it can reach far within a cast to alleviate an itch or clean a wound. It also won’t irritate or hurt your skin, and it comes in a pack of two, which is always handy if you want one for home and one for when you’re on the go.

      Lastly, unlike other cast scratchers, this one features a round, bumpy head. This texture works incredibly well with scratching and cleaning since it is the perfect level of abrasion. Also, despite being flexible, this cast scratcher and cleaner is strong. This means you don’t need to worry about it breaking off when you use it.

      Final Words

      Ultimately, choosing a cast scratcher and cleaner will depend on your preferences and needs. Yet, each one on our list is the best in the market that you should consider using. This is especially true if you want to avoid injury and want a cast scratcher that is premium quality. Not only will these ease itchiness, but they will also keep you clean without damaging your cast.


      17 Famous Characters On Crutches

      17 Famous Characters On Crutches

      You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a few famous characters on crutches. We’ve found 17 of them, with some you might know and others you’ve likely never heard of before.

      Table of Contents
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        1. Michael Morbius - Jared Leto

        In the film Morbius, Michael Morbius is a scientist suffering from a rare blood disease. This disease has made him lose mobility and use crutches. He turns himself into a transgenic vampire when he attempts to cure himself. 

        Upon becoming a vampire, he gains superhuman abilities but begins losing his humanity. Morbius is played by Jared Leto, an actor and musician who founded the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

        2.Luke Martin - Jon Voight

        Jon Voight played Luke Martin in the film Coming Home in 1978. This film received critical acclaim. This is because of Voight’s incredible portrayal of a paraplegic Vietnam veteran “Luke Martin.” Martin had to use crutches. 

        Luke Martin was based on real-life Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic. Voight received the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal. 

        3. Jack Hodgins - T. J. Thyne

        The hit television series Bones ran for 12 years. It had a much-loved cast, including T.J Thyne, who played Dr. Jack Hodgins. For all 12 seasons, Thyne played Hodgins. Hodgins was an eccentric entomologist. He was also obsessed with conspiracy theories and in love with Angela Montenegro. 

        He didn’t use crutches for the entire series. He had to use them after the events in the episode “Aliens in a Space Ship”. In this episode, he and Dr. Temperance Brennan are buried alive after being kidnapped. His injuries cause him to stay on crutches for a few episodes. 

        4. Walter White Jr. - RJ Mitte

        RJ Mitte is one of the few actors to play a character with the same disability in real life. RJ Mitte played Walter White Jr. in the crime drama series “Breaking Bad”.

        During his time on the show, Walter White Jr. is the son of the main protagonist, Walter White, who has cerebral palsy. His disability lead to him suffering speech difficulties. He also had impaired motor control which is why he uses crutches. 

        5. Bering Joy - Lionel Barrymore

        The 1949 film “Down to the Sea in Ships” was about a whaling expedition in the late 1800s. It focused on telling the story of an elderly whaling ship captain Bering Joy. Joy walks on crutches and is at the end of his career. 

        Capt. Bering Joy was played by the enigmatic Hollywood legend Lionel Barrymore. Barrymore was an American film director and actor on the screen, stage, and radio. 

        6. Emily Charlton - Emily Blunt

        In “The Devil Wears Prada”, Emily Blunt played senior assistant Emily Charlton. During the film, Charlton is shown to be mean and arrogant. But her character softens at the end when she is on crutches and forced to wear a leg cast. 

        She doesn’t use crutches for very long and only at the end. Yet, she still manages to showcase an air of superiority that befits her character.

        7. Benjamin Button - Brad Pitt

        One of Brad Pitts’s best films was also one of the strangest. In the film “The Curious Life of Benjamin Button”, Pitt played Benjamin Button. Button was born as an 84-year-old man who aged backward. 

        In the beginning, Button uses crutches because of the frailty of his body. But as he ages and becomes younger, he does not need mobility aids any longer. Button dies as a newborn after living a full life. 

        8. John McBurney - Clint Eastwood

        In the film “The Beguiled”, Clint Eastwood plays the character John McBurney.

        He is an injured Union Soldier. Throughout the movie, McBurney has to use crutches while he heals from his injuries in an all-girls school.

        While recuperating from his injuries, McBurney seduces two people. The elderly woman who runs the all-girls institution and her young assistant.

        9. Katharine Parker - Sigourney Weaver

        One of the best films to come out of the 80s was “Working Girl”. This was a romantic comedy centered on Katherine Parker, played by Sigourney Weaver. Parker fights to get her idea back after her boss steals it.

        In the film, Parker is on crutches. She has to navigate her mobility issues alongside her growing attraction to the man who wants to use her idea. Weaver was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in this classic. 

        10. Macon Leary - William Hurt

        William Hunt plays travel writer Macon Leary in the film “The Accidental Tourist”. This heartwarming film begins on a sad note when Leary’s son has been tragically murdered, and his marriage has fallen apart. 

        Shortly into the film, he is involved in a freak accident. This accident puts him on crutches where he is forced to go stay with his quirky siblings. While staying with his sibling, Leary meets a charming woman and is soon forced to choose between her and his wife. 

        11.Tucker - Lee Evans

        Well-known British comedian Lee Evans played Tucker in the film “There’s Something About Mary”. In this movie, Tucker is a supporting character who is another man infatuated with Mary, who Cameron Diaz plays. 

        During the movie, Tucker pretends to be an architect who has to use crutches because of spinal damage. But in reality, he is an able-bodied pizza delivery boy. 

        12. Gwen Cummings - Sandra Bullock

        One of Sandra Bullock’s best films was “28 Days”. In this film, she portrayed Gwen Cummings, a journalist with a dangerous lifestyle. During the film, Cummings had an alcohol and painkiller addiction, leading to her getting a DUI. 

        This forced her to go to rehab, where she had an accident climbing out of a bedroom window and injured her ankle. This injury led to her using crutches while she tried to overcome her addictions. 

        13. Christopher Marlowe - John Hurt

        One of the most interesting roles John Hurt played was Christopher Marlowe in the film “Only Lovers Left Alive”. In this movie, Marlowe is an ancient vampire who uses crutches because of his age.

        During the movie, viewers are shown that Marlowe wrote all of Shakespeare’s best works and that he is bitter about letting a lesser man take all the credit.

        14. Eddie - Eddie McGee

        Eddie McGee played Eddie in the film “The Human Race“, about a group of eighty abducted people being forced to race to survive.

        Eddie is at a disadvantage because, unlike the other contestants, he only has one leg and has to use crutches. Nearly all the contestants die throughout the film, and only one left is alive.

        15. Mitch Bradley - Morgan Freeman

        Many believe the film “An Unfinished Life” was one of Morgan Freeman’s best dramas. In this film, Freeman played Mitch Bradley, who was viciously attacked by a bear that managed to escape into the mountains. 

        Bradley tried to save a calf with his drunk friend when the bear attacked him. Throughout the film, Bradley uses crutches and is in constant pain while he tries to help his friend move on from the loss of his son. 

        16. James Ballard - James Spader

        Many people found the film “Crash” unsavory. But many critics felt it was incredible thanks to James Spader, who played the character James Ballard.

        Ballard is in an open relationship in this erotic thriller and psychological drama. He gets entangled in a relationship with Helen, whose husband died in a crash. 

        During the film, Ballard becomes embroiled in the lifestyle of people who sexually fetishize car crashes. This leads him to becoming injured and needs to use crutches.

        17. Martin Vanderhof - Lionel Barrymore

        In the film “You Can’t Take It With You“,  Lionel Barrymore plays Martin Vanderhof. Vanderhoff was cast as an able-bodied character, but this was altered when he lost the use of his legs because of arthritis and a hip injury. 

