worldcrutches-Halloween Costumes While On Crutches

40 Halloween Costumes While On Crutches

40 Halloween costumes while on crutches

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about your costumes. You might be worried that your injured leg along with a pair of crutches might ruin your plans! However, with a little creativity and your DIY skills, you’ll be good to go.

Here are 40 great Halloween costume ideas from famous characters on crutches.

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    1. The Pirate


    Grab an eye patch, a pirate hat and a shiny sword and get ready to go rob some sweets. A pirate look will look amazing alongside your crutches. Pirates have accidents too!

    2. A Penguin

    Using crutches is no walk in the park, how about you use that to your advantage! Waddle your way across the street rocking a penguin costume.

    3. An Injured Football Player:

    Just a cool and awesome football player dealing with a leg injury. You can wear your favorite player’s shirt, and an armband like a team captain.

    4. A Playful Smurf

    They are blue, cheerful with a hint of crazy. You can dress all blue and walk around with crutches like a smurf who got himself in trouble.

    5. The Monopoly Guy

    A simple and easy costume to rock on Halloween night is the monopoly guy. Wear a tuxedo, put a top hat on, a fake mustache, and you’ll be ready to collect your night’s fees.

    6. A Mummy

    This one is a classic with a twist! Wrap yourself and your crutches with toilet paper and go roaming around.

    7. A Zombie

    The zombie look is also a classic. It’s not like you see a zombie now and then, who’s to say a zombie can’t use crutches!

    8. Extra legs? That's a spider

    Having to use crutches is like having a helping pair of legs! You can attach extra fake arms popping up from your back, and you’ll look the part.

    9. Lara Croft


    Who don’t know the adventuress Lara Croft, with here two guns making a run for it through the jangle. Although, even adventurers could suffer a leg injury. Grab a pair of fake guns and go tell your story.

    10. A Hockey Player

    Another great idea for Halloween is to dress as an injured hockey player. Put on a hockey helmet, a pair of gloves and pretend your crutches are the stick (in this case two!)

    11.Tiny Tim


    Dress like a boy from the 80s and be the cute and funny tiny Tim from Christmas carol. Crutches will only make it look better, as Tim used a crutch to walk around.

    12. The Penguin from Batman

    Jump to the other side of the law for the night and mimic the tricky penguin from batman. Grab a top hat and a monocle. This will also look great if you can manage using a cane.

    13. Grandpa/Grandma is home


    Stroll by like an elderly who needs crutches. How hard can it be to mimic an old man or woman’s look? Dress like an elderly. Wear glasses, throw on grandma’s scarf or grandpa’s coat, and use your crutches to get around.

    14. A GHOST

    You may not manage to look as scary as one, but this will help cover up the crutches. Simply grab a white sheet, poke two holes to see, and throw it on top of you.

    15. An NBA Player


    If you are into basketball and great dunks, you can choose to be an NBA player who’s going through treatment. A nice touch would be to modify a jersey shirt and write your name on the back. 

    16. Octopus

    Octopuses are known to have more than two legs. An octopus costume would be fun and cool if you need to use crutches. Be sure to attach extra tentacles to look the part.

    17. The "I just had a horrible accident"


    What’s better than playing it how it looks? Put on some torn clothes, fake blood and act as if you just made it out of an accident! 

    18. The Flamingo

    Since you can only use one leg, this costume might not be a bad idea. The big pink bird likes to stand on one leg. A pink costume and a long beak along your crutches will hint at the idea.

    19. A Giraffe


    Consider the crutches as your grand and big giraffe legs. Find a giraffe costume and wrap your crutches in a similar fabric.

    20. Super Mario

    All that jumping around and fighting monsters is ought to get you in trouble and result in a broken leg. All you need is a blue pant and a red shirt. If you can’t find a Mario cap, You can grab any cap and glue the letter M to it.

    21. Football Referee Costume


    If you are into football, this costume may be a great choice to go with for Halloween. It is true that you never see a referee with crutches, but maybe you made a call that didn’t appeal to the crowed!

    22. The Skier

    Just as if you are used to skiing down a snowy mountain range, only this time you had some difficulties steering. You can wear your ski goggles and pretend that your crutches are your skiing pole.

    23. A Figure Skater

    Skating, jumping and dancing on ice could be all fun and games until you make a bad move. You can dress as a figure skater who’s suffering a leg injury that required you to use crutches. All you need is a colorful skating suit, and a fake medallion.

    24. Panda with chainsaw arms

    Adorable and cute? Well, not tonight! You can make a pair of fake chainsaws from carton and stick them on each crutch. Don’t forget about the panda costume.

    25. A Witch

    worldcrutches-A Witch Costume on crutches

    Halloween is all about the spooky theme, therefor dressing as a witch is an excellent choice. Say you fell off while riding your broom. Wear a black dress, grab a wand and maybe decorate your crutch to look like a broom.

    26. Rock Lee from Naruto

    Rock lee may be fast, but not when dealing with a broken leg, and most certainly not with crutches. Put on an all-green suit and orange leg warmers. It would be cool if you can find the Konoha green flak jacket.

    27. Dark Crystal Strider


    One creepy, scary and perfect costume for Halloween with crutches is a one inspired from Dark Crystal. In addition to the costume, you can wrap your crutches in some weary fabric that matches your costume.

    28. TARS from Interstellar

    Something about Tars’ walk just hints out crutches! For this one, all you need is a big carton the size of your body, with a hole on each side for your arms.

    29. Jimmy from South Park


    This one is simple, easy and awesome. Jimmy Valmer from South Park. He is my favorite cartoon character on crutches. All you need is to wear a yellow shirt with jeans

    30. Rambo

    Get ready to go guns blazing tonight like Rambo does. You can decorate your crutches to look like huge guns, along with a combat knife on your waist. Don’t forget to wear similar clothes.

    31. Hobbes with crutches


    Wherever these two crazy friends go, trouble follows. You are bound to get some great comments dressing as this funny comic character. This would be even better if you can convince your friend to join you as Calvin. 

    32. R2-D2

    If you can do a robot voice, then this beloved droid from the great Star Wars franchise would be great for you. Check here for a simple and easy DIY guide.

    33. house M.D.


    Doctor House uses a cane rather than crutches, but if you could keep the grumpiness for the night, then the rest is easy. You can simply wear a suit and hang on a heart listener if you could find one.

    34. Evel Knievel

    Evel Knievel is one of the most famous stunt performers. Dressing as him for Halloween would be a great choice. If anyone asks, just say that you fell off your bike while jumping through a big fire circle!

    35. Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window


    In Rear Window, Jeff gets stuck in his apartment due to a leg injury. To entertain himself, Jeff gets a pair of Binoculars and starts spying on his neighbors. Get yourself a light blue pajama and binoculars or a camera and go out as Jeff.

    36. Jesus Christ with Crosses

    This one is easy and pretty straightforward. All you need is a white robe, and to modify our crutches to look like crosses. You also wear a fake beard to make it look even better.

    37. go as The 3 Stooges


    This would be hilarious if you could get your friend in on it. You can be Curly and act as if you just fell from a high place and injured your leg. Wrap your head with pads to make it look more realistic.

    38. Gundam

    If you are a fan of the anime, or you just always wanted to be an awesome but deadly war machine, this is your chance. You can disguise one crutch as a shield and the other as your sword.

    39. Wear a canoe

    This might seem weird, but it’s actually a good and funny idea. You can make a small canoe that fits you and pretend that your crutches are your paddles to get around.

    40. assassin's creed

    It is probably better to stay off rooftops and keep on the ground. Climbing buildings may get you injured, which is exactly what happened in your case! A nice touch would be to hide the hidden blades (not real, of course) within your crutches.

    Final Word

    Dealing with a leg injury as Halloween approaches may be frustrating. However, it doesn’t mean that you are going to sit in the house for the night and pass on tricks or treats!

    There are a lot of options for you to choose from that will look great despite the crutches. We offer you 40 suggestions for you to pick from. Go spend an unforgettable Halloween night!


    Will Crutches Help My Fibromyalgia?

    Will Crutches Help My Fibromyalgia ?

    Worldwide, people with this medical condition ask themselves, “will crutches help my fibromyalgia?” The short answer is that yes. Crutches are a treatment option that actually manages mobility issues. Continue reading if you would like to find out more about what caused it, and the treatment option. Additionally, keep reading if you want to know more about crutches as a treatment.

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      What is Fibromyalgia?

      Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder. It is a condition that creates widespread musculoskeletal pain. Fibromyalgia affects approximately every 1 in 25 people in the United Kingdom. Unlike other disorders, this is a long-term chronic illness that can impact a person’s life. 


      Due to this being a chronic condition, there are many symptoms that people suffer from. Finding out these symptoms early on can help you establish if you have this condition. I try my best to educate others on the symptoms so that they can seek medical help and get a diagnosis early on.

      When identifying the condition, medical doctors would look for trigger points. Yet, they now look for pain regions. A doctor will likely ask you if you have persistent dull pain in one or more of these regions of pain. If you tell the doctor that you feel this type of pain, they will consider a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Yet, only if you are experiencing pain in 4 out of the 5 regions identified as part of the diagnostic criteria. 

      The more awareness there is about this disorder, the more likely it will be that people take notice. If they are aware of, they can take time to discover other treatment options and a potential cure. Below is a shortened list of a few symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. 

      • Headaches and migraines.
      • Insomnia and restless sleep patterns.
      • Mild to severe muscle pain that includes burning, tightness and twitching.
      • Extreme and constant fatigue and tiredness.
      • Widespread pain throughout your musculoskeletal regions of the human body.
      • Trouble concentrating.
      • Bladder and bowel problems.
      • Anxiety and depression. 


      We can look at what causes this disorder. There has been much debate globally surrounding the exact cause of this condition. Despite several research studies into it, it is still unclear what the exact cause is. 