        During the film, Vanderhoff used crutches and acted like he had a sprained ankle. At every hour of the film’s production, Barrymore received injections to help relieve the pain of his arthritis.

        Final Word

        As you can see, many actors have been cast as characters using crutches. Each actor did an excellent job tastefully showcasing a glimpse into disabled life in various situations.

        No matter the genre, from thrillers and dramas to sci-fi and romantic comedies, there are representations of the disabled or injured who need to use crutches. 


        How To Dress When You Are On Crutches

        How To Dress When You Are On Crutches

        If you have to use crutches because of an injury or disability, you’re likely curious about what clothing you should wear. Since it can be challenging to find the right clothing and learn what to buy, we have put together this article.

        In our article, we will explain how you should dress when you’re on crutches, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. 

        Table of Contents
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          How Women Must Dress When Using Crutches

          Women have more options regarding the type of clothing they can wear when using crutches. Below we have briefly shown what you should wear if you want to be comfortable and prevent injuries from occurring. 


          Skirts: Loose skirts that aren’t too long, too short, or too flowy are ideal for women who need to use crutches. This is because skirts are easier to put on and take off when using crutches. Yet, if you wear skirts, you must consider wearing Jockey slip shorts underneath. This is an added layer of safety when you’re outside.

          Knit A-line dress: Unfortunately, dresses can be hazardous when on crutches. This is especially true if they are flowy since they can get tangled in your crutches as you walk. If you still want to wear a dress, it’s best to choose a form fitting one like a knit A-line dress. 

          Loose sweatpants with a T-shirt: If you don’t like skirts you can wear loose sweatpants and a T-shirt. This outfit is casual and comfortable while being easy to wear. You’re unlikely to hurt yourself when wearing this outfit and using crutches.

          Yoga pants with a tunic top or T-shirt: For many women, yoga pants or cheap leggings are the most comfortable when using crutches. Cheap yoga pants or leggings mean you won’t have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe while you’re healing. Pairing the yoga pants or leggings with tunic tops or T-shirts further ensures you’re comfortable. 


          Slightly bigger underwear without elastic in the legs: Wearing tight underwear like thongs and G-strings can be uncomfortable when using crutches. Since you won’t have easy access to adjust your undies as you walk, it’s best to buy slightly bigger underwear without elastic. Yet, don’t buy underwear that is too loose that you have to keep pulling up as you walk. Typically the best solution is boy shorts. 

          Modified cotton underwear: If you foresee having issues putting your undies on, you might want to modify them. All you need to do is buy simple cotton underwear and open the side seam. Then you simply iron on a velcro strip that will let you put them on and take them off easily. 


          Cheap flats or boots: It’s best to avoid all heels when on crutches because they can make you even more unsteady, leading to injuries. Instead, it’s best to choose cheap flats and boots that have grip and will be comfortable to wear for hours. Additionally, try to get flats or boots that are easy to put on. 

          How Men Must Dress When Using Crutches

          Like we did above, we have also detailed what men should wear when using crutches. See below for the clothing items best suited for men using crutches. 


          Loose sweatpants with a T-shirt: Like women, men should consider wearing loose sweatpants with a T-shirt. This outfit choice is comfortable and easy to wear. 

          Wide pants with a T-shirt: If you have to wear a cast while using crutches, you should consider wearing wide pants and a T-shirt. Wide pants will ensure you accommodate your cast and stay comfortable. Additionally, wider pant legs will make it easier to get dressed. 

          Tear-off basketball shorts: One of the best items men can wear when using crutches is tear-off basketball shorts. If you want to be comfortable and not have to step out of your pants, a tear-off pair of basketball shorts is the way to go.

          Modified formal wear: If you’re forced to wear formal clothing while on crutches, you might want to modify your outfits. This means that if you’re wearing a shirt tie and suit jacket opt for sweatpants or pajama bottoms while on crutches. It might be unconventional if you have to go into the office but it will be more comfortable and safer.


          Cut socks: If you’re adamant about wearing socks while using crutches and a cast, you should cut the sock tips off. By doing this, you can tuck the toe part into the bottom of your cast. 

          Men’s DIY Clothing

          If you want to wear pants but want to be safe, you should consider making some DIY adjustments. If you’re wearing a cast and using crutches, you can cut off one pant leg and hem it. This will make wearing the pants easier without struggling to pull them over your cast. 

          Should you not trust your DIY skills, you can get a seamstress to make some adjustments. For example, a seamstress can take slightly larger pants and open the seam on the side with a cast. After opening the seams, she can add velcro from the knee down. This will make getting dressed easier and faster. 

          How To Wear Pants When Using Crutches (Step By Step)

          You need to follow a few simple steps if you want to wear pants while using crutches. We have briefly explained these steps below so that you avoid unnecessarily hurting or injuring yourself. If these steps seem challenging, you might consider alternative clothing options. 

          1. Choose pants that are not too loose or too tight. If your pants are too tight, they could be uncomfortable, and if they are too loose, they could get caught on your crutches, causing you to fall and sustain injuries.

          2.Once you have chosen your pants, you need to sit down and put them on one leg at a time, up as close to your waist as possible. By doing this, you won’t have much work pulling them up once you stand with your crutches.

          3.If you have a cast you will need to spend extra time pulling your pants over your legs as you will have to try and get your pants over your cast without hurting yourself. If you need help during this stage, don’t hesitate to ask someone you trust. Choose a different clothing item if no one is around and you’re struggling. Alternatively, you can wear modified clothing.

          4.After pulling your pants as far up as you can while sitting, you need to get up slowly while making your legs tight with a widened stance. This will ensure they don’t fall while you get your balance. Once you’re balanced, you can pull them up and secure them to your waist, so they don’t fall.

          5.Lastly, you need to practice walking slowly after putting them on. Doing this can ensure they don’t fall down or catch on your crutches while you walk.

          Tips For Choosing Clothing

          Now that you know the type of clothing you should wear when using crutches, we want to share some tips for choosing clothing. If you use each of the tips we list below, you’re unlikely to injure yourself or be uncomfortable while you focus on healing or adjusting to a disability.

          Don’t Wear Jeans


          The worst thing you can do when using crutches is to wear jeans. Most jeans are hard to put on, especially when you’re injured. They are also challenging to take off and are not very comfortable. You can choose stretchy pants that are easier to put on and take off. Stretchier pants will likely also be more comfortable. 

          Choose Loose Or Stretchy Material

          All the clothing you wear when using crutches should be loose or stretchy material. This is because loose and stretchy clothing is easier to put on and take off and is more comfortable to wear. It’s also best if you have to wear a cast as looser or stretchier material can easily fit over it. 

          Yet, the clothing you choose mustn’t be too loose as it can get caught underneath your crutch tips, causing you to fall. It could also wrap around your crutches, leading to falls.

          Wear Elasticated Pants And Skirts

          It’s often best to wear elasticated pants or skirts when using crutches. Elasticated clothing is easier to take off and put on. For example, if you wear elasticated pants or skirts you can put them on and pull them off over your head. This way, you won’t have to try to wrangle your legs into a clothing item while maintaining your balance.

          Choose Clothing With Pockets

          When you’re dealing with crutches, the last thing you want to do is to try and carry your phone and wallet in your hands or a bag. Using a bag or carrying these items in your hands can lead to falls and injuries, not to mention damage. That’s why it’s best to choose clothing with pockets. If your clothing has pockets, you can safely carry these items. 

          Get Someone To Help You Get Dressed


          Even if you’re independent, it’s best to consider asking someone for help if you need it. You can have a friend or loved one help you find clothing that will be easy to wear and comfortable while you use crutches. Additionally, you can have a friend or family member help you get dressed to prevent injury. 

          Final Word

          What you wear can affect how comfortable you are when using crutches. Hopefully, you now know how to dress when you are on crutches. So follow the tips we have shared and choose suitable clothing. If you do, you’re far more likely to heal without encountering crutch-related mishaps. 


          Best Companies Offer Jobs for Disabled At home

          25 Of The Best Companies Offering Remote Jobs For Disabled People In The World

          The world is a large place that is ever-growing. There are thousands of job opportunities arising every day. In recent years, more and more companies have seen the benefit of working remotely. Many businesses are creating career opportunities for those who are living with disabilities. Have you been looking for a job but struggling to find one that accommodates your disability? If so, our article will help you. We present 25 of the best companies offering remote jobs for disabled people worldwide.
          Table of Contents
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            1. Amazon

            Amazon is hands down one of the best places for disabled people to work who need a remote job. This vast internet-based enterprise is one of the biggest companies in the world. They have offices throughout the US and globally. So it’s unsurprising that hundreds of positions are open for remote workers at any given time. 

            Additionally, Amazon provides jobs for those living with disabilities across various sectors. There are jobs for disabled individuals in graphic design, sales, and telecommunications.

            Moreover, Amazon takes it a step further. They offer various benefits to those with disabilities. By working for Amazon, you can navigate your way to a career you love to work at remotely. 

            Job Examples: Inbound Phone and Email Support Agent, Selling Partner Support Associate, and Customer Success Manager.
            Pay: $17 to $25 per hour on average.
            Benefits: Dental and Vision insurance, Paid Time Off, Health insurance, 401k, and Vacation Time.

            2. Nielsen

            Nielson might not be as well known as other companies on this list. But they are one of the best to work for if you’re disabled. This company is joining other media companies in hiring thousands of remote workers. 

            The company has more than 44,000 remote workers. There are also many positions open for disabled individuals. 

            Job Examples: Global People Data Analyst, TAM Customer Support Representative, and Cybersecurity GRC Analyst.
            Pay: $33,500 to $70,000 yearly.
            Benefits: Maternity & Paternity Leave, Vacation & Paid Time Off, Insurance, Mobile Phone Discount, Performance Bonuses, Health & Wellness, 401K Plan, and an Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

            3. General Motors

            You have likely heard of the automotive brand General Motors. For decades this brand has been a go-to option for vehicle enthusiasts. This is especially true for those who want to work in the automotive field. 

            Are you eager to break into this industry? You might want to apply for one of the many remote jobs offered by General Motors. General Motors is well known for hiring disabled adults for remote full-time positions. 

            Job Examples:Remote Services Assistant Product Manager, Mobile Automation Tester, and Data Analyst.
            Pay: $28.74 an hour or $59,775 per year on average.
            Benefits: 401K Plan, Triple tax-advantaged, Discounts on GM vehicles, 16 annual paid holidays, Tuition assistance, and a Comprehensive medical plan

            4. Mozilla

            Mozilla logo

            Since 1998 Mozilla has been a respected free software company throughout the world. Tech heads often love working for Mozilla. This is because of its unique dynamic and interesting business practices.

            Every year remote positions open up at Mozilla. This is because they’re a company focused on principles. They also offer disabled workers competitive pay and superb benefits. 

            Job Examples: Senior Performance Software Engineer, Communications & PR Manager, and Senior Product Designer.
            Pay: $49.37 per hour or $102,693 annually.
            Benefits: Supplemental Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, and Dental Insurance.

            5. Google


            Google is the most used search engine in the world. Many of its job openings are some of the most coveted in the industry. There are hundreds of job openings every year. Yet, many of these positions are available for disabled people. 

            Google has realized the need for disability initiatives in the workplace. That’s why they offer part-time, flexible, and stay-at-home positions for those living with a disability.

            Job Examples:Google Customer Service, Group Product Manager, and Software Engineer Manager II.
            Pay: $35,000 to $109,000 yearly.
            Benefits: Workplace Accommodations for Physical or Mental Health Concerns, Onsite Wellness Centers, 401(k) and Regional Retirement Plans, Student Loan Reimbursement, Paid Time Off, and Parental Leave and Baby Bonding Leave.

            6. Meta


            Before the name change, meta was known as Facebook. They are a leading social media platform connecting people worldwide. Founded in 2004, this American media company has gone from strength to strength. This is partly because of its diverse workforce. Meta has more than 2.9 billion active users and is the world’s most popular social media platform. 

            Meta was named a ‘2019 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.” It has also been awarded consecutive ratings in the top 100 in the Disability Equality Index. They have gotten these awards because of their dedication to offering disabled individuals remote jobs. 

            Job Examples:Client Solutions Manager, Data Science Manager, and People Research Scientist.
            Pay: $40,000 to $140,602 annually.
            Benefits: 401k, Employee Assistance Program, On-Site Clinic, Disability Insurance, Free Meals, Newborn Bonus $4K, Life Insurance, and Dental Insurance.

            7. Accenture


            Do you have a burning desire to work in consulting and business management? You should consider the Irish-American company Accenture. This billion-dollar company employs more than 700,000 people. It provides a range of services, including technology, business, and operating strategies.

            Accenture is a leading company in offering jobs to individuals with disabilities. They offer work-from-home positions for disabled adults in a variety of positions. Fortune named it one of the most admirable businesses. This is a testament to the company’s brilliance. 

            Job Examples:Transaction Processing Representative, Warranty Claims Processing Representative, and Inside Sales Account Rep.
            Pay: $33,500 to 104,500 annually.
            Benefits: Leadership equity grants, Vacation Paid Time Off, Dental and vision coverage, Medical coverage, and Bonus programs.

            8. COMCAST


            One of the heavyweights in the telecommunications industry is COMCAST. This American corporation operates Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. 

            In 2022 COMCAST NBCUniversal was named one of the best places for disability inclusion. This is according to the yearly Disability Equality Index.

            COMCAST has undertaken initiatives to hire, retain, and empower employees working with disabilities. The company offers flexible, part-time, and remote job opportunities to disabled people.

            Job Examples:Xfinity Mobile Support Specialist, Commercial Customer Tech. Support, and Payment Services and Support Representative.
            Pay: $34,331 annually on average.
            Benefits: Pet insurance, Maternity management, Free Cable, Dental and Vision benefits, 401k plan, and Medical.

            9. AT&T

            Suppose your dream has been to work in telecommunications. In that case, you should consider AT&T. 

            This brand is a leading company in the telecommunications industry. They are also known for their communication innovation. 

            Yet, you might not know that AT&T focuses on hiring people living with disabilities. Its workforce is filled with individuals who work remotely. AT&T offers benefits to ensure employees are happy in their positions. 

            Moreover, AT&T partners with organizations to create more job opportunities for disabled adults. They also care about their disabled customers. And offer a range of services and products that remove barriers. 

            For example, their disabled customers can enjoy wireless-based automation. They can also enjoy home security services and the brand’s Digital Life platform. 

            Job Examples:Customer Service Representative, Customer Sales & Service Representative, and Bilingual Spanish Telesales Representative.
            Pay: $26.53 per hour on average.
            Benefits: Tuition Assistance, Vacation Paid Time Off, Dental and Vision insurance, AT&T product discounts, and Medical

            10. American Heart Association


            The American Heart Association began from a humble beginning. They have become one of the world’s largest and most respected voluntary organizations. This company funds cardiovascular research and educates its clients on living healthier lives. 