      Yet, recently there is much evidence based on a few theories about the causes of fibromyalgia. Most medical professionals agree on a popular view. They state the disorder develops in people who have problems with how their spinal cord and brain process pain signals from their body’s nerves. 

      • Past infections: Those who suffer from past infections are more likely to get it. For example, those who had salmonella have later in life developed fibromyalgia.

      • Stress and mood disorders: Stress is often referred to as the silent killer. It can significantly affect body’s functions. Some research has linked stress as a factor to those who have developed fibromyalgia. This is because stress creates hormonal imbalances.

      • Hereditary condition: Similarly to other genetic disorders, fibromyalgia runs in families. If you have a family member who has the condition, you are more likely to get it. Some scientists believe this is because of gene mutations.

      Additionally, you are more prone to developing fibromyalgia if you are a woman. You are also more likely to develop this condition if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, if you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or have another disease.


      We will briefly discuss a few of the treatment options currently available. The loved one in my life suffering from this condition has made use of a few of these options. There is, unfortunately, no cure for the disorder currently. Yet, by utilizing one or more of these treatments, a person can ease some of their pain.

      How Do You Treat Fibromyalgia Pain ?

      worldcrutches-Fibromyalgia Acupuncture
      • Various pain relievers: You can manage fibromyalgia with over-the-counter pain medications. Pain medications help reduce inflammation and muscular pains. Some will also help you sleep. Some of the more popular medicines include aspirin, naproxen sodium, and ibuprofen.

      • Acupuncture: For years, the practice of acupuncture has been helping those with illnesses. Acupuncture has started to be more widely used by those with fibromyalgia. This form of treatment involved a patient’s skin being stuck with needles to provide pain relief.

      • Physical therapy: One of the best treatments available is physical therapy. This treatment will focus on you gaining back mobility and strengthening weakening muscles. As your mobility increases and your muscles strengthen, you will have less pain.

      How Can You Treat Fibromyalgia Fatigue?

      • Medicinal marijuana: Medicinal marijuana is one of the best natural pain supplements. It is also one of the best muscle relaxants and sleeping aids for those with fibromyalgia. It may not be traditional pain relief, but it is becoming more popular. It helps those with the condition improve their mental health. It also helps them reduce their pain and stiffness.

      • Vitamin D supplements: You should always speak with your doctor before taking any kind of medication. Vitamin D supplements ease fatigue with those who have fibromyalgia. If you want to combat fatigue and feel better, you might want to take a vitamin D supplement.

      • Meditation: Many people with this condition have stated that meditation helps them. Meditation will help you control your anxiety and depression. These are common symptoms felt by those with this disorder. 

      Will Crutches Really help help my Fibromyalgia?


      Crutches are one of the reliable pain management treatments available to those who have fibromyalgia. Above, we said how you could treat the pain and fatigue that those diagnosed feel. We will briefly discuss how crutches can help you with the mobility issues you could be facing if you have fibromyalgia. 

      Crutches will support you and assist you with walking. This is especially useful when you are in a lot of pain due to the disorder. It’s best to use your crutches when you begin experiencing the pain so that your pain doesn’t worsen. Instruments like crutches are specifically designed to reduce the pressure a body feels when walking. This is helpful to those who have fibromyalgia as they often experience widespread discomfort. 

      Help Tips

      Below I have gathered a few helpful tips for living with this condition from those who have it. Some of these tips will help reduce some of the pain you are likely experiencing and help you live a happy life. 

      • Undertake yoga classes. Along with light exercise, taking a yoga class can help manage the pain you experience. Yoga is a relaxing sport that will not only quiet your mind but strengthen your muscles. This will help improve your body’s mobility.
      • Alternate your medications. If you find the medicine you are taking isn’t working for you, change to something else. Often the treatment for one patient won’t work for someone else with the condition. Additionally, keep a note of all the medications that leave you with bad reactions. This way, you know what to avoid.

      • Never compare yourself to others with the condition. It is easy to compare yourself to those with the same disorder. You should not do this as each person tolerates and experiences pain in various ways. Additionally, each person copes and manages their condition differently. There are also different levels of normal for other people. By not comparing yourself to someone else, you are helping yourself cope. 

      Final Words

      After reading this brief article detailing fibromyalgia, you should have a better understanding. I truly hope the information will help others identify if this is a disorder they are suffering from. I also hope that this article will provide readers with helpful tips and treatments. These tips could help reduce the pain they likely feel daily. 

      If you are looking for variable treatments to manage your pain, you might want to consider using crutches. These mobility aids are convenient, functional and assist those living with this condition. 


      5 Best Crutch Hand Grip Covers

      5 Best Crutch Hand Grip Covers

      The hand grips on your crutches are just as important as your underarm pads. Using crutches require a firm grip around the featured hand grips, for optimum security. Using crutches for extended periods of time may cause some irritation against your palms and hurt your wrist.

      To avoid irritation or any discomfort on your palms, you must reinforce your crutch’s hand grips. Here are 5 Best crutch hand grips.

      Table of Contents
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         Our Top 5 Picks

        Editor’s Pick

        Extra Comfort

        Great Investment

        Optimum Quality

        Soft and Silky

        Top 5 Crutch Handgrips Cover


        A great pair of crutch hand grip covers is the sheepette. Made using an extremely soft Faux sheepskin that greatly reduces discomfort against the palms and the wrists. This fluffy grip covers keeps soreness and fatigue to a minimum and eliminates any chance for irritation. In addition, it includes extra Removable Foam Padding to offer more support and boost comfort.

        You can easily insert the extra padding or take them off for convenient grip size. The breathable synthetic sheepskin featured is made to absorb moister and keep your hand cool. It can easily be washed for a fresh use with no wear off.

        You can use these grip covers with any standard crutch or walker. Use the Velcro fasteners featured to lock it in place and in addition, the none slip lining grant excellent grip for more security.

        Good For:

        Bad For:


        This pair of padded grip covers from vive. Made using contoured foam and latex-free padding. It distributes pressure evenly to limit discomfort along the palms and the wrists. The material used in the making allows it to be breathable and moisture absorbent to keep your palms cool and dry.

        Vive pads fit to any standard crutch or walker. With its hook and loop lock, it can easily be adjusted and firmly locked. The pads are also washable for a fresh feeling after each wash.

        Good For:

        Bad For:

        Great InvestmentCrutcheze Crutch Hand Grip Covers


        Crutcheze introduces a pair of crutch hand grip pads designed by healthcare professionals to provide the most comfort. Thanks to the high density foam featured within the pads, it offers more support. The soft stretch fabric fits gently within your palms and relieves any pressure.

        These pads are also antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking with no latex used, for a comfortable safe grip.

        You can easily apply the pads to any standard crutch or walker and secure it using the hook & loop fastener.

        Good For:

        Bad For:

        Optimum Quality – Uncle Yang Grip Covers


        As the name suggest, update your hand grips and enhance your crutches using these spongy and delicate covers. These grip covers are made of contoured foam, which along the core padded provides a cozy and relaxing touch. It limits and keeps pain and grip fatigue away for an extended and easier crutch use. The latex-free material also insures a safe use with no skin irritation or soreness.  

        You can easily install these covers to any standard crutch or walker. Adjusted according to your needs using the hook and loop closures. It features a non-skid surface designed to keep a firm grip with no slipping. These crutch covers are ante-moist and easy to wash after a while of use.

        Good For:

        Bad For:

        Soft and SilkyCrutch Comfort Hand Grip Covers


        Last item on our list is the adorable looking crutch grip cover. A silky feeling rich fleece featuring soft memory foam core padding that grants a great deal of comfort.

        Simply slid the covers over your crutch hand grips, secure it with the hook & loop fasteners, and you are good to go. Fabric absorbs moist and sweat to keep a dry comfy grip and can easily be washed. To wash the covers, separate the fleece exteriors from foam cores.

        Good For:

        Bad For:

        Recommended Vive Sheepskin Crutch Grips Cover | Final Words

        The quality of your crutch hand grips determines how satisfying the experience is. The standard featured gripes in your crutches may not be enough to accommodate a Long time of use. Your palms may get irritated and your wrist may ache after a while of leaning on your crutches.  Choosing a pair of hand grip covers to help deliver more support, comfort and eliminate irritation is a wise thing to do. 

        Based on our assessment, we nominate the Vive Sheepskin Crutch Grips Cover. The soft faux sheepskin promotes the best of comfort and maintains a healthy grip that limits any type of ache. Due to breathable synthetic sheepskin, it stays cool and dry, which is very import for more security and relaxation. You may try different covers and sort through what suits you best for an enjoyable crutch use.


        12 Ways to Stay Positive While Recovering on Crutches

        12 Ways to Stay Positive While Recovering on Crutches

        A close relationship exists between physical injury and mental health. This reality is supported by research, which concludes that a severe injury can trigger mental problems like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Such a conclusion indicates that recovery from a severe injury is not just a physical process but also a mental one. 

        If your injury has left you in crutches and you are struggling mentally, this article is for you. We focus on ways to stay positive and take care of your mental health while recovering. Before exploring different methods of dealing with anxiety and depression during recovery, we look at how a physical injury affects mental health.

        Table of Contents
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          Effects of Physical Injury on Mental Health


          In an article about how being injured affects mental health, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) suggests that “the psychological response to injury can trigger or unmask serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and substance use or abuse.”

          The NCAA describes itself as “a member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes.”  

          Some of the emotional responses listed by the NCAA include: 

          • Sadness
          • Isolation
          • Irritation
          • Lack of motivation
          • Anger
          • Frustration
          • Changes in appetite
          • Sleep disturbance
          • Disengagement

          Generally, any mental issues triggered by an injury will subside over time. However, sometimes the challenges linger for extended periods, leaving the affected individual with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

          The notforprofit provider of healthcare services and information,, defines PTSD as “a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.” The same source adds that “Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.”  