            The company focuses on fighting stroke and heart disease through education and research. The American Heart Association also works with women-owned businesses, minorities, LGBT-owned businesses, and veterans.

            The AHA fights to remove barriers, which is why they offer jobs to disabled individuals. They have many positions across many areas for those who want to remotely make a difference in the world. 

            They provide their employees with assistive technology and individualized job coaching.

            Job Examples:Remote Client Support Specialist, Community Impact Director, and Portfolio Advisor.
            Pay: $18 to $42 per hour on average.
            Benefits: Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Employee Discounts, and Vision Insurance.

            11. IBM


            One of the most prestigious companies you can choose to work with if you’re looking for a disabled job position is International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). 

            They are also leaders in data analytics and cloud computing. IBM has been recruiting, hiring, and accommodating disabled employees since the early 1910s. This was long before the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

            One of IBM’s biggest inclusivity achievements is having autistic employees make up 2% of the company’s workforce. For over a decade, IBM has hired autistic individuals and those with disabilities. IBM has even gone so far as to create an Autism Hiring Program that includes special resources, social skills training, and mentorship. 

            Job Examples:IBM/BPM Engineer, Test Manager, and Technology Sales Representative).
            Pay: $38,064 to $59,778 a year.
            Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Health insurance, 401k, and Dental and Vision insurance.

            12. United Healthcare


            This company focuses on building a modern healthcare system people can trust that is affordable. 

            United Healthcare has stated that disability inclusion is central to who they are. They believe that their workforce reflects the communities they serve. 

            Additionally, United Healthcare has a rich history of partnering with various non-profit organizations and the government. 

            Moreover, they offer a development program for candidates with disabilities. It is for those who want to immerse themselves in a corporate environment to gain experience. In particular, this program is aimed at wheelchair users. 

            United Healthcare also has many online positions. These are perfect for those who find it easier to stay home and work.

            Job Examples:Health Coach, Healthcare Independent Consultant, and Program Manager.
            Pay: $16.59 per hour to $43.51 per hour on average.
            Benefits: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Discounts, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance.

            13. US Bank


            US Bank is one of the most prestigious banking institutions you can work for in the US. It has approximately 2,900 locations nationwide. 

            Many positions are available for vibrant and professional people. This includes those living with a disability. According to US bank, they even have disability accommodations. 

            According to Bloomberg, they are also regarded as one of the best places to work for disabled people. This is because of their perfect 100 scores on the Disability Equality Index in 2019.

            Job Examples:Payment Optimization Consultant, Credit Analyst.
            Pay: $14.95 per hour to $29.54 per hour.
            Benefits: 401(k) Savings Plan, Flexible Spending Account, Health Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement Program, and 13 weeks of paid leave.

            14. Humana

            This company is based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2021 was ranked number 41 on the prestigious Fortune 500 list. In 2022 they ranked high on the Disability Equality Index as one of the best places for disabled people to work at. 

            About 47% of Humana’s workforce comprises remote workers who hold various positions. For example, many disabled individuals hold accounting and social work positions. They also receive company benefits. 

            Job Examples: Billing And Enrollment Representative, Senior Value-Based Programs Professional, and Business Intelligence Analyst.
            Pay: $47,585 per year on average.
            Benefits: Life insurance, Recognition pay,401(k) retirement savings plan, Supplemental pay, and Homeowners and auto quote services.

            15. GitHub


            If you’re a tech-savvy person, you should consider GitHub. This company offers consumers a cloud-based Git repository hosting service. 

            GitHub strives to provide better interview processes for candidates who are physically disabled. Most GitHub job roles are work-from-home opportunities. Individuals can work in any of the 18 countries the company works within. Many benefits are also offered, even for disabled individuals who work remotely. 

            Job Examples:Customer Success Architect, Customer Success Manager, and Program Manager.Pay: $54,465 to $137,139 annually on average.
            Benefits: Supplemental Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, Vision Insurance, and Dental Insurance.

            16. CENTENE Corporation


            Suppose you’re looking for a remote job in the medical field. You might want to consider the CENTENE Corporation. This corporation is the biggest Medicaid-managed care organization in America. 

            Despite their exclusivity, this company hires adults with disabilities. They also offer disabled individuals full-time positions. Yet, this is only for those who can work at least 20 hours a week. Best of all, most of these positions are remote. 

            Job Examples:Senior Business Process Consultant – Medical Affairs , Customer Service Representative I , and Community Relations Specialist.
            Pay: $15.99 to $33.16 an hour.
            Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Health Insurance, 401K Plan, Sick Days, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, and a Retirement Plan.

            17. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

            Another company worth looking at is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Yet, don’t let the name fool you. This company offers remote jobs and full-time positions for those who don’t live in Michigan. 

            Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a non-profit organization. It is also the biggest healthcare insurance company in the state. They have more than 8,000 employees and service over 6 million people. Many of their employees have disabilities and hold well-paying positions within the organization.

            Job Examples:DX Web Editor, RN Care Manager , and Sr Email Developer
            Pay: 126,747 annually or $60 per hour on average.
            Benefits: Family Medical Leave, Mobile Phone Discount, Performance Bonuses, Dental Insurance, 401K Plan, and Vacation & Paid Time Off.

            18. LiveOps


            Did you know that LiveOps was one of the first companies to offer remote jobs? They have also been featured in an INSEAD Case Study at Harvard Business Review. This company is a leader in providing agent services for health and human service, insurance, and retail. 

            LiveOps was one of the first places to provide job opportunities for disabled people. One of the company’s goals is to offer jobs that help disabled individuals live meaningful lives. 

            They offer job opportunities to disabled people in various sectors. These include retail, rental, tax support, insurance, and call centers.

            Job Examples:Call Center Representative, Sales Development Representative, and Business Development Director.
            Pay: $548 to $2,884 per month on average.
            Benefits: Vacation & Paid Time Off, Job Training, Insurance, Maternity & Paternity Leave, and Health & Wellness.

            19. KeyBank


            If you want to work for a banking institution but don’t want to work for US Bank, you might want to consider KeyBank. This financial institution has been in business for decades. It is one of the best banks to work for if you’re disabled because they offer at-home jobs in many branches. 

            For example, those wishing to work in this institution can become call center representatives. They can also become personal bankers and receptionists from the comfort of their homes.

             Job Examples: Customer Service Specialist, Senior Specialist Identity Verification, and Fraud Data & Business Intelligence Lead Associate.
            Pay: $47,563 to $115,520 a year.
            Benefits: 401(k) Savings Plan, Health Insurance, Discounted Stock Purchase Plan, Family Insurance, Scholarship Program, Paid Time Off, and Parental Leave.

            20. Aetna


            One of the healthcare companies most committed to giving job opportunities to disabled people is Aetna. This company sells various healthcare services, including dental, medical, pharmaceutical, and behavioral healthcare. It is also believed that more than 40% of Aetnas’ workforce telecommutes to work every day.

            Aetna has a diverse range of job opportunities for disabled persons. Aetna also offers accommodations for the hearing and vision impaired.

            Job Examples:Customer Service, Customer Service Representative, and Claim Data Specialist.
            Pay: $70,210 per year on average.
            Benefits: Health & Insurance Benefits, Student loan payment programs, 401(k) Plan, eight days PTO / year, Paid community service days.

            21. Cox Communications


            This company is the biggest private broadband provider in the US. 

            They provide more than 7 million people across 18 states with advanced internet. They also offer digital video, telephone, and home security automation. 

            Additionally, Cox Communications provides disabled people with remote working opportunities. If the corporate culture can accommodate your disability, you could want to apply. You should also note that they score well on the Disability Equity Index yearly. 

            Job Examples:Call Center Customer Experience Associate, Inbound Sales Representative, and Business Customer Support Manager.
            Pay: $50,917 to $130,296 a year.
            Benefits: Life Insurance, Education Reimbursement, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Leave, and a 401(k).

            22. Hilton

            This hospitality company has many remote opportunities for disabled individuals. They are committed to inclusivity which is why they offer remote jobs to disabled people.

            According to the company, they offer remote internships. These are given to people who are recovering or suffering from any type of mental illness. They also provide jobs that allow employees to dictate when and where they will work. This lets employees put their best efforts forward. 

            Additionally, Hilton has many international disability-inclusive programs. For example, in Russia, Hilton has founded UP21. This is a program to help young adults with down syndrome. It helps them learn life skills and find permanent employment with Hilton. 

            Hilton also has hearing-impaired employees. These employees work for them at many of their branches in Central America. 

            Job Examples:Remote Sales and Customer Service Representative, Inventory Control, and Sales Coordinator
            Pay: $11 per hour to $20 per hour on average
            Benefits: Dental and vision coverage, 401k plan, Health Insurance, and Employee Discounts.

            23. BOEING


            Boeing has been the aerospace engineering leader for more than 100 years. This company is best known for providing defense equipment, commercial airplanes, and satellites. Many don’t know that the National Organization on Disability recognized Boeing as a 2022 Leading Disability Employer. 

            Boeing achieved a 100% rating on the Disability Equality Index for the seventh year in a row. Boeing is dedicated to ensuring those with disabilities are respected. They also want those with disabilities to be included, valued, and supported. 

            Even though their job positions are hands-on, they offer a range of work-from-home jobs for those who are disabled. People with a disability can work for them as data scientists or business interns. 

            Job Examples:Mid-Level Procurement Agent, Experienced Procurement Agent, and Experienced Communications and Branding Specialist.
            Pay: $34,000 to $104,000 annually.
            Benefits: Retirement & Financial Benefits, Health & Insurance Benefits, Profit Sharing, Life Insurance, and a 401(k) Plan.

            24. American Express

            You have likely heard of the company American Express. This leading credit card business has thousands of branches worldwide. They also offer more remote positions each year. 

            In fact, American Express is one of the top 20 companies that hire disabled individuals. Every year the company has a large variety of positions up for grabs for disabled people. Their employees get paid vacation and other benefits that make working for them worthwhile. 

            Job Examples:Travel Consultant -Travel & Lifestyle Services, Virtual Customer Care Professional , and Data Entry.
            Pay: $19 per hour to $25 per hour.
            Benefits: 401(k) Plan, Profit Sharing, Supplemental Unemployment, Stock Bonus, Severance Pay, and Health & Insurance Benefits.

            25. Allegis

            Allegis is the global leader in talent solutions. Thanks to their network of specialized companies, they give clients many services. 

            They offer remote positions to disabled adults living within the U.S. Jobs are also available 24/7. You can choose your workload. And which jobs you feel comfortable working on from their dashboards. 

            Their most popular remote job position is transcription. 

            Job Examples:Product Manager, Senior Systems Analyst, and Project Coordinator.
            Pay: 12.02 per hour to $47.60 per hour.
            Benefits: 1-1 coaching sessions and Quarterly Cash Recognition Awards

            Final Word

            Now you know which companies hire people living with disabilities. The companies you apply to will depend on your skill set, preferences, and likes. Yet, you should also consider how much you can earn as a remote worker and what benefits you could be entitled to.

            We hope this guide has helped match you to your dream career, as any of these companies is worthy of your skills.


            25 Famous Disabled People

            25 Famous Disabled People

            Throughout history, there have been many famous people who have lived with disabilities. Even today, politicians, athletes, artists, and musicians live with mental and physical disabilities. 

            Are you curious which famous people of the past or present had or have a disability? If so, continue reading. We’re going to talk about 25 famous disabled people you might not know that were or are disabled!

            Table of Contents
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              1. Stephan Hawking

              At age 21, theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, and scientist Stephan Hawking was diagnosed with ALS and was given two years to live but defied the odds and lived until 76. 

              When his disability became pronounced, he used a voice synthesizer to communicate and stayed mobile with a wheelchair. He continued to research and teach until his death.

              2.Nick Vujicic

              Nick Vujicic is one of the most famous motivational speakers living with a disability. Australian-American Vujicic was born without arms and legs, a disorder known as phocomelia, in 1982. 

              Despite his immense struggles, Vujicic graduated from Griffith University and married the love of his life. He went on to have four children and is a world-famous motivational speaker who founded Attitude is Altitude.


              3. Daniel Radcliffe


              Harry Potter is one of the most popular film franchises of all time. But did you know the actor Daniel Radcliffe who played the film’s main character, suffers from dyspraxia? Dyspraxia is a neurological condition that is known to impair movement and organization. 

              Despite living with this disability, Radcliffe has become incredibly successful. He has starred in many other films.

              4. RJ Mitte III

              Roy Frank Mitte III is one of the few disabled people to play a disabled person on a hit television series.

              Mitte II played Walter White Jnr in the award-winning series Breaking Bad. Walter White Jnr is a character that has cerebral palsy, which is the disability Mitte II has in real life. 


              5. Helen Keller


              Hellen Keller was the first person who was deaf and blind to graduate in the world.

              At the age of 19 months, Keller became ill with an unknown illness in 1881. This resulted in her losing sight and hearing.

              Even with this debilitating disability, Keller went on to travel the world. She is most famous for campaigning for labor rights, socialism, and women’s suffrage.

              6. John Nash

              One of the most famous mathematicians in the world has a disability. John Nash was an American mathematician. He suffered from a condition known as acute paranoid schizophrenia.

              The world was introduced to his life story during the film “A Beautiful mind”. Since Nash knew about his illness, he spent his life fighting against it. His will and determination earned him a successful academic career. It also won him a Nobel Prize in 1994 for Economics.

              7. Andrea Boccelli

              Andrea Boccelli, one of the most successful writers and music producers, was blind. Boccelli sold over 75 million records. He was a worldwide singing and composing inspiration. 

              He was born with congenital glaucoma. This left him partially blind, but he went wholly blind after being hit during a soccer game at age 12. After going blind, Boccelli focused on studying law and music. This led to his winning many awards. He also has a beach named after him.

              8. Aaron Fotheringham

              Skater Aaron Fotheringham is one of the most famous professional skaters in the world. Because of his many failed hip operations, Fotheringham was forced to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life from a young age. 

              Yet, instead of letting this get him down, he turned to the world of skating. He was the first disabled man to perform a somersault in wheelchair history in 2006. He was  an inspiration for disabled people wanting to take up skating. 


              9. Esther Vergeer


              Professional tennis is a challenging sport, even for those who are able-bodied. That’s why Esther Vergeer’s achievements are so spectacular.

              Verger is paralyzed from the waist down. She has seven Paralympic titles and has won 48 Grand Slam tournaments.

              Also, between 1999 and 2013, she was the world’s number one wheelchair tennis player.

              10. Alex Zanardi

              Alex Zanardi was a famous Formula 1 driver for several years before an accident in 2001. This accident left him with severe injuries, and he had to have his legs amputated. He never let this get in the way of his dream. 

              Three years after his accident, he was on the race track again. With adapted prostheses, he drove for BMW. He went on to win four world Touring Car Championships. Also, he has won three paralympic gold medals after turning to tricycle cycling. 