          Dealing with Mental Health Problems During Recovery

          The idea that the way people react to trauma depends on several factors, including the kind of injury experienced, its severity, the kind of support available, personality traits, the existence of other stressors in the injured individual’s life, and whether the person has experienced trauma before, is supported by the Better Health Channel. Better Health Channel is an Australian provider of health and medical information.  

          The Better Health Channel perspective suggests that there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution to dealing with mental health issues while recovering from an injury. However, some common techniques for staying positive during recovery are suggested by several credible sources. We look at some of them below.

          1. Accept the Situation

          Bobbi Emel wrote an article published by the resource for peace and happiness entitled How Accepting Your Pain Can Help You Heal

          To drive her point home, Emel quotes Eckhart Tolle, who says, “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”  She adds, “Resistance does not help you; it only saps your energy.” 

          The idea that resistance delays healing is supported by Dr. Karyn Hall, a certified clinician, and author. She suggests that “It’s exhausting to fight reality, and it doesn’t work.” She adds that attempting to resist or avoid the situation you’re facing only adds more suffering to the pain. 

          When you accept the injury and the fact that you will spend some time on crutches, you are opening the way for dealing with the situation. You can only deal with a situation that you have accepted. 

          Hall proposes that you can transform your resistance feelings into accepting beliefs like “I’m in this situation. I don’t approve of it. I don’t think it’s OK, but it is what it is, and I can’t change that it happened.”

          2. Practice Positive Self-Talk

          Fundamentally, it’s not what people say to you that matters most when recovering from an injury. Instead, the most crucial factor is the inner monologue, called self-talk, that you have with yourself when everybody else is not around. 

          When you hold reaffirming thoughts, you start to understand that the power over your feelings lies within you and not in what someone else thinks or says. 

          The American Psychiatric Association advises that as part of this positive self-talk, you need to “Remind yourself and others that it’s normal to have many different feelings as well as ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’ as a natural part of recovery.”

          3. Live in the Moment with Mindfulness

          Several studies accept the idea that practicing mindfulness has benefits for the healing process. This is a view supported by an article published by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. 

          The UCLA article says that mindfulness research “has identified a wide range of benefits in different areas of psychological health, such as helping to decrease anxiety, depression, rumination, and emotional reactivity.” Adding, “Research has also shown mindfulness helps to increase well-being, positive affect, and concentration.” 

          Writing for the website that provides content on mental health topics,, Cathy Wong defines mindfulness meditation. She calls it an exercise that combines mindfulness and meditation, teaching you “to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body.”     

          4. Do Not Isolate


          When you have just been injured, it’s expected that you may feel afraid or unsafe in certain situations. At such a time, it’s vital that you remain among people you can depend on as much as possible. 

          The American Psychiatric Association advises injured individuals to “Stay connected with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to give and receive support.” Adding that “Helping one another aids in healing.”  

          5. Keep a Journal

          What a Physical Injury Taught Me About My Mental Health is the title of an article written by Scott Muska and published by In that article, Scott quotes psychotherapist Shrein Bahrami who says, “Writing or journaling your thoughts and feelings is a great way to connect to the emotions and literally get them out.” 

          Bahrami adds that journaling can assist you in not feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to be more objective when perceiving the situation and determining solutions. 

          6. Take Care of Your Health


          When you are trying to recover from an injury that leaves you in crutches, you certainly want to take care of your health. An injury coupled with other ailments can be stressful and make things look worse than they really are.  

          Some of the elements you need to be mindful of to remain healthy during an injury include: 

          • Ensuring that you have adequate sleep.
          • Managing what you eat carefully so that you consume a balanced diet that will aid healing. 
          • Avoiding drugs and alcohol. 
          • Avoiding stressful encounters.
          • Drinking enough water. 
          • Practicing personal hygiene and washing your hands properly. 
          • Staying active.  

          7. Listen to Music

          It’s official, listening to music is good for your mood and health. An article published by the Florida National University reports that “music is so powerful to the body that it can actually help ease the pain.” The article adds that “Studies show that music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain.”

          8. Keep Moving

          An injury that leaves you in crutches will likely slow you down, leaving you moving less than you would otherwise do without the injury. This is a view also acknowledged by, a non-profit provider of mental health and wellness information. suggests that “Trauma disrupts your body’s natural equilibrium, freezing you in a state of hyperarousal and fear.”

 mentions that “There are ways to improve circulation in your legs, no matter what your level of activity — even if you’re lying in bed.” We look at the specific exercises you can do while sleeping, sitting, or standing later in this article.  

          In the beginning, as you get used to your crutches, it may not be easy to move, but the idea is to do whatever movement you can. However, before you do any movement, you need to get the go-ahead from your doctor. 

          9. Exercise and Stay in Shape

          One of the benefits of exercise is that it can make people feel better about themselves. This view is supported by three medical doctors, Ashish Sharma, Vishal Madaan, and Frederick Petty. In their article published by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the authors note that “Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression.” 

          It is, however, crucial to note that exercise is not always straightforward when you are on crutches, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not put much pressure on your injured leg. It’s also important to target the areas that are not injured when you exercise.  

          In his article published by, Ruben Castaneda suggests some exercises you can do to remain fit while you recover: 

          Exercise sitting or lying down: You can lift weights targeting the upper body while sitting or lying down. 

          Use resistance bands: Ask your physical therapist to recommend resistance bands you can use, whether sitting, standing on crutches, or lying down. 

          Exercise the legs: An example of exercises you can do when sitting include straightening the leg and keeping it in the air for several seconds. This helps prevent muscle atrophy (the wasting away of muscle because it is not being used) and maintains muscle tone. 

          Stretch: Gentle stretching before and after every exercise will help you maintain flexibility. 

          You can do these types of exercises several times a day.

          It’s important to get the go-ahead of your doctor or therapist before you start exercising.  The University of Michigan Health suggests that you should “Start each exercise slowly and use your pain level to guide you in doing these exercises.” The same source adds that when you feel more than mild pain, ease off. 

          10. Ease the Pain Caused by Crutches

          Sometimes the distress during recovery comes from crutches; hence you need to find ways of easing this pain. Here are some tips to help you feel less pain when recovering on crutches: 

          • Learn to use your crutches correctly. 
          • Get the right crutches for your situation, and if you have already bought the wrong pair, you will be better off if you get rid of it and buy a proper one.  
          • If you can afford it, buy the best crutches with adequate cushioning. 
          • Ensure that the pain is not coming from the shoes you are wearing; you need to change the shoes if it is. 
          • Keep exercising so that you are fit enough to walk around on crutches without pain. 
          • Ensure that your crutches are correctly adjusted. 

          11. Ease the Pain Caused by Crutches

          If you have tried some of the suggestions above and the symptoms continue to the extent that you feel debilitated, it may be time to seek professional help. 

          The Anxiety & Depression Association of America lists some resources you can contact when battling with PTSD: 

          12. See the Silver Lining


          While no one wants to experience trauma, if it has already happened to you, you can use the experience to learn vital lessons and focus on yourself. 

, a part of the USA Today Network, quotes Caroline Jordan, who runs a website that uplights the sidelined. Jordan says, “An injury allows you to learn more about you.” Adding, “It provides an opportunity to learn how to be more self-compassionate. It also provides time to reflect on things that may need to change in your life.” 


          How Do I Sell A Nice Used Pair Of Crutches Online?

          How Do I Sell A Nice Used Pair Of Crutches?

          In this crutches selling guide, we will take you through the process of how to sell your crutches. We will also tell you where you should sell them and how much you should sell them for amongst other related information.

          If you’re looking to sell your crutches and they are in good condition, consider selling them online. Yet, you need to remember that there are a few things you need to do with your crutches before you are ready to list them. We will talk about this in more detail soon.

          Table of Contents
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            What You Should Do Before Selling Your Crutches Online

            Are you wondering what you need to do before listing your gently used crutches for sale online? If so, you should have a look at the tips we have provided below. If you remember to follow these tips before listing your crutches, you are more likely to secure a favorable sale.


            This first tip goes almost without saying. You will need to make sure your crutches are clean. If your crutches are clean, you will be more likely to attract buyers. If people see that your crutches are clean, they will believe they are in good condition.

            When cleaning your crutches, remember to use chemicals that are not harsh or toxic. By doing this, you will prevent damage. Additionally, you need to use a microfiber cloth or similar that won’t scratch your crutches.

            Check For Any Breakages

            When you are cleaning your crutches, you should check for breakages and damage. You don’t want to post that you have crutches for sale and that they are in good condition only to discover that they are broken.

            To check for breakages, start by examining the handles and the cushioning. Then have a look at the legs and the grip. Additionally, remember to adjust your crutches’ height to make sure they work.

            After you have looked for breakages, you will know if there is anything wrong that you can state in your listing. Stating what is wrong will prevent you from wasting time.

            Ensure You No Longer Need Them


            It might seem fairly obvious, but you need to make sure you no longer need your crutches. This type of mobility aid can be an expensive asset. You don’t want to sell your crutches only to realize you will need to replace them shortly afterward.

            If your doctor advised you to use crutches, speak with them before selling them online. This will doubly ensure you no longer need them. Otherwise, if you bought the crutches on your own, examine your injury or illness and determine if you still need them.

            How To Set The Price For Your Crutches

            Once you are sure you want to sell your crutches, you will need to determine how much you want to sell them for. This can be difficult to establish, but we can impart a few handy crutches selling tips.

            Find Out The Current Market Price For A New Pair

            worldcrutches-Find Out The Current Market Price For A New Pair

            After you have gone through cleaning your crutches, checking them for breakages, and ensuring you no longer need them, you need to research market prices. As with most medical mobility equipment, there are continuous advancements in technology. This means that there is likely a new and better version of the crutches you are trying to sell.

            Essentially, you need to have a look at the average pricing of crutches on the internet. Yet be sure that the ones you are looking at are like the pair you are trying to sell. This will give you a decent idea of how much you need to price your crutches.

            Most people will compare the prices of your used crutches to the current market prices. So you must consider this when setting your pricing. If you price the crutches much higher than what can be bought brand new or only slightly lower, you could risk not selling your crutches.

            Note: If you want to sell your crutches quickly, you can set the price lower.

            Determine The Residual Life

            Another aspect to consider when listing your crutches for sale online is their residual life. Generally, the actual residual life of medical equipment will vary. It will vary according to the manufacturer, the make, the model, and the materials. Some crutches are sturdier than others, while others are prone to breaking easily. Usually, a pair of crutches will last a few years before breaking.

            When determining the residual life of your crutches, figure out the average amount of time they should last. Then take off 10 percent of life usability from when you bought them. This will allow you to determine how much they have depreciated and how much longer they are likely to last.

            Determine If There Is A Warranty

            Did you buy your crutches brand new from a reputable place? If so, you were likely given a one-year or longer warranty. If one year has not passed and you are selling them, they may still be under warranty. This means you can sell them for a higher price than if you didn’t have a warranty. Remember to state this fact and provide proof when listing your crutches. This will likely make a quicker sale. 

            Where Can You Sell Used Crutches?

            Are you ready to sell your nice used pair of crutches online, but you don’t know where you can? Don’t worry; we have you covered. Below we have listed a few ways you can sell your crutches online and the places that will allow you to do so.

            Online Website

            Often the best place to sell a nice pair of used crutches is on an online website. There are many to choose from, yet some are far more reliable and reputable than others. Additionally, it might come as a surprise, but a few online websites cater to those selling used crutches. If you’re interested in uncovering the best online websites to sell your crutches, have a look below.


            eBay is the world’s online marketplace.

            Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website that can be for sale, items wanted.

            Kijiji is a Canadian online classified advertising website and part of eBay Classifieds Group.

            Facebook Group or Facebook Marketplace

            At Local Medical Facilities

            This article is about selling your crutches online, but you do have another option. Should you do a simple Google search, you will find local medical facilities near you. Some facilities will buy your used crutches if they are in excellent condition.

            At these medical facilities, you might even get more money than if you sold them online. This is because they know the true worth of your crutches and can offer you a fair price.


            In the modern world, everyone uses a mobile device that is loaded with many online shopping applications. If you have in your possession a cell phone, you can download an application to sell your gently used crutches online. Below we listed two of the best apps for selling items that will let you list your used crutches.

            OfferUp is an online mobile-first C2C marketplace with an emphasis on in-person transactions.


            Letgo is a mobile classifieds application that allows users to buy from and sell to others locally.

            Crutches Forums

            Many people don’t realize that they can sell their used crutches at online community forums. Surprisingly, many online forums have people looking to buy used medical equipment like crutches and other mobility aids.

            However, not every forum will prove fruitful as not all of them are reliable or reputable. That’s why you should look and see which medical community forums have active members and if they have a decent online presence and reputation.

            One of the best forums where you can sell your crutches if they are in good condition is on the CareCure Community forum.

            How To Sell Your Crutches: The General Information


            Once you have found out where you plan to list your used crutches for sale, you need to determine how to create your listing. Below is some of the crucial general information you need to ensure is visible on your seller’s ad. Without this information, you will struggle to secure a sale.

            Photos of the equipment: Try and take clear pictures of your crutches from multiple angles. For example, make sure you take pictures of the handles and feet and close-ups of what they look like so any flaws or lack of flaws are apparent.

            Brand or manufacturer name: When describing your used crutches, be sure to include the brand name or manufacturer name as this might sway some people towards buying yours over someone else.

            Model or serial number: Be sure to list the model or the serial number of your used crutches so that if people want to, they can research the crutches to see if they will be a good fit. This will also allow people to see that you are asking a reasonable price for them. They can compare your pricing to market prices of the same or similar model.

            A reasonable price: Set a realistic price. This will be easy to do after you have had a look at the tips we spoke of earlier.

            Other important information about the equipment: When writing your listing description, mention any other relevant information about the crutches. For example, if they are still under warranty, how old they are, where they were bought, and if there are any flaws.

            Contact information: Perhaps the most important information not to forget, including is your contact details. Make sure you list a few ways people can contact you, such as a telephone number, email address, or website.

            Final Words

            Selling your gently used crutches is not as hard as it first appears, as you now know. As long as you remember that you need to clean, check for breakages and make sure you no longer need them first, you will be ready to begin the process of selling them.

            Yet, remember that you need to set a reasonable price according to the tips we spoke of. You will also need to find the best place to sell them online that suits your preferences. Once you have done this, all that’s left is to create a listing that includes all the general information about your gently used crutches. It’s really as simple as that to sell them online!


            Lisfranc Injury: Surgery, Treatment & Recovery Time

            Lisfranc Injury: Surgery, Treatment and Recovery Time

            Not every foot injury is easy to diagnose. Many injuries associated with the foot can be complex. Some will need extensive examination and treatment. If you’re suffering from a foot injury, you might have a Lisfranc foot injury.

            Healthcare professionals often miss these rare injuries. That’s why it’s best to do your research on the topic. This article will discuss what a Lisfranc foot injury is, its causes, and the treatment options. We will also look at the estimated recovery time.

            Table of Contents
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              Where is the Lisfranc joint?

              A Lisfranc joint is the point where the long bones and bones in the arch of a person’s foot connect. The long bones are the bones that end at the point of your toes. 

              The Lisfranc itself is a ligament. This ligament is a hardy strip of tissue that joins these bones together. Your Lisfranc ligament, along with your Lisfranc joint, are crucial. They ensure your foot maintains its strength and stays in proper alignment. 

              What Is A Lisfranc Foot Injury?


              If a doctor says that you have a Lisfranc foot injury, he means that you have hurt the Lisfranc joint. Yet, the doctor could also mean that you have injured the Lisfranc ligament in the middle of your foot. Essentially this type of injury is located around the arch of your foot which is the point of joining.

              When it comes to Lisfranc injuries, there are three different types. Namely, these types are sprains, discolorations, and fractures. Yet, it’s important to note that a Lisfranc foot injury could often be an amalgamation of these three types. Additionally, it could also affect other anatomical parts in your foot.  

              An injury to your Lisfranc joint or ligament is serious, which is why it needs to be diagnosed promptly. If you don’t seek proper treatment, this type of injury could negatively affect how you run, walk, and stand. 

              Is A Lisfranc Foot Injury Rare?

              It’s likely that before reading this article, you were not aware of what a Lisfranc injury was. This is because Lisfranc injuries are relatively rare. According to health care experts, Lisfranc injuries only affect every 1 in 55,000 to 60,000 globally each year. 

              Additionally, approximately 30 percent of Lisfranc injuries are missed by healthcare providers. Moreover, these injuries are commonly missed at an initial consultation. Often those who aren’t foot and ankle specialists miss this type of injury. This can have severe repercussions and long-term implications. Some of these implications include foot deformities, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain. That’s why you must seek out a healthcare specialist if you believe you are suffering from this type of injury. 

              Currently, trying to diagnose a Lisfranc injury can be tricky. This is because the signs of injury are very subtle during examination and imagining. Yet, in recent years Lisfranc injury diagnosis practices have been receiving in-depth study. Foot and ankle specialists are looking at ways to diagnose this type of foot injury better. Many believe that they have been making progress. 

              What Causes A Lisfranc Foot Injury?

              Now that we know what a Lisfranc foot injury is, we can look at what cause a Lisfranc foot injury. Lisfranc foot injuries can occur with motor vehicle accident victims. This injury is clear to see when a foot was caught in a floorboard. A Lisfranc foot injury is also more frequent amongst athletes. Often when an athlete plants their foot and twists it, they sustain a Lisfranc foot injury. 

              Lisfranc foot injury can happen to anyone. Many people have sustained a Lisfranc foot injury from missing a step when walking. Others have developed this injury from having a minor slip and fall accident. Moreover, this type of injury also occurs when your foot sustains a direct trauma injury. Often a direct trauma involves a heavy thing falling on your foot. 

              The Diagnosis Of A Lisfranc Foot Injury


              In some instances, Lisfranc injuries are mistaken for ankle sprains. That is why the diagnosis process is vital. Before an accurate diagnosis can be given, a foot and ankle specialist will conduct an exam. They will also ask a series of questions. Usually, they will ask you how you hurt your foot and when you hurt it. After you have answered the doctor, they will examine your foot and see how severe the injury is. 

              To properly determine if you have a Lisfranc foot injury, it is likely that you will need to go for imaging studies. An unweighted specialized X-ray will show your practitioner if you have a midfoot dislocation. It will also let them know if you broke the bone. Moreover, it will also show if you tore your Lisfranc ligament or if there is a rupture. 

              Additionally, you might have to have an examination by a surgeon. They will examine you while you are under anesthesia. This is because a surgeon may want to diagnose the best course of action during surgery.   

              The Symptoms Associated With A Lisfranc Foot Injury

              The symptoms of a Lisfranc foot injury can be challenging to determine. This is because what you feel will depend on how severe the injury is. A few people feel the same pain level as they would with an ankle sprain. Yet, others feel debilitating pain. Below are the common symptoms seen by those experiencing a Lisfranc foot injury. 

              • Swelling of the entire foot or around the arch of a foot. 
              • Minor to significant bruising and discoloration at the bottom of a foot. 
              • When a foot widens unnaturally. 
              • Bruising found at the arch of a foot. 
              • Blisters found at the arch of feet. 
              • Minor to intense pain felt when weight is put on a foot.
              • When a foot is not able to bear a person’s weight. 

              Treatment ( Surgical Vs. Non-Surgical )

              Ultimately, the type of treatment you receive for your Lisfranc foot injury will depend on how severe it is. There are non-surgical treatment options and surgical treatment options. The latter is more common. It’s essential to be aware of both treatment options. That way, you can determine the best course of action. 


              If you have not broken a bone or torn your Lisfranc ligament, you likely have a minor injury. In this case, you probably won’t need surgical intervention. The treatment procedures for a slight Lisfranc foot injury is like how a doctor would tell you to treat a sprain. 