              11.Christopher Reeve


              One of the greatest Supermans of all time was Christopher Reeve. American-born Reeve is well known for his portrayal of this marvel character.

              His career was halted when he suffered a spinal cord injury and became a quadriplegic.

              Reeve dedicated his life to spinal cord injury research despite this devastating blow.

              12. Robin Williams

              Nearly everyone has seen one of Robin Williams’s films. Williams was one of the greatest actors and comedians to ever live.

              Before his death, Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Reportedly, he also suffered from ADHD and had bipolar disorder as an adult.

              Some of his most notable films were “The Butler, “August Rush”, and “Jumanji”.

              13. Michael J. Fox

              You likely know Michael J Fox from his iconic role in “Back to the Future.”

              At 29 years old, Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease like many other Hollywood leading men.

              He has gone on to have a successful acting career even though he was advised to withdraw from acting. 

              14. Stevie Wonder

              Stevie Wonder is a famous singer. He has been repeatedly praised for his impressive singing voice. He is also known for his multi-instrumental skills and songwriting abilities.

              Since he was a baby, Wonder has been blind. But he didn’t let this dictate his future. He has gone on to have a successful career in the music industry.


              15. Millie Bobby Brown


              Hollywood star Millie Bobby Brown has made a name for herself in the industry. She has starred in many memorable roles in film and television. Her most famous are “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes”. 

              Yet, you likely didn’t know that this young actress has partial hearing loss. She experiences difficulties performing since she struggles to hear her co-stars. Even with this impairment, she continues to land roles. 

              16. Sudha Chandran

              One of the most talented Indian dancers and actresses, Sudha Chandran, lost her leg in an accident. Due to her injuries, she had to have her leg amputated.

              Although she lost her leg, she didn’t lose her talent and had a highly successful career in the industry.


              17. David Blunkett


              One of the most famous disabled politicians is David Blunkett.

              Blunkett is the former British politician. He is blind and used braille text and a guide job during his time in office.

              Blunkett was so liked and talented that he took the position of Home Secretary with the UK Labor Party.

              18. Ihar Boki

              Did you know that Ihar Boki was the most decorated athlete at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games?

              Despite being visually impaired, Belarusian Boki won six gold medals and one bronze. Boki also broke four world records.

              He is still a dedicated athlete who continues to impress judges and fans.


              19. Lewis Carroll

              Lewis Carroll was one of the most famous British authors who lived with a disability. British-born Carroll lived with autism and was a lifetime author of children’s books. One of his most beloved is “Alice in Wonderland”. 

              Carroll’s autism affected his ability to talk, and he would stammer when in social settings. He was also deaf in one ear, but these disabilities never stopped him from becoming a renowned writer. 

              20.Muhammad Ali

              Many people don’t know that American-born Muhammad Ali had dyslexia.

              This legendary heavyweight boxing champion was one of the most famous figures of the 20th century. Since he couldn’t read very well, Ali decided to focus on what he was good at: boxing.

              For years he claimed many titles and is recognized as one of history’s greatest boxers.


              21. Johnny Depp


              Famous actor Johnny Depp is well known for his role in the film franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Yet, many don’t know that this talented actor is visually impaired. He cannot see from one eye and is near-sighted in the other. 

              His visual impairment hasn’t affected his career. He is successful and has won many awards. These include three Academy Awards and two British Academy Film Awards. 

              22. Lenin Moreno

              Former Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno was respected by his peers and was one of the most famous politicians.

              He was famous because he was one of the few presidents to be disabled.

              Moreno is a paraplegic who is wheelchair-bound. His disability led to increased disability awareness in Ecuador.


              23. Shaquem Griffin


              The NFL is notoriously challenging to get into. Many people train for years and are never good enough.

              In 2018, Shaquem Griffin became the first ever one-handed player chosen to play in the NFL in America. Griffin was born with Constriction Ring Syndrome, leading to his hand amputation.

              Despite this disadvantage, he has become one of the best NFL players.

              24.Frida Kahlo

              Frida Kahlo is one of the greatest artists to ever live. She was an icon of the twentieth century.

              Kahlo suffered polio as a child, which caused dysmetria in her right leg. It’s also believed that she was born with spina bifida.

              Even though Kahlo spent most of her life in bed in excruciating pain, she still managed to churn out masterpieces.

              25. Ludwig van Beethoven


              Everyone knows Ludwig Beethoven. He is among the most influential composers the world has ever seen. At the age of eight, Beethoven was believed to be one of the most talented pianists and composers the world had ever seen. 

              At the age of 28, after becoming famous, Beethoven began losing his hearing. Despite this, he continued to have a successful career, and much of his music is still listened to today. 

              Final Word

              It’s evident that there have been and still are many famous people who have had disabilities. Many of these people have left a mark on the world.

              This is only a fraction of the talented disabled people who deserve recognition for their contribution to society. It’s also clear that even though a person might have a disability, it doesn’t limit their ability for greatness.

              Some of their quotes are equally inspiring, click for quotes from people with disability.


              Best Walking Boot Covers

              5 Best Walking Boot Covers

              You need a walking boot cover if you want to make your life easier while wearing a walking boot. A walking boot cover will protect your boot and foot from dirt, mud, rain, puddles, and other outdoor and indoor conditions. This, ultimately, improves the longevity of your walking boot. 

              We know that finding the perfect cover for your walking boot can be difficult. That’s why our article focuses on sharing expert knowledge about the best walking boot covers. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the best walking boot covers. 

              Table of Contents
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                 Our Top 5 Cast Socks

                Best For Convenience

                Best For Safety

                Best For All Season

                Best For Durability

                Best For Usability

                Best 5 Walking Boot Covers Reviewed

                Best For ConvenienceMyShoeCovers Walking Boot Cover


                One of the worst things about wearing a walking boot is figuring out how to easily and conveniently protect it. Luckily, those who favor convenience when it comes to walking boot covers can turn to the MyShoeCovers walking boot cover. This cover is easy to slip on and only covers below the ankle section of your leg. 

                Yet, this walking boot cover is worthwhile because it will keep your floors free of markings and your bedsheets free of dirt. Often walking boots can attract dirt and mud and get into the grooves and straps of your boot. With this cover, you can ensure your home stays clean. 

                This walking boot is also handy for keeping your foot warm and dry against the rain, thanks to its waterproof fabric. Many also love that since its cover is reusable, machine washable, non-slip, and safe for indoor and outdoor use. Yet, despite its positives, some have had issues. 

                Some users have found this cover not to be super durable and to start breaking with daily use. Other users have not liked the fabric as they say it overheats their feet and is too hot. 

                Best For SafetyARUNNERS Walking Boot Cover


                If you have feet that like to sweat like me, you might want to consider the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks. These cast socks are widely recognized as one of the best for moisture-wicking and controlling foot odors. This is thanks to the socks’ specially treated fibers. They are also machine washable, which comes in handy when you struggle to do daily tasks. 

                The Beyond Extra Wide cast socks can be used by those who suffer from conditions that cause extreme foot, ankle, and leg swelling. Their superior stretch design means they will fit your cast and be comfortable. After all, these socks can stretch 30 inches at the calf and 21 inches at the foot. 

                Additionally, the Beyond Extra Wide cast socks won’t fall down your cast, are unisex, and one size fits all. As with other cast socks, some customers have had complaints. A few have had issues with the sock fabric snagging easily.

                Best For Winter Wear- My Recovers Walking Boot Cover


                Those who must wear a walking boot for a few months or the long time should consider getting an all-season capable cover. One of the best all-season walking boot covers is the one you can get from My Recovers. This cover has been designed with superior quality material and the ingenious design. 