              If you have not broken a bone or torn your Lisfranc ligament, you likely have a minor injury. In this case, you probably won’t need surgical intervention. The treatment procedures for a slight Lisfranc foot injury is like how a doctor would tell you to treat a sprain. 

              You will likely need to follow the RICE treatment method. This method involves resting, icing, and elevating one’s foot. Following this treatment method will reduce swelling around the midfoot and the pain. Your injury will also heal faster. 

              Sometimes the RICE method does not work on its own. For pain management, some people need to use pain medication. Those with a Lisfranc foot injury should consider using anti-inflammatory medicines.  

              Additionally, those with a minor Lisfranc foot injury might need to keep weight off the injury. Usually, you will need to keep your weight off the hurt foot for 6 weeks while your Lisfranc foot injury heals. If you need to keep your weight off your foot, you should consider using a mobility aid. For example, crutches. They will help you heal without you re-injuring your foot. 

              Moreover, the final stage in your non-surgical treatment plan will generally involve physiotherapy. A physical therapist will create a treatment plan to help you restore your foot’s strength. 


              Do you have a dislocated or fractured Lisfranc joint or torn Lisfranc ligaments? If so, you will most likely need surgery. The surgeon’s goal will be to realign the broken or fractured bones in your foot or repair any ligament tears. You will have to undergo one of two different types of surgical treatments. 

              Many healthcare experts believe fusion is the best option for long-term pain management. We have spoken of the two surgical treatments below. 

              An Open Reduction Fixation Surgical Procedure

              You might need to undergo two surgeries if you need this procedure. This procedure usually involves a surgeon using permanent or temporary hardware. This hardware will keep the bones together. Some of the hardware the surgeon could use includes screws, metal plates, or fiber tape. You will need a second surgery if the surgeon uses temporary hardware.

              A Fusion Surgical Procedure

              A fusion surgery will use medical hardware that is permanent. When you undergo a fusion surgery procedure, the bones in the arch of your foot will be made into a solid piece. This will be done by fusing or welding them into place. 

              Recovery Time And Rehabilitative Time

              The approximate length of the recovery time, and what rehabilitative methods will you need if you have a Lisfranc foot injury? The answer will ultimately be conditional to the severity of your Lisfranc injury. 

              If you have a minor Lisfranc foot injury, it usually takes around six months to properly heal. In contrast, a Lisfranc injury that needs surgery will need a recovery time of a minimum of three months to approximately five months. 

              Lisfranc injuries will need the RICE rehabilitative method, along with a weight-bearing reduction. Those suffering this injury type should also not engage in any high-impact tasks and ventures. 

              Walking With A Lisfranc Foot Injury


              Do you have a Lisfranc foot injury? If so, you need to alter how you walk. This might seem to be a drastic measure, but it’s crucial to your recovery. 

              Usually, your doctor will tell you to keep weight off your hurt foot for about a month. In theory, this sounds easy, but for those who are active, it can be quite difficult. Fortunately, there are several mobility aids available. These will assist you with changing how you walk to optimize your recovery. 

              • Traditional adjustable crutches
              • Hands-free mobility crutches
              • Knee walkers
              • Knee scooters
              • Wheelchairs
              • Powerchairs

              Final Words

              Now that you know what a Lisfranc injury is, you will better understand if you are suffering from one. These injuries are relatively rare. With this being the case, you need to ensure you visit a doctor who specializes in foot injuries. If a Lisfranc injury is not treated, it can have devastating long-term health effects. 

              With the right treatment plan and mobility aid, you can recover in a matter of months. Try to learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment options available for Lisfranc injuries. If you understand them, you will be better prepared should you ever suffer this type of injury.


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              The simplest consequence of walking on crutches is that you walk slower. Every step must be a necessary one. When you hurry, you get where you're going, but you get there alone. When you go slow, you get where you're going, but you get there with a community you've built along the way.

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              There's a certain exhaustion that sets in when screenwriters are approaching sequels, and they start to lean on crutches - those same old wacky characters!

              Quit trying to talk yourself out of going," Della said. "How do you know that's what I'm doing?" "Because I can see it on your face. And because you couldn't walk any slower if you were a turtle on crutches.

              I could hardly walk for six months, never mind play football. I was limping for so long. I was walking with crutches - as in, properly walking - after about the first month because I thought it was much better to put my body weight on and build up the strength.

              The doctors misdiagnosed me at first - they told me I had a pinched nerve. But my situation was getting worse. The tumor was cutting off the circulation in my nerves. And in two weeks' time, I was left paralyzed. I went from a cane to crutches to a walker to a wheelchair.

              Every breath I take becomes deeper, and I become more confident of myself without my crutches. The lies I've filled my body and soul with aren't needed anymore. They're not welcome. I choose to live, not just exist.

              She's gone from crutches to a knee stabilizer to nothing (Wednesday). So she's in good spirits.

              worldcrutche-Tim Prescott​-crutch quote

              He got off his crutches the day before the quarters.

              Insomniacs tend to fall into two general categories - those who give up and those who don't. I don't. I refuse to admit defeat by turning on the light. I will not try to read or watch a movie, thank you. Productivity is a crutch of the weak.

              In chemistry, our theories are crutches; to show that they are valid, they must be used to walk ... A theory established with the help of twenty facts must explain thirty, and lead to the discovery of ten more.

              A liberal will cut off your leg so he can hand you a crutch.

              Education is a crutch with which the foolish attack the wise to prove that they are not idiots.

              I worked right the way through the summer, ... I had a grade-two tear of the ligament. They couldn't reconstruct it so I had to go in a brace and let it heal itself. Then I had to work on the strength of the muscles and the hamstring to compensate for the missing ligament. I was on crutches for about three weeks and then it was about getting the movement back. I put on a bit of weight while I was on crutches, but I looked after myself and I could start on the bike and running pretty early.

              All of us use crutches of popularity amongst friends, society, social media for self-importance. People go to any extent to feed their ego, even if that means to show someone down, self-destruction or to kill someone.

              He came in on crutches and walked out giving us a win. He's a true competitor. He's a leader. He's the best player I ever played with, and I feel he's the best player in the CAA.

              We are in desperate need for parking; students are having to walk across campus on crutches or while sick because there is nowhere close for them to park.

              Later she would think about how he'd snuck up on her so silently. The man was on crutches - what was he, a ninja or something?

              Hear you're going to be on crutches for quite a while." "Yes, well - " "Abigail has already said she's moving back home to help you." "Oh," said Madeline. "Oh." She fingered the pink petals of the flowers. "Well, I'll talk to her about it. I'll be perfectly fine. She doesn't need to look after me." "No, but I think she wants to move back home," said Nathan. "She's looking for an excuse." Madeline and Ed looked at each other. Ed shrugged. "I always thought the novelty would wear off," said Nathan. "She missed her mum. We're not her real life." "Right." "So. I should get going," said Ed. "Could you stay for a moment, mate?

              The doctors misdiagnosed me at first - they told me I had a pinched nerve. But my situation was getting worse. The tumor was cutting off the circulation in my nerves. And in two weeks' time, I was left paralyzed. I went from a cane to crutches to a walker to a wheelchair.

              I feel like I'm on crutches when I have to go by the dialogue sheet. I want the artiste's natural, spontaneous reaction and vocabulary so that it adds a genuine flavor to the scene without which the sequence becomes entirely cinematic.

              Friendship is so much healthier than other crutches -alcohol or TV or religious fanaticism. One healthy crutch shouldn't be against the rules.

              Pride will tell you, you don't need crutches, but humility is more powerful than pride.

              A lot of the problems teenagers go through, it's better for them to go through them on their own. If you always have a crutch, you don't learn anything.


              Aaron Hill was on crutches a week ago, and he came out and won.

              Tax reform has been used as a crutch, as a smokescreen and as candy coating for the hard choices that have to be made.

              There was a small boy on crutches. I do not know his name, and I suspect I never will. But I will never forget his face, his smile, his sorrow. He is one of the millions robbed of hope and dignity by charlatans discussed in this book. Wherever and whoever he is, I apologize to him for not having been able to protect him from such an experience. I humbly dedicate this book to him and to the many others who have suffered because the rest of us began caring too late.

              It is definitely somewhat a crutch of feeling that you have to please others in order to be accepted.


              My father always said excuses are the crutches for the untalented.

              Not only do I believe that it is possible to maintain moral standards without the crutch of religion—but I would argue that it is the only way to achieve true goodness and express real altruism. Free from the constraints of organized religion, a human being is able to express decency from one's self—as opposed to attempting to appease whatever higher power he or she may believe in

              Is it not possible to look beyond the canes, the wheelchairs, the braces, and the crutches into the hearts of the people who have need of these aids? They are human beings and want only to be treated as ordinary people. They may appear different, move awkwardly, and speak haltingly, but they have the same feelings ... They want to be loved for what they are inside, without any prejudice for their impairment. Can there not be more tolerance for differences-differences in capacity, differences in body and in mind?

              I don't use the big video screens that a lot of other artists use because personally, I think it's kind of a crutch. I think sometimes it's like watching television as opposed to really getting involved with what is happening onstage and the people in your section.

              Let guilty men remember, their black deeds Do lean on crutches made of slender reeds.

              He lights a cigarette off a candle. These death-tubes, these little crutches or fuses: useful for getting through all sorts of things you don't want to get through.

              It is the individual's task to differentiate himself from all the others and stand on his own feet. All collective identities . . . interfere with the fulfillment of this task. Such collective identities are crutches for the lame, shields for the timid, beds for the lazy, nurseries for the irresponsible. . . .

              The only way God can strengthen his presence in our will is to weaken his presence in our feelings. Otherwise we would become spiritual cripples, unable to walk without emotional crutches. This is why he gives us dryness, sufferings, and failures.

              As Marcus was on crutches we thought it was best to keep him off his feet as long as possible, so he's weight bearing this week, and we'll scan him later this week and see how he goes.

              Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but, we thought, if people needed a crutch for consolation, where's the harm? September 11th changed all that.

              Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs.


              Reason is a crutch for age, but youth is strong enough to walk alone.

              I'll hike it!" Katrina said, weighing in on the conversation. "I'll hike the entire trail by myself on crutches if I have to. I want to see the apple tree!" Determined. Or stubborn. Or both. I had been carrying Katrina around Europe for the last eight weeks only to find now that sufficiently motivated, she could hike three hours down a mountain.

              But to talk of the world that is hidden in every woman is a journey of pain, for the words are not in use to tell of it, and to use the words that are is only a hopping on uneven crutches.

              Your as slow as a fat kid on crutches.

              Plain speaking is necessary in any discussion of religion, for if the freethinker attacks the religious dogmas with hesitation, the orthodox believer assumes that it is with regret that the freethinker would remove the crutch that supports the orthodox. And all religious beliefs are 'crutches' hindering the free locomotive efforts of an advancing humanity. There are no problems related to human progress and happiness in this age which any theology can solve, and which the teachings of freethought cannot do better and without the aid of encumbrances.

              Have we forgotten that there is a Holy Ghost, that we must insist upon walking on crutches when we might fly?

              Government is only a necessary evil, like other go-carts and crutches. Our need of it shows exactly how far we are still children. All governing overmuch kills the self-help and energy of the governed.

              I have seen an entire family lifted out of poverty and into affluence by the simple boon of a broken leg. I have had people come to me on crutches, with tears in their eyes, to bless this beneficient institution. In all my experiences of life, I have seen nothing so seraphic as the look that comes into a freshly mutilated man's face when he feels in his vest pocket with his remaining hand and finds his accident ticket all right.


              One foot is better then two crutches.

              If everybody walks into the room wearing crutches you don't know who can stand on their own two feet.

              It was a pretty good sprain. His ankle has been really tender, so we've had him walking on crutches this week.

              In the buildings, the inmates were using broken broom handles and crutches and they were ramming the employees with laundry carts.

              He's got a splint and crutches and he's not getting around real well. I don't think he'll play Tuesday, but we want to wait and evaluate it.

              Life coaching is about drawing a person's potential out, developing his strengths and letting him see that weaknesses need not remain crutches for the rest of his life.

              To reason, to argue. It is to walk with crutches in search of the truth. We come to it with a leap.

              The crutches may be accidentally forgotten here tonight

              For me the curse is a crutch, but the con is everything.

              If you break someone's leg, shouldn't you have to be the crutch for a while?

              The crutch of Time accomplishes more than the club of Hercules.

              You're moving muscles and improving circulation in areas you can't when you're in a wheelchair on land or crutches or a walker.

              When I bite you, it'll be because I want to make your toes curl and your hair stand on end. And you won't need stitches afterward. You'll need crutches.


              Don't live your whole life on holy crutches.

              Were it not for the bone in the legge, all the world would turne Carpenters (to make them crutches).

              I learned very quickly that when you emigrate, you lose the crutches that have been your support; you must begin from zero, because the past is erased with a single stroke and no one cares where you're from or what you did before.

              To the man on crutches, dressed in camouflage, who stole my wallet ... you can hide but you can't run.

              Jesus H. Mary mother of Christ in crutches, came Daemon's voice. I'm not sure that's how it goes, I told him.

              Will the wind ever remember the names it has blown in the past? And with its crutch, its old age, and its wisdom, it whispers no this will be the last.

              If you want to drive the devil out of the world, hit him with a cradle instead of a crutch.

              A guru is not a crutch, he is a bridge.

              Visiting Anderson Silva. He's doing AMAZING! Leg is healing fast and will be walking without crutches in 30 days.

              People don't turn away from an attorney sitting in a wheelchair. If the guy has got the reputation for being the best attorney around, that's who you go with. But in show business, for some reason they're still reluctant to say an attorney or a physician or an interior decorator can be in a chair, or on crutches, or blind or any of the other things.

              What happens in our lives is not really anybody's fault but our own... When I was in high school, I was in an atheist crowd, and it was the consensus that religion was a crutch.

              All truths are erroneous. This is the very essence of the dialectical process: today's truths become errors tomorrow; there is no final number. This truth (the only one) is for the strong alone. Weak-nerved minds insist on a finite universe, a last number; they need, in Nietzsche's words, "the crutches of certainty". The weak-nerved lack the strength to include themselves in the dialectic syllogism.

              I find the elitism and blatant provincialism of many (Manhattan-based) New Yorkers unattractive. Just as place can be an identity crutch that helps a person feel individual, place can be a crutch in poetry.

              My manager said, "Don't use liquor as a crutch!" I can't use liquor as a crutch, because a crutch helps me walk.

              I talk to golfers, I talk to my grand kids about their game, and tell them to develop a system, Now, when they're young. And if they develop that system, it will be the crutch they need to be good. To know that system and make it work for you, know what it is and make it work.

              We all use texting as a crutch because it's so easy and it doesn't really stop our day for the most part but I think to assure a woman you want to go out, to see that you're serious, you take the extra effort to pick up the phone and make a phone call.

              As actors, we were fighting that tooth and nail because of fear, because language is a crutch and dialogue is a crutch, and it's so easy to just have a great writer write you a line.

              I have seen how patients with arthritis, crippled for years, have left their crutches and beds and the biological clinics (Europe). After a few days or weeks of simple and harmless treatments, the pain from which they suffered for years disappeared and their joints became mobile and flexible again.

              I expect to pass through this world but once and therefore if there is anybody that I want to kick in the crutch I had better kick them in the crutch now, for I do not expect to pass this way again.

              You learn to laugh at yourself and you also lean on comedy as a crutch to kind of take the edge off because comedians often are self-deprecating and they cross lines that they shouldn't. Stuff like that brings a smile to my face every once in a while when needed.

              It's not like you're being fake, it's just the way you color it, like a guitar player uses pedals or different effects. That's why I get so mad about people who are down on vocal reverb. It's not a crutch, people, it's an aesthetic choice!


              Whatever you do, don't ever use a crutch, and don't ever think of having an excuse for not having said, 'Yeah, I did my best.'

              The men who were well enough to stand had moved across the carriage to cheer the Italians as they went past. A crutch waved out of the window; bandaged forearms made the Red Salute. It was like an allegorical picture of war; the trainload of fresh men gliding proudly up the line, the maimed men sliding slowly down, and all the while the guns on the open trucks making one's heart leap as guns always do, and reviving that pernicious feeling, so difficult to get rid of, that war *is* glorious after all.

              My interest is to point out to you that you can walk, and please throw away all those crutches. If you are really handicapped, I wouldn’t advise you to do any such thing. But you are made to feel by other people that you are handicapped so that they could sell you those crutches. Throw them away and you can walk. That’s all that I can say. ‘If I fall....’ - that is your fear. Put the crutches away, and you are not going to fall.

              A perfect man would never act from a sense of duty; he’d always want the right thing more than the wrong one. Duty is only a substitute for love (of God and of other people) like a crutch which is a substitute for a leg. Most of us need the crutch at times; but of course it is idiotic to use the crutch when our own legs (our own loves, tastes, habits etc.) can do the journey on their own.

              And so I ask myself: 'Where are your dreams?' And I shake my head and mutter: 'How the years go by!' And I ask myself again: 'What have you done with those years? Where have you buried your best moments? Have you really lived? Look,' I say to myself, 'how cold it is becoming all over the world!' And more years will pass and behind them will creep grim isolation. Tottering senility will come hobbling, leaning on a crutch, and behind these will come unrelieved boredom and despair. The world of fancies will fade, dreams will wilt and die and fall like autumn leaves from the trees. . . .

              If you had weak eyes, they needed exercise to get strong. Glasses were like crutches. They prevented people with feeble eyes from seeing the world on their own.

              I’m not going to pick her up and carry her screaming to the basement,” Trent said. “It’s a workday. Besides, she has a crutch.” “Crutch or no, she’s hurt!” Ceri protested. “I mean,” Trent said intently, “she can hit me with it if I do something she doesn’t like.

              Jesus' pattern prayer, which is both crutch, road, and walking lesson for the spiritually lame like ourselves, tells us to start with God: for God matters infinitely more than we do.

              I’m not going to pick her up and carry her screaming to the basement,” Trent said. “It’s a workday. Besides, she has a crutch.” “Crutch or no, she’s hurt!” Ceri protested. “I mean,” Trent said intently, “she can hit me with it if I do something she doesn’t like.

              An argument is made that there are just too many question marks about the near future; wouldn't it be better to wait until things clear up a bit? You know the prose: "Maintain buying reserves until current uncertainties are resolved," etc. Before reaching for that crutch, face up to two unpleasant facts: The future is never clear and you pay a very high price for a cheery consensus. Uncertainty actually is the friend of the buyer of long-term values.

              I don't really have a life philosophy; my thing is just rebelling against pretty much organized religion. That is my main thing, because personally I think it's a crutch for people that are too weak to get through life on their own. I'm the kind of guy that says if I don't see it, then it doesn't work. And nobody can show me God.

              Faith is not a soft option offered to people who need a crutch to get through the rest of their lives. Faith is the supernatural activity of God whereby He opens blind eyes, unstops deaf ears, and a man or a woman says- “I see it now. I get it now. I am going to trust in God. I am going to trust in Jesus.


              Love is simple to understand if you haven't got a mind soft and full of holes. It's a crutch, that's all, and there isn't any one of us that doesn't need a crutch.

              I don’t intend to use beer as a crutch and drink until I pass out. So advice, keep an eye on that so you can get in there and get yourself drunk sex before it turns unpretty and drunk sex ends with me puking and / or passing out during the act.

              At least three time per day at scheduled times, he had to ask himself the following question: Am I being productive or just active? Charney captured the essence of this with less-abstract wording: Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important? He eliminated all of the activities he used as crutches and began to focus on demonstrating results instead of showing dedication. Dedication is often just meaningless work in disguise. Be ruthless and cut the fat.

              A half-starved limping government, always moving upon crutches and tottering at every step.

              Give people a common enemy, and you will give them a common identity. Deprive them of an enemy and you will deprive them of the crutch by which they know who they are.

              It is often said that the Church is a crutch. Of course it's a crutch. What makes you think you don't limp?

              People are gonna think that MTV censored me, and they really didn't. I really wanted to try to make a show that didn't rely on offensive, edgy material because I think it was an exercise in trying to write without that. Because I see that as a crutch sometimes and I want to know that I can do something funny and worthwhile without that. And also make a show that my parents would like and that kids could watch with their parents.


              I'm really not a fan of voiceovers; I think they become a crutch.

              I didn't want to use anything as a crutch and ever have excuses heading into a match.

              I'm atheist because religion is a crutch, and only the crippled need crutches. I can get around perfectly well on my own two feet, and so can everyone else with a backbone and a grain of common sense.

              Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God.

              As a person with cerebral palsy who walks with crutches, people have the assumption that I've had to overcome a lot of obstacles in my life because of it, and to some degree, I have. However, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is other people's perception of who a person with a disability is.

              When you have mental illness you don't have a plaster or a cast or a crutch, that let everyone know that you have the illness, so people expect the same of you as from anyone else and when you are different they give you a hard time and they think you're being difficult or they think you're being a pain in the ass and they're horrible to you. You spend your life in Ireland trying to hide that you have a mental illness.

              Weirdly, when I was in drama school my accent probably got stronger because of that sense of identity when you leave home and go to somewhere where there are loads of people from different places. Holding on to being Welsh and where I was from was a real crutch for me.

              When you have mental illness you don't have a plaster or a cast or a crutch, that let everyone know that you have the illness, so people expect the same of you as from anyone else and when you are different they give you a hard time and they think you're being difficult or they think you're being a pain in the ass and they're horrible to you. You spend your life in Ireland trying to hide that you have a mental illness.

              I realized, in removing or rewriting these jokes, that often the jokes weren't done or that I was using, for me, the curse words as kind of a crutch. So then I just started writing.


              I'm not a Christian because I need a crutch. Hey, I need a stretcher!

              I will not pray clarity for you. Clarity is the crutch of the Christian. But I will pray trust for you, that your trust will increase.

              I've never quite felt totally comfortable up on stage. I've gotten more comfortable, but drinking wine is a crutch that gives me a little courage. It helps me lose a little bit of the self-consciousness and the awareness of how awkward it is standing on a stage with lights and a bunch of people looking at you while you sing love songs.

              I will not pray clarity for you. Clarity is the crutch of the Christian. But I will pray trust for you, that your trust will increase.

              Everyone uses noise as a crutch sometimes - I've totally done it. But when you make a good-sounding record there's nothing there but you.

              Racial humor was about 35% of my act when I first started. But I realized that it was a crutch. What brought it home was when another comedian said to me, 'If you changed color tomorrow, you wouldn't have any material.' He meant it as a put-down, but I took it as a challenge.

              worldcrutches-Ty-Segall crutch quote

              Everyone uses noise as a crutch sometimes - I've totally done it. But when you make a good-sounding record there's nothing there but you.

              When have handouts ever worked? In the United States, we learned that welfare for our own citizens not only turned into a debilitating crutch, it created a more or less permanent underclass.

              You don't have to just hit nails with hammers, you know; you can use a hammer to beat somebody's brains in, to make armor or break a car window. You can do all kinds of things with your instrument outside of its surface purpose. My bass is my crutch but the best crutch I could have.

              There's something nice and valuable and wonderful about the suspense and the classic horror that doesn't just crutch on blood and the almost pornographic view of fear.

              Our sacred beliefs have been made pencils / names of cities / gas stations / My knee is wounded so badly that I limp constantly / Anger is my crutch / I hold myself upright with it / My knee is wounded / see / How I Am Still Walking.


              Excuses are the crutches of the uncommitted.

              The wonderful fortune of some writers deludes and leads to misery a great number of young people. It cannot be too often repeated that it is dangerous to enter upon a career of letters without some other means of living. An illustrious author has said in these times, "Literature must not be leant on as upon a crutch; it is little more than a stick.

              I have learned that human beings are not searching for philosophies, even though it may seem that way sometimes. We are searching for something we can trust. And when we find ourselves in the midst of change, the philosophies are like a broken crutch. They do not hold us up. What supports us is a force, an energy, a vortex of love that expresses through us as warmth, creativity, service, and compassion.

              The censure of frequent and long parentheses has led writers into the preposterous expedient of leaving out the marks by which they are indicated. It is no cure to a lame man to take away his crutches.

              worldcrutches0-Walter-Scott-crutch quote

              Literature is a great staff, but a very sorry crutch.

              I believe when you're writing film or television, you can't rely on a crutch or rule that exists outside of the narrative of the film.

              Right and proof are two crutches for everything bent and crooked that limps along.

              Tax reform has been used as a crutch, as a smokescreen and as candy coating for the hard choices that have to be made.

              He [God] just seems so man-made to me. There are so many theories, and not everyone can be right. It's human nature to need a religious crutch, and I don't begrudge anyone that. I just don't need one.

              You can rise above it. This country gives you opportunity if you want to take it, so don't blame your environment. I look down on people who use their environment as a crutch.

              Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs.

              Some say Christianity is just a crutch. But let's turn the question on its edge for a moment. Is atheism an emotional crutch, wishful thinking? The ax cuts both ways. Perhaps atheists are rejecting God because they've had a bad relationship with their father. Instead of inventing God, have atheists invented non-God? Have they invented atheism to escape some of the frightening implications of God's existence? Think about it.

              I learned very quickly that when you emigrate, you lose the crutches that have been your support; you must begin from zero, because the past is erased with a single stroke and no one cares where you’re from or what you did before.


              Some people never do become a success and then start looking for a crutch.

              Injuries happen every season. We can't rely on that being a crutch. It's up to all of us to do our best to fill those voids as coaches and players.

              My crutch was, in improvs, when in doubt, play insane, because you didn't have to excuse anything that came out of your mouth. It didn't have to make sense.

              You can do all kinds of things with your instrument outside of its surface purpose. My bass is my crutch, but the best crutch I could have.

              I try not to rely on pop culture references as a crutch for jokes, because then, I think, that's when the timelessness quality is lost.

              I never used gender as my crutch. Many women don't use gender as a crutch.

              If I want to be truthfully honest, I think, dealing with the stress of the situations that I've been going through, medicating with anything, I think, is dangerous because it becomes a crutch.

              You see guys going up to girls in bars and saying, 'Oh, can I show you a trick?' It's a tool. I find it kind of sad; it breaks my heart a little bit. They should try to use their own personalities. It sort of smacks of using magic as a crutch, which is not what it should be.

              I started saying, 'I don't want to be crazy anymore.' I need to make some changes. And the first thing I started doing was just got all the men out of my life, because that was a big problem for me. That was a crutch, if you will. You know, trying to define yourself through other people or men, in particular.

              I really took filmmaking very seriously... It was an honor and then a crutch also, because at a young age, I was like, I guess I'm a serious filmmaker. I never set out to be a serious filmmaker. I just set out to make movies.

              When you sample something, you're using the crutch of borrowing chords and melodies from a song that's already great, that's already stood the test of time, that's already special. When you're trying to do it all from scratch, you're writing something brand new that has to stand on its own.


              Born-again living seemed to me just a crutch which no longer facilitated healing and growth, but actually protracted immaturity.

              Not only do I not believe in not believing in God, I'm also a big supporter of crutches, canes, walkers, and anything that helps support man through difficult times

              He had always said to himself that there could be no persistence of personality, of character, of identity, of consciousness, except through memory; yet here, to the last implication of temperament, they all persisted. The soul that was passing in its integrity through time without the helps, the crutches, of remembrance by which his own personality supported itself, why should not it pass so through eternity without that loss of identity which was equivalent to annihilation?

              This isn't about you, Skeeter. It's about me, and I need you here. If we lose Crutchfield, we'll get him another day. If I lose you...

              He reaches for the sword. I step back, not wanting to hand it over.'What are you going to do, fight me for her?' he asks. He sounds like he's close to laughing.'What are you going to do with it?'He sighs, seeming tired. 'Use it as a crutch, what do you think?

              There were many tomorrows to be lived through his children. He could only hope that they would face them more courageously than he had, that his mistakes would serve as warning signs rather than crutches to lean on.


              Why Should You Use Crutches After Hip Surgery?

              Why should you use crutches after hip surgery?

              When you go through a hip surgery, like a hip replacement surgery for example, it is necessary to be cautious. In order for your hip to heal properly, you’ll need to let it rest and avoid applying any tension on the muscles.

              A hip surgery will make walking seem impossible, and you are not able to move around freely. Like any other injury along the leg, a hip surgery may restrain you to use mobility-aid devices like crutches.

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                Do I need crutches after hip surgery?


                After having a hip surgery, walking may no longer be an easy task. Using crutches after a hip surgery is mandatory, although the duration may vary. It relies on the type of the surgery but also on the condition of the person. 

                After you go through a surgery along the hip, you’ll face difficulties in doing the slightest of movement. You’ll need a mobility-aid device to walk around the house, climb up starters or even to get off the bed.

                It is crucial to avoid putting pressure on the injured hip to ensure a fast and healthy recovery. Crutches will help keep you balanced and keep you from falling, which can cause serious issues. 

                How to Use Crutches After Hip Surgery?


                After a hip surgery, you’ll be required to use crutches for movement. They offer a major boost and help keep any tensions off your injured hip. Using a mobility-aid device for the first time may be a little challenging. However, with some guidance you can enhance your experience drastically and have a smooth ride.