                The My Recovers walking boot cover offers a universal fit, meaning it can fit most walking boots. You can still use this cover even if you switch out one walking boot for another in between seasons. It also has an open foot design at the bottom that allows your foot to breathe and an easy-to-use zipper at the back. This zipper makes putting it on and taking it off easy. 

                Some have been less than impressed with this cover. Some have said it doesn’t last long, and the fabric wears down fast. A few have also had problems with the zipper at the back-breaking. 

                Best For DurabilityMy bow Health Walking Boot Cover


                If you’re someone who penny-pinches or is on a budget, you need a durable walking boot cover. One of the most durable walking boot covers is the one offered by My bow health. This cover will keep your foot dry, clean, and warm while protecting the boot from the elements. 

                Unlike other walking boot covers, the Mybow Health one is made to last, with three fasteners. These fasteners are a securing button, a zipper, and buckle straps. You can trust that your cover isn’t going anywhere when all of these features are engaged. 

                Additionally, this cover is made out of durable polyester and is waterproof. It’s also designed with diamond grain and can be put over your left or right foot. However, even though it’s waterproof, it can’t be used in the shower or while swimming because it doesn’t cover the bottom or seal. 

                This one has a few drawbacks, according to some users, like all walking boot covers. For example, a few found this cover  cannot keep their walking boot dry enough. Others found it not as secure as it claims to be. 


                Not all walking boot covers are made with boring colored fabric. One of the most colorful covers you will find is this My Recovers one. This cover has a beautiful multi-colored pattern design that draws the eye. Yet, besides being vibrant, its other huge benefit is that it is infinitely usable. 

                With this walking boot, you can use it every day because of its four-way stretch fabric that is breathable and washable. It’s also easy to put on and take off thanks to its zippered back, and it has no velcro. Without the velcro, you don’t have to worry about snagging your clothing and potentially unraveling seams. 

                Since it’s open at the bottom, you needn’t worry too much about breathability. Yet, this can be detrimental if you come across huge puddles or have to wear this during the rainy season. In addition, there are a few other things users doesn’t like about this walking boot cover. 

                For example, many found this cover to be not too durable as it tore easily. Some have also found it to fit too loosely, and others have had a used cover sent to them. 

                RecommendedARUNNERS Walking Boot Cover | Final Words

                You’ll likely be satisfied no matter which walking boot cover you choose. Each of these covers is ideal for their individual purposes, so you’re likely to find one that suits your needs and wants. 

                In our opinion, the ARUNNERS walking boot cover is the best, but only because we see safety as the first priority. Essentially, whichever one you choose will help you protect your walking boot against dirt, mud, puddles, and the elements without being uncomfortable. 

                Are you still  find Walking Boot Socks, you can read our our guide to find them.


                5 Best Walking Boots

                5 Best Walking Boots

                Thousands of people have wear a walking boot yearly to recover from an injury. Wearing the wrong walking boot can make your rehabilitative journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about reinjuring yourself or being uncomfortable. This is because there are a few excellent walking boot options. 

                We’ve taken the time to find five of the best walking boots you need to consider if you have an injury that requires one.We go into detail surrounding each boot’s features that make them worthwhile. 

                Table of Contents
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                   Our Top 5 Walking Boots

                  Best For Natural Gait

                  Best For Stability Walking

                  Best For Post Surgery Ailments

                   Best For High Mobility

                  Best For Heavy Weight Users

                  Best 5 Walking Boots Reviewed

                  Best For A Natural GaitUnited Ortho Short Air Cam Walking Boot


                  When using a walking boot, it can be challenging to walk how you usually would. If this is one of your biggest concerns, you need the United Ortho Short Air Cam walking boot. This easy-to-use inflating and deflating walking boot is one of the best. This is especially true for those who want to maintain a natural walking gait. 

                  This durable walking boot has a design that promotes a natural walking gait. It has a rocker sole and a shock-absorbing insole. These are the key features that help you walk normally just like you don’t have an injury.

                  This walking boot is also durable. This is thanks to its sturdy plastic molded uprights that feature steel reinforcement. Yet, you’ll likely appreciate most that you can use it for various injury types. For example, this walking boot is perfect for soft tissue injuries. It is also best for post-operative care, foot and ankle fractures, and acute ankle sprains. 

                  Unfortunately, despite its many positive attributes, it does have a few problem areas. According to some users, this walking boot is very heavy when walking. Other users have complained that they have received a used product. 

                  Best For StabilityKefit Walking Boot


                  Those worried about stability while their injury heals need the Kefit walking boot. This walking boot has been designed to stabilize a person’s foot with its built-in inflatable bag. 

                  The built-in bag on the Kefit walking boot inflates and provides supreme stability. This keeps an ankle in its place with little movement, even when walking. This promotes better healing while providing ample protection. Additionally, this boot has double-sided aluminum brackets that match a typical legs contour. This design feature provides further stability to an injured foot or ankle. 

                  Moreover, the Kefit walking boot built-in compression bag provides comfort while walking. This bag adapts to changes in a foot’s swelling. Thus making it comfortable without feeling tight when worn.

                  You should also note that this boot suits those recovering from a host of injuries. For example, sprained ankles, foot or ankle stress fractures, or Achilles tendon ruptures. You should also keep in mind that this boot hasn’t been every user’s favorite. Like other walking boots, the Kefit boot has a few complaints. Some users have found the bottom to lack proper grip and others have found the inflation feature too flimsy. 

                  Best For Post Surgery Ailments BraceAbility Short Walking Boot


                  Healing after surgery can be challenging and uncomfortable. That’s why purchasing a quality walking boot is a good idea. One of the best option for post-surgery ailments is the BraceAbility short walking boot. This clinically proven walking boot is made to protect and treat many injuries. Injuries include stress fractures, post-bunion surgery, metatarsal fractures, or broken toes. 

                  The BraceAbility short walking boot also helps to immobilize your foot, and ensures your injury doesn’t worsen and you heal as you should. This walking boot also has adjustable medical-grade fastener straps. These straps make putting it on and customizing the right fit easy. 

                  This walking boot also has a rocker bottom and a low profile. These help you walk normally while you focus on recovery. But you’ll like most that you can trust your foot will be safe. This is because this boot has a rigid polymer plastic shell. This shell supports your foot and ankle on both sides. 

                  Yet, some users have found fault with this walking boot. One customer found the foam to squeak loudly when walking. Others found it uncomfortable to wear.

                  Best For High Mobility Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot


                  Having an injury doesn’t mean you should be unable to move about as you wish. If you use the Aircast AirSelect walking boot, you can do your daily activities with less fuss and hassle. The Aircast AirSelect walking boot helps you stay mobile. This is because it’s comfortable while offering protection and swelling control. 

                  This walking boot has a sleek open-frame design that provides ventilation. This means you don’t have to worry about your foot sweating and have less worry about mold and mildew growth. It also has a skid-resistant, non-marking rubber treat. Unlike other walking boots, this tread provides better traction and ensures long wear. 

                  Yet, what you’ll likely love it most is that it has overlapping Duplex air cells. These cells line the shell of the semi-rigid durable shell. This air cell lining provides intermittent pneumatic compression. With this compression, you’re ensured three times faster edema reduction. 

                  The Aircast AirSelect also has SoftStrike technology. This technology absorbs and dissipates shock as you walk so it ensures you that you don’t feel discomfort while moving out and about daily. But, you should know that this walking boot has a few concerns, for example, some users have found the velcro strap to be troublesome. Others have had issues with the comfort of the boot, with the lining moving and the boot causing pain. 

                  Best For Heavy Weight Users United Ortho Air Cam Walking Boot


                  Do you weigh more than the average person? If so, you’ll likely struggle to find a walking boot that can support your weight. Luckily, the United ortho Air Cam walking boot is one of the best for heavy-weight users. This walking boot can be used by people who weigh up to 300 pounds. 

                  Besides being perfect for heavier users, this walking boot has many other attributes. For example, this boot provides stability and support for various injuries. It includes either pre-surgery or post-surgery  and also has steel reinforcements and a shock-absorbing insole to ensure you do not jar your foot. Additionally, it has a rocker sole for a more natural gait.

                  It’s also easy to use and adjust and is perfect for winter wear since it’s designed to be comfortable. Yet, some have found this walking boot to be disappointing. Some users have had the side straps tear off, and others have been unable to pump the boot with air for support. 

                  RecommendedKefit Walking Boot| Final Words

                  Each of these walking boot options is worth considering. You’ll know which one you want when you check their features and what they provide.

                  In my opinion, the Kefit walking boot is the best because it provides superior stability. Yet, whichever walking boot you choose, you’ll enjoy protecting your injury and also enjoy promoting its healing.

                  If you feel uncomfortable wearing some walking boot, you can wear walking boot socks to help make you more comfortable.  Please read our best walking boot socks guide before you buy them.


                  5 Best Walking Boot Socks

                  5 Best Walking Boot Socks

                  If you have to wear a walking boot because of an injury, you might not realize how uncomfortable wearing one can be. Luckily there is a solution. You can wear walking boot socks to help make using a walking boot more comfortable and less likely to harm you. 

                  If you’re comfortable and your foot is protected from the inside, you’ll promote a speedier recovery. Yet, since finding the perfect walking boot socks can be challenging, we have you covered. After looking into the best options, we have found five of the best you should consider. 

                  Table of Contents
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                     Our Top 5 Walking Boot Socks

                    Durable and Comfort Socks

                    Best for Reducing Skin Irritation

                    Best For Moisture Absorption

                    Best For Extra Length

                    For Compression Healing

                    Best 5 Walking Boot Socks Reviewed

                    Best For durable and comfort – Impresa Extra Width Socks


                    Of all the socks featured on this list, my favorite is the Impresa Extra Width walking boot socks. These socks are the best because they offer users comfort, protection, and years of usability. 

                    The Impresa Extra Width Socks will last you many years because they are made to be durable. They feature 91 percent cotton, 7 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex. This means they are durable, breathable, comfortable, and stretchable. The material combination and inverted seam also make it super stretchy. The stretchiness helps it to conform to most calve widths. 

                    Additionally, the inverted toe seam gives users a comfortable seamless feel. Moreover, even though these socks are extra wide, they won’t fall down your leg inside your walking boot. 

                    But, even though this sock is the best overall, some have complained. A few customers have claimed that these socks have no compression capabilities. Other users have found that the socks fall apart sooner than they should.

                    Best For Reducing Skin IrritationAircast Sock Liner


                    Those who are active and have to use a walking boot could suffer skin irritation. This is especially true if they don’t use a premium quality sock liner like the Aircast sock liner. After all, wearing a regular sock over an injured foot won’t protect you. For example, it won’t help with chafing, rubbing, and blistering. 

                    Luckily, the Aircast sock liner is the best for preventing and reducing skin irritation. This walking boot sock liner has been designed to stay on your foot and protect it, thanks to its high-quality material. It is 22 inches long and has enough stretch to comfortably fit most foot and calf sizes. 

                    You’ll likely love the most that this sock liner is compatible with a wide range of walking boots. These walking boots include the Aircast XP, FP, and SP models. Despite its compatibility and skin irritation benefits, a few users don’t liked this sock liner. Some have said this liner falls down to the ankle frequently. Others have disliked that it’s a fairly thicker sock liner.

                    Best For Moisture Absorption- BraceAbility Sock Liner


                    If you tend to sweat when using a walking boot, you need a quality sock liner that will absorb excess moisture. With the right sock liner, you can prevent mold growth and a mildew smell in your walking boot. This is because it will keep the interior dry and moisture free. The BraceAbility sock liner is the best sock liner for moisture absorption. 

                    Unlike other walking boot sock liners, the BraceAbility sock is fairly unique. It is a cotton, polyester, lycra, and spandex blend. This blend is 100% synthetic, so the fibers are absorbent. This means it will keep your foot and leg dry to promote better healing. This blend also ensures that your foot won’t smell, even if you sweat a lot. 

                    Additionally, the BraceAbility sock liner has been designed to have a non-constricting fit. With this fit, you’ll enjoy targeted compression and superb heat retention to keep your foot warm. The non-constricting design also improves breathability. 

                    Unfortunately, even though this sock liner has many benefits, not everyone is happy. Some users have found the sock liner threads come out easily. Many others have experienced their sock liner shrinking in the wash. 

                    Best For Extra Length – Mars Wellness Sock Liner


                    Since walking boots tend to go up to below the knee, it’s important to have a protective layer. That’s why earing the extra length 19-inch high Mars Wellness sock liner is a good idea. It will protect your leg and foot from the walking boot you must wear when you have an injury. 

                    The Mars Wellness sock liner features premium quality ultra soft and comfortable fabric. This super soft fabric protects your legs from scratching and chafing while walking. It also won’t fall down while you walk. Its cushioned synthetic knit design also absorbs sweat to keep the foot and leg inside the boot dry. 

                    Additionally, this extra-long sock liner is non-constricting. It’s also thick enough to keep your foot cozy and warm during the winter. It is also compatible with many different walking boots and comes in a universal size. Yet, even with these positive aspects, some have been unhappy with this sock liner. 

                    Some customers have found the Mars Wellness sock liner too thick and hot. Others over six feet tall have found them cumbersome because they fall down on taller people. 

                    Best For Compression Healing Impresa Sock Liner


                    Are you in need of compression healing while wearing a walking boot? Look no further than the Impresa sock liner. These orthopedic socks apply compression to your foot, ankle, and leg. This compression helps to improve heat retention and circulation. This, in turn, will help you reduce swelling and speed up your recovery time. 

                    The Imprese sock liner is a protective layer between your walking boot and appendage. Yet, this sock can also help with circulatory problems and chronic swelling. It’s also handy for soothing leg fatigue. This is thanks to its breathable and comfortable design. 

                    You’ll likely love that the Impresa sock liner is machine washable and dries quickly. It also features moisture-absorbant material. This ensures moisture wicks away and prevents foot odors. Yet, some have found this sock liner less than stellar. 

                    For some, the Impresa sock liner is made with too rough material. Others have found the material far too hot and thick to be comfortable. 

                    Recommended Impresa Extra Width Socks| Final Words

                    Any of these walking boot sock options would be worth considering if you have to use a boot to heal an injury. Which one you choose will depend on your preferences and needs. Yet, if you don’t know which to choose, pick the Imprese extra wide walking boot socks that are the best overall. 

                    If you remember to wear your sock or sock liner, you’ll be far more comfortable. You’ll also prevent skin irritation, blistering, chafing, and swelling. So give one of these socks a chance. 

                    If you just want to find cast socks, this guide will help you.


                    5 Best Cast Socks

                    5 Best Cast Socks

                    Our article will discuss five of the best cast socks you should consider, including my favorite pair by Pembrook.

                    Finding the best cast sock that suits your purposes can be incredibly difficult. That’s why we have taken time so that you don’t have to and found the best-reviewed cast socks. Each of the socks we have listed below is trusted by those who have had to wear a cast sock in the past.

                    Table of Contents