                Start by adjusting the crutches you are going to use properly. Adjust the height and leave 1-2 inches of space below your armpit. It is important to not shove the crutches deep against your skin as it could cause irritation. When you’re done adjusting the crutches, take the handles within your grip and lean on your hands, not your armpit.

                You’ll need to depend on your strong leg for movement, and you should start by taking small steps. With your grip firmly locked, place the tip of the crutches one foot ahead of you. Lean on the crutches for support, and  take a step with your strong leg. Avoid applying any pressure on the injured leg and make sure you proceed slowly and carefully.

                Using stairs while on crutches?

                When you have to depend on crutches for movement, climbing up and down the stairs may not be that easy. It is advisable to avoid stairs and not attempt climbing one until you feel comfortable enough using crutches.

                If you have to climb a stair, simply place your crutches near the step and make sure it’s within reach. Step with your strong leg first, then bring the injured one up. 

                To climb down the stairs, place the crutches on the step below. First, follow with your strong leg then with the injured leg. If the stairs are lined up with handrails then you can hold the crutches on one arm and use the handrail. 

                How to speed up your recovery after hip surgery?

                As it’s mentioned, recovery depends on different factors like age and your physical condition. Some people may not have to use crutches for 4 weeks, while others may even take longer. To ensure optimum recovery there are several suggestions to take into consideration. 

                Use crutches and take your time adjusting to them. Take smaller steps and be careful to not engage your injured leg. Be cautious and avoid any sudden moves. During the first weeks of recovery you may have to avoid flexing your leg and keep it still.

                Even though you’ll be required to avoid engaging your leg in any activity, developing a light exercise routine may be very beneficial. Due to the prolonged rest time that your hip will require, muscles may get a little stiff.

                A light workout routine will activate your muscles and help your hip adjust back to its normal state. These exercises might not directly target the hips; however, they  promote more blood flow. Working out will also help you maintain a healthy body weight which can also promote a fast recovery. Here’s some good exercise to start with:

                • Hip abduction: as you stand up right, slide your leg up to the side slowly, and back to the starting point. Keep your knee straight as you do 10 repetitions for 4 sets.


                • Static quads: lay down on your back, roll a towel and place it underneath your knee. Press on the towel with your knee to get your foot off the bed and your leg muscle activated. Hold on for 5 seconds. Do 4 sets of 10.


                • Ankle pumps: Lay down or sit on a chair and  simply stretch your ankle up and down. Do 3 sets of 20.
                stay at home when you use crutch

                Making home preparations before going through a hip surgery is also a good strategy. A comfortable recovery environment will speed up the healing process and make things a lot easier for you!

                If your room is upstairs, you may want to take your bed to the first floor, so you could avoid using stairs. Make sure you adjust it to the right height and add extra cushioning to keep your leg comfortable. You can also install grab bars inside your bathroom, near the toilet and the tub to make using them extra easier.

                Consider using an alternative!


                If you find yourself struggling to use standard crutches, you can always change to an alternative. Nowadays, you can find many types of mobility-aid devices. It is preferable to use a device that minimizes effort and is comfortable when in-use. 

                Try using forearm crutches, they are lightweight and easy to maneuver around. It is also possible to use a wheelchair, which will help with keeping your hip well rested and safe. As you make more progress recovering, you may try using a cane to walk around more freely. 

                Final Words

                Recovering from a hip surgery takes time and patience. For the injured hip to heal, you must not put pressure on it and must keep it rested. Avoid any rushed up moves, twist or turns and take slow and small steps.

                It is necessary to rely on crutches after a hip surgery to allow for a fast healthy recovery. You can also try different light exercises and moves to help speed the recovery process. Make sure you follow your doctor’s rules and check before you decide to put them aside.


                Broken Foot & Foot Fracture Complete Guide

                Broken Foot & Foot Fracture: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Recovery

                Interestingly, according to American clinical statistics, millions of people suffer from broken bones, commonly referred to as foot fractures, each year. Are you suffering from a foot injury? If so, you could likely be one of the many people to have a fracture or break in your foot. 

                The easiest way to determine if you indeed have a fracture or break is to evaluate your injury. In this article, we will evaluate the causes and symptoms of a broken foot and foot fracture. We will also look into the treatment option available and the recovery time. 

                Table of Contents
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                  How Many Bones Are in A Person’s Foot?


                  Do you know that close to one-fourth of all the bones in your body are in your feet? In your foot there are over 100 muscles, 30 joints, and 26 bones. All these components work together to provide support for your body’s weight. Your feet play a huge role in permitting you to complete daily tasks and activities. 

                  The main bones in your foot are the calcaneus, the biggest foot bone, and the talus, a bone on top of your foot. There are the tarsals which are five oddly shaped bones in your midfoot. There are metatarsals which are five bones that make up your forefoot. Additionally, you also have phalanges which are 14 bones in your toes, and sesamoids, two small bones in the ball of your foot. 

                  What Are The Symptoms Associated With A Broken Foot Or Foot Fracture?

                  Few people know that any fracture correlates with a broken foot. That means that a break can be anything from a small crack to an open fracture and a complete break. If the bone has not broken the skin of your foot when it breaks, it is hard to determine that you have broken it. 

                  Small breaks or cracks in your bone can also be hard to identify. This is because they often don’t hurt as much as a complete break. Yet, a few standard broken foot and foot fracture symptoms can help you identify if you have a break. 

                  • A toe of foot deformity. 
                  • Breaking or grinding sound in the foot region. 
                  • Painful foot movements.
                  • Puncture marks or the appearance of bone shards through the skin. 
                  • Trouble walking, running, or placing weight on your foot due to pain. 
                  • Swelling, bruising, and discoloration. 
                  • A feeling of faintness, nausea, or dizziness at the time of hurting your foot. 
                  • A foot that is tender to the touch. 

                  Causes Associated With A Broken Foot Or Foot Fracture


                  Broken bones or foot fractures are seen more in children than in adults. Broken bones or foot fractures attribute to approximately 10 percent of broken bones. 

                  They are more common amongst dancers, soldiers, and professional or amateur athletes. For example, stress fractures are a specific subclass of breaks that many athletes such as basketball players, football players, and runners suffer. This is because of the high impact nature of these activities. 

                  Usually, a broken foot occurs when a person trips, kicks something, stumbles, falls, or jumps. A break can also happen when a heavy object hits a person’s foot. Breaks can also occur over time. A break can develop as a small microscopic crack. This crack will continue to worsen with repetitive motions. After a time, it will become a complete break. 

                  • Foot fractures to the calcaneus bone often occur when you fall or jump from a height and land on your feet. 

                  • Foot fractures to the metatarsals and phalanges usually occur when you take a direct blow to your foot. For example, blows could happen when you suffer a crush injury, kick something wrong, or have an object fall on your foot. 

                  • Foot fractures can result from twisting motions. Often rolling your ankle inward can result in a fifth metatarsal fracture.

                  The Treatments Available For A Broken Foot or Foot Fracture

                  If you have a broken foot or foot fracture, there are several treatment options available. Often a bone break can heal without surgery if it is minor. Yet, sometimes it is necessary to undergo surgery if you have a significant break. Below are a few of the treatment options you should consider. 

                  Rice Method

                  The rice method is a frequently used treatment for those with foot fractures. You will need to rest and stay off your foot or make sure to limit the amount of pressure you place on it while it heals. If you walk unnecessarily on the hurt foot, you could make the break worse or prevent it from healing. 

                  Next, you will need to ice your foot either with an ice pack or a back of freezer vegetables. Applying ice will reduce the swelling of your foot and help ease the pain. You should ice your foot for twenty-minute intervals a few times a day without overdoing it. Don’t apply the ice to your exposed skin, as this will cause more harm. 

                  Another integral aspect of the rice method is compression. To reduce swelling and promote healing, you need to compress the injury in your foot by using a soft bandage. Yet, you don’t want to make it too tight, especially if you suspect a break. Lastly, you will have to elevate your hurt foot. To do this place pillows underneath your foot and raise it above the level of your heart. Doing this will also reduce pain and swelling. 


                  Before seeing a doctor, it might be best to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Medicines such as Ibuprofen will help reduce the swelling. Thus allowing you to determine if your foot does have a fracture or break. 


                  Surgery is often not needed for most people who have a broken bone, but it’s sometimes necessary for other people. A doctor will usually need to examine your foot in a physical exam and through imaging methods like an X-ray. 

                  If they determine your injury is severe enough to do a surgery, you will need medical equipment to  put into your foot. For example, an orthopedic surgeon could place metal screws, pins, or metal plates to fix the break. These medical devices will promote healing. They make sure your bones are in the correct alignment. 

                  Cast Boots

                  A prevalent treatment option is placing your foot into a cast while the break heals. Sometimes this will involve a plaster cast, but other times a doctor will prescribe a cast boot. The cast will immobilize your foot for between six to twelve weeks. Thus, helping the fracture heal properly. 

                  Recovery And Rehabilitation For Foot Fractures

                  The recovery time for a broken foot or foot fracture is generally between six to twelve weeks. Yet, this will depend on the severity of your injury. Yet, if you have to have surgery, the recovery time is between three to four months. 

                  Commonly rehabilitative measures involve you using a mobility aid. With a mobility aid, you can do your daily activities without re-injuring your foot. Additionally, mobility aids also help in a faster recovery. 

                  It’s better to use a mobility device. Placing even slight pressure on your broken foot could disrupt the healing process. 

                  Do You Need Crutches For A Broken Foot And Foot Fracture?

                  Two to Four times a day; you need to do toe stretches. These stretches are done by pulling your big toe towards your ankle. Once you do this, you need to keep your big toe in this position for 30 to 45 seconds at a time. 

                  Final Words

                  Having a foot injury can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what could be wrong. After reading this foot fracture article, you should understand how to identify a broken bone.

                  As long as you know the symptoms and causes, you will be able to identify the nature of your foot injury. If you think that you have this type of injury, you now know the available treatment options. You also now know that you should use a mobility aid like crutches to hasten your recovery